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Extremes Meet At The End of the Cycle

Hang around long enough, and you will see the cyclic pattern of history in the small. That is: people find an unknown situation, adapt to it, and then forget, creating the bottom half of the cycle which is error.

On the top half, we learn and we adjust ourselves and our behavior to do what reality rewards; having done that, we no longer need to understand reality, and we fall into solipsism, which is the bottom half of the cycle in which we now dwell.

We can see this in an obvious example like diversity. Rising societies realize that efficiencies and loyalty come from being a big family of genetically-similar people; this requires less discussion, neurosis, and conflict.

Dumb bloated established societies forget this and figure that their methods — constitutions, laws, institutions, ideologies — are the cause of their greatness, not their ethnic homogeneity, and so they become diverse.

That starts the dark half of the cycle and they then enter into a phase of error characterized by extremes. One side wants to beat up the Other; the other side wants to go full diverse. Both are wrong, and end up in the same state of chaos.

We can see the same thing with a discussion of homosexuality on the Right spurred by a Lauren Witzke tweet:

What you really mean is will I sell out on traditional marriage to appease 3% of the population who never votes for us anyway?

The answer is no.

Ric Grenell asked in response:

So just to be clear, you don’t welcome gay conservatives into the Republican Party?

Here we see two extremes: one side wants gay conservatives and the other does not. What might be a sensible middle path?

Most of us do not care about homosexuality that keeps itself in the bedroom.

That is, we do not want Gay Pride marches, gay-themed events, gay marriage, rainbow flags everywhere, and so on. That is homosexuality as a political movement and it is destructive like all Leftist politics.

But quiet homosexuals, living as “bachelors”? No one cares, and we do not care to ask. That is your private business, so long as it stays private.

The middle path is not a compromise, or a point evenly (“equally”) between the extremes. It means that we look at the reality of the situation instead of the human reactions, and do what is wise in order to adapt.

Gay marriage is a fiction of the Left and we do not need it any more than we need transgenderism. These are broken behaviors for broken people. However, every society known to history has had homosexuals.

We are neither tolerant nor intolerant; we are realists. Realists acknowledge that homosexuality exists and is repellent to most people, sort of like swinging and other sexual deviancies.

As long as these things stay out of the public eye, however, they are not harmful. Attempting to persecute them will be harmful because it will distract from the actual task at hand, and simply drive these behaviors underground.

The political drama, as usual, focuses on the extremes instead of what must be done, like recapturing America and disenfranchising the Left.

During the 1980s, we had some moron GOPE conservatives who formed the “Moral Majority.” Instead of crushing the big problem — the hidden elephant: sexual liberation and the breakdown of the family — they went after symbolic issues like sexual lyrics in pop, homosexuality, and “Satanists.”

We can do better now. There does not need to be a debate about homosexuality on the Right, only a commitment to keeping it low-key and moving forward.

This point of view will be perpetually unpopular because it does not gratify the human need for emotional talismans to wield against unknown and complex problems like the breakdown of family, tradition, and behavioral standards.

However, it gives us a starting point to vault past these distractions and to go to the core of the issue: why are we failing to reproduce at replacement rates? Why are people behaving like harlots? Why is culture eroding?

Those questions require that we touch on actually dangerous issues like diversity, individualism, and sexual liberation, so no public politician will touch them. This is why we must open these issues instead of falling for the distractions.

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