Furthest Right

Extreme Deference

by Neil Jetter

The English teacher in New Mexico that hesitates to fail her Hispanic student who can barely utter a few phrases of English because her principal told her that race gap must be closed at all costs. The police officer in New York that stops short of cuffing miscreants for larceny because the mayor said there was no racism in this city and demands from the cops that the numbers will be right next time around. The nice lady landlord in Munich that won’t kick out her refugee tenants because she’d lose a few brownie points with her liberal friends who talk over tea and cheese about the suffering of these poor people, even though they migrated from Uzbekistan with iPhones in their pockets.

These three all three suffer from a terrible epidemic that affects the mind and has been ravaging the West for the past several centuries, called deferential paralysis.

The term originates in a paper on automated vehicles:

The promoters of driverless cars have demonstrated remarkable progress in their ability to program their vehicles to respond with extreme deference to pedestrians, cyclists, and cars with human drivers. Such programming confers sacred cow status on all road users, not in self-driving vehicles. The developers of autonomous vehicles acknowledge the need for new road safety rules to accommodate these revolutionary vehicles on public highways. But would-be regulators have yet to propose a set of rules that would allow these sacred cows to move about freely in dense urban areas without creating a state of deferential paralysis for those in autonomous vehicles.

Like the driverless car has been programmed by whiz kids in Silicon Valley to submit to the pedestrian, cyclist, and human driven car, the teacher, cop, land lady, and other natives of Western Europe have been programmed by Leftism to submit to the foreign and the Other. The driverless car must be deferential, regardless of the needs of their passengers, and the Western natives must be deferential, regardless of the consequences to their peoples and societies.

This deferential paralysis took root once the term “racist” started to hold any weight in the West. Once the idea that all men are equal was accepted as dogma. Once it was accepted that all were guilty for the mistakes of the few. It took centuries for this pathology to come to maturity, but now it is here in the form of thinking that says, “We are guilty and bad; Everyone Else is right and we should accommodate them even if it destroys us.”

It is hard to identify a patient zero and the exact etiology, but all of us in the West must deal with the consequences. This paralysis that leads to affirmative action, mass immigration, and miscegenation. A paralysis that leads to a denial of the self, our culture, accomplishment, and history. A paralysis that leads to Rotterdam. A paralysis that leads to 9/11s and November 15s. A paralysis that leads to a young Swedish girl being spliced in half on the roads of her home city.

Of course, most are in denial. The same deferential paralysis that applies to the Other began in our societies with class warfare, which specifically meant that those of higher ability could no longer look down upon others for being of lower ability. It mandates, as one science fiction writer put it, “that my ignorance is equivalent to your knowledge.” That was the goal of equality all along. The lesser no longer need to feel wrong in the presence of those who know more, or know better.

Deferential paralysis ends only one way. Like the tarantula paralyzed by the narcotic venom of the wasp, our people are being dragged out of site and kept in a mental coma so that the young of the invaders can feast upon us. What our lower castes first did to our upper castes is now being done to all of us by those we have imported to replace us.

Escape comes only through removing the deference. A self-driving car needs to give in to other drivers because those others are assumed to be erratic and illogical; civilization, however, is not a simple robot navigating the roads. It can make decisions that involve confronting conflict and resolving it by choose the best option instead of giving in to the other party in every case.

Without deference, the West becomes a society of conquerors again. We meet problems head-on and conquer them by choosing what is right and good instead of what is convenient. We need this not only to survive the assault from outside, but to rediscover our purpose and save ourselves from within. Until we beat this, the other drivers on the road will continue to drive right over us.

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