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Euro or Drachme?

“One of her major points is that while conservatives attempt to use logical argument, liberals jump to slogans, pictures, jokes, metaphors and threats.” – ‘Demonic, by Ann Coulter‘, Brett Stevens, June 2011

This is most definitely true. Take today for example, with Liberal parties and politicians declaring: “We must give money to Greece! If we do not, our pensions will be ruined, or investments will be gone, our banks will collapse!”

This is purely based on threat and fear-mongering. Let’s take a look at the following 10 facts:

  1. Greece uses its money to stall the bank-debts breathing down their necks. With other words, money will go to the banks (a.k.a. Goldman Sachs) and not to any investments for economic growth. Instead of investments, the money is used to put off confiscation of property by the banks.

  2. Greeks invest in crazy things such as an Olympic stadium and racecar tracks. Their governments lack long-term vision.

  3. Managers are the ones who control a budget. Give them 10 euros and they will take always take from those 10 euros as much as required to keep themselves in place. This will only change once the existing boards are completely replaced, which can only happen after a crisis, not as long as the crisis is infinitely postponed.

  4. Greeks are constantly on strike, so how can they work their debts away? The labour mentality of the Greek can’t be compared to that of a North-European. This mentality has a different historical background, since Greece has for a long time been ruled by colonels, Ottomans, etc. This is different from cultures based on the autonomous entrepreneur, such as developed in Britain, Denmark or the Netherlands.

  5. Greeks have a pension age of about 60, and about 50% works as employee for the state. So these people are paid by taxes raised on other people’s effective produce, which will never yield enough to pay [1] the salaries of the officials [2] their pensions, let alone [3] the debts to the banks and other EU states.

  6. Even if the banks fall, this will do some pain, but as long as they don’t fall, it will always be an excuse to say: “Give more money to Greece because else all of our previous investments will be in vain!” This leads to an infinite regression. Banks can create infinite amounts of money through infinite loans (a bank only needs to posses 1/14 of the money they have borrowed to people) so there will always be new banks as long as the monetary system itself exists.

  7. As long as a country can count on subsidies again and again, the pressure will never be great enough to develop a truly competitive economy.

  8. The solution obviously lies in lower taxes so that private businesses may flourish, less bureaucracy, a smaller apparatus of officials, longer working hours, days, and even lives. In the EU everyone, from Socialist to Liberal to Conservative, clearly agrees upon all of this. However the Greek administrative workers will not like this, and thus they will try to sabotage the drastic policy that these measures entail. How can the Greek government act against that since it is these administrative workers?

  9. Even if Europe gives billions of euros to Greece, it is but a matter of time until the average joe will feel the strain of paying back these debts. So before long a Nationalist party rises up which declares Greece independent, or at least will refuse to pay all of these debts back to the other EU-member states. Treaty of Versailles anyone?

  10. Greek politicians have lied about their financial situation in order to get their way into the EU. Among other European political parties a sort of mindset rises which says: “Even if the Greeks will not be able to eventually pay off the full amount granted to them, it’s preferable over letting them tumble over into crisis altogether.” This means that cheating = reward. This will give off a beckoning sign to other questionable economic policies.

Then again, truth is that the ‘Conservative’ parties in EU as well as USA are on the leash of Big Business. With other words, in the pocket of the experts and the banks. Ordinary people tell me all the time: “But if we don’t give money to the Greeks, everything will be worse! That’s what the experts say, it’s what the president says. So it must be true!”

The crowd follows this opinion, but Truth is that those so called ‘experts’ have no answer either to the arguments that are available for your reading up here in this post. This is because no one can argue with the Truth – it doesn’t matter if you’re a street-sweeper straight out of rehab or an academic enrolled in an honours program. Ordinary people must face the fact that those political/economical ‘experts’ are in the pockets of Big-Business, which is in the pockets of the banks.

But let’s not forget that America = Greece, if you look at government debts, monetary liquidity, and banks. The only difference being that America has the violence-monopoly over the world (or rather, over the civilized world).

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