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News (March 11, 2022)


  • Researchers develop procedure to interpret x-ray emission spectra of liquid water

    To better understand the features they were seeing, the research team classified the XES spectra they calculated based on the different types of hydrogen bonds. They observed the double peak feature in the XES spectra in all the different types of hydrogen bonds they studied.

    After examining the spectra related to the hydrogen bonds, the team studied the effect of thermally excited vibrational modes on the XES spectra. They obtained nine independent vibrational modes and studied their effects on the spectra.

    We like to think of things as pure objects, without time and internal interactions. We want them to be absolutely fungible and absolutely reproduce their abstract properties in a granular form. It turns out that even water, the seemingly most consistent substance, has a varied inner activity.

  • Amateur archeologist may have found an ancient city off the coast of St. Bernard

    Twelve thousand years ago, before a dramatic sea-level rise at the end of the last Ice Age, this area may have been dry land.

    Retired architect George Gelé believes the site, now underwater was once a major city, predating the Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations in Mexico and in Central and South America.

    Granite is not native to Louisiana or Mississippi.

    “Everything will go out on your boat, all your electronics,” Robin said. “Like as if you were in the Bermuda Triangle. That’s exactly what we got here.”

    We see here the problem of selective sampling. Suppose floods whisked granite rocks into the upstream rivers that feed the Mississippi, and over thousands of years they became rounded and ended up in the gulf, stopping against a barrier at which point their tops were worn flat? Or maybe it is the lost Atlantis, and we are simply missing the obvious. We live in a world of uncertainty as cognitive beings who can look for things in the data we find, instead of looking at all the data, which often leads only to further mysteries.

  • How some gut microbes awaken ‘zombie’ viruses in their neighbors

    When the researchers grew colibactin producers alongside bacteria carrying such latent viruses, they saw the number of viral particles spike, and the growth of many virus-containing bacteria drop. That suggested the molecule sparked a surge in active, cell-killing infections. Colibactin does indeed enter bacteria and damage DNA, the team showed.

    Balskus’s team’s discoveries suggest that cancer may be collateral damage caused by whatever else colibactin-producing bacteria are doing. “We always suspected that bacteria made this toxin to target other bacteria in some way,” she says. “It didn’t make sense from an evolutionary perspective that they acquired it to target human cells.”

    The health of gut bacteria will be a prime study in the next century, including how seed oils and carb-heavy diets affect it.

  • White supremacists condemn Ukraine conflict as a ‘brother war’; some blame Jews

    One post in a fascist channel said, “The innocent people of Ukraine and Russia are caught in a zog war from both sides. Whites lose, Jews win.” The acronym “zog” is a white supremacist term referring to a “Zionist occupied government,” a conspiracy about Jewish power.

    Everyone seeks an easy answer. Perhaps reality is more nuanced, and we are in the grips of an egalitarian revolution which has destroyed our society to the point that your average addled person needs scapegoats. Perhaps Ukraine simply wanted to join prosperous NATO instead of failing, bankrupt Russia.

  • Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt cried as his son testified at the first January 6 trial in DC

    Two weeks later, on January 6, 2021, Jackson Reffitt would learn that his father had traveled to Washington, DC, and joined in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol.

    Stormed? The police let them in. This whole “January 6th Insurrection” narrative is merely a national struggle session forcing us to be more compliant.

  • Why is Left academia so rattled by Vikram Sampath, Sai Deepak or Sanjeev Sanyal?

    Apart from collapsing its credibility, the Left also fears its losing grip on the nation’s intellectual narrative. The real history is coming out of its red cage. That is a body blow from which the Left may never fully recover.

    The Left is having trouble with a single issue: it is failing like the French Revolutionary government, the Soviet Union, and almost every commune ever attempted. In other words, equality obligates the society toward its members, instead of having a goal, and in doing so it eats up the seed corn and pays Peter to pay Paul, ending up bankrupt with everyone insane. All human groups commit suicide in this manner when they lose sight of their function and goal. Permanent civilization seems doomed by it.

  • 62 percent of voters say Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president

    A new Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)-Harris Poll survey released Friday found that 62 percent of those polled believed Putin would not be moving against Ukraine if Trump had been president. When looking strictly at the answers of Democrats and Republicans, 85 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats answered this way.

    Strong leaders dissuade weak leaders from engaging in opportunistic behavior because they know there will be consequences. This is why Putin has seized most of his territory under Democratic administrations. Leftists focus mostly on handing out free stuff domestically in order to buy votes because they are the latest incarnation of the Federal Tammany/Pendergast Machine.

  • Newly devised human family tree reveals the ‘genealogy of everyone’

    The researchers built the genealogy using 3,601 genetic samples from people around the world and eight ancient samples, the oldest coming from Neanderthal remains about 110,000 years old from a Siberian cave. They examined genome fragments from 3,500 ancient humans but did not directly incorporate these into the genealogy.

    The cherry-picking continues. If we looked at this sanely, we would most likely see a species which evolved into its modern form, and then many offshoots and backflows merging with similar species elsewhere. Evola says that monkeys came from humanity, not the other way around, and at the very least, we have to consider the possibility that evolution is a two-way street that we are viewing only as one-way.

  • The War in Ukraine Holds a Warning for the World Order

    The liberal world order has been on life support for a while. President Biden, in his inaugural address, called democracy “fragile.” President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said two years ago that “the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose,” while China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has extolled the strength of an all-powerful state and, as he put it last March, “self-confidence in our system.”

    The multinational response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that the demise of the global postwar rules-based order may not be inevitable.

    In other words, worldwide liberalism is failing yet again, so we need an enemy to mobilize against in order to reboot our economies and force people into obedience yet again to the insane idea of equality. The big point is that our Leftists at The New York Times have admitted that Putin and Xi are right about globalist democracy being in a state of failure, but they have not yet admitted that Putin and Xi would bring us an even more Leftist order.

  • If Russian Currency Reserves Aren’t Really Money, the World Is in for a Shock

    The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis scared developing countries into accumulating more funds to shield their currencies from crashes, pushing official reserves from less than $2 trillion to a record $14.9 trillion in 2021, according to the International Monetary Fund. While central banks have lately sought to buy and repatriate gold, it only makes up 13% of their assets. Foreign currencies are 78%.

    Barring gold, these assets are someone else’s liability—someone who can just decide they are worth nothing. Last year, the IMF suspended Taliban-controlled Afghanistan’s access to funds and SDR. Sanctions on Iran have confirmed that holding reserves offshore doesn’t stop the U.S. Treasury from taking action.

    Yet the entire artifice of “money“ as a universal store of value risks being eroded by the banning of key exports to Russia and boycotts of the kind corporations like Apple and Nike announced this week

    This shows us how World Democracy Inc. has set up globalism and has been controlling the world: it gatekeeps the value of money. On the plus side, this boycott looks to have undone globalism, or at least lessened its value, which means that if the West can get out from under the thumb of the diversity vote, it can separate from the globalist system.

  • Fla. police chief Larry Scirotto fired for favoring non-white officers

    Scirotto, a former assistant chief in Pittsburgh, became the first openly gay chief hired in Fort Lauderdale last year. He is of mixed race.

    A 12-page investigation into the bias complaints concluded that Scirotto created a “divisive atmosphere” in the department, and that he once pointed to a conference room wall of photos of the department’s command staff and declared, “That wall is too white,” and “I’m gonna change that,” according to CNN.

    In another incident, the investigation found that Scirotto said “Which one is blacker?” when considering a promotion — an incident the former police chief denies took place.

    The report quoted Scirotto, who headed the police department for just six months, as saying he intended to “consider diversity at every opportunity.”

    It is worth repeating: diversity is over. No one believes in it anymore, and the endless speeches beginning with “diversity is our strength” have faded because no one believes it. Everyone wants to keep living off the Western European genetic core of America. If we are honest, we will just forcibly end diversity with reparations-with-repatriation and be done with this centuries-long nightmare. Amerinds/Hispanics to Mongolia, Asians to Asia, Africans to Africa, Irish to North Africa, Italians to North Africa, and racially-mixed people to the North Africa.

  • Almost half of office staff are at odds with ‘just get on with it’ baby boomers or ‘work/life balance’ millennials

    But 42 per cent of Generation Z workers – those aged 18 to 24 – are so keen on health and wellness that it affects their work, according to 62 per cent of baby boomers.

    Some 55 per cent of millennials – those aged 25 to 39 – are too keen on working from home and often play the ‘family or long commute card’ – according to 37 per cent of all those polled.

    It appears that it is falling to Generation X – those aged 40 to 55 – to keep the peace, with them saying they place a high-value on being ‘self-sufficient and resourceful’.

    Boomers and Millennials appear very similar; Gen Z seems to resemble the Silent Generation slightly, Boomers slightly, and Gen X a fair amount. If any generation is going to save this world from killing itself, it will be Generation X, who have been keeping an eye on the road ahead while everyone else wallows in drama, self-pity, and revenge fantasies.


  • Experts raise doubts over plan for Royal Navy to control Channel crossings

    Last year, 28,431 people crossed the Channel in small boats – three times the number in 2020 – and Border Force unions have claimed that up to 60,000 could arrive this year.

    Before The Great Weeniefication of the West, the military kept border security. Then human rights came about, and soon border patrols were needed to ensure that humanitarian refugees’ rights rules were followed. In the future, no one will care about refugees; they will simply keep the border intact. A few simple rules work better than lots of complicated rules or an over-simplified One Big Idea like equality Utopia.

  • Anti-trolling Bill will do nothing: Electronic Frontiers Australia

    The anti-trolling laws, which were introduced into Parliament last month, seek to compel social media platforms into creating complaints schemes that allow people to issue complaints about potential defamatory material and receive information about the poster of that material for the purposes of initiating legal proceedings.

    According to the EFA, bringing a defamation lawsuit in Australia costs between AU$20,000 to AU$80,000, which it said is prohibitively expensive for most Australians and only an option for a “privileged few”.

    This bill is not about defamation lawsuits; the purpose is to further enable cancel culture, so if someone says something that upsets your fee-fees online, you can find out their name and call their employer the next morning. Soft totalitarianism loves these crowdsourced methods because no one is accountable, and yet everyone becomes responsible for being both inoffensive and making the right gestures in order to keep their jobs, gestures which coincidentally make it appear as if the Leftist regime is doing a popular job.

  • NASA Finds Each State Has Its Own Climatic Threshold for Flu Outbreaks

    The researchers found that in each state, there is a specific level of low humidity that may signal a flu outbreak is imminent. When this threshold is crossed each year, a large increase in flu cases follows within two or three weeks, on average.

    When it is damp, viral particles get trapped in microdroplets of moisture and break down rather quickly. When it is dry, nothing kills them and they drift to raw and exposed mucus membranes in their next victim.

  • Biden Shatters Israel’s Delusions

    The maximum pressure strategy was working effectively when Trump left office. Had it been retained by the Biden administration, Iran’s regime would likely have collapsed by this year, rendering its nuclear weapons program dead in the water. But rather than continue a policy that was working, President Joe Biden reinstated Barack Obama’s policy of facilitating Iran’s nuclear program and its regional aggression by agitating for a restoration of American and Iranian compliance with the 2015 deal.

    So much for The Jews® controlling the world. The Tammany/Pendergast Machine style politics of Joe Biden reward whoever pays the right bribes, and Israel hoped to win on the American Jewish vote. The Left, however, is more interested in the minority vote, and most of those do not like Jews (or Whites) much.

  • DDoSers are using a potent new method to deliver attacks of unthinkable size

    DDoSers often increase the firepower of their attacks through amplification vectors. Amplification works by spoofing the target’s IP address and bouncing a relatively small amount of data at a misconfigured server used for resolving domain names, syncing computer clocks, or speeding up database caching. Because the response the servers automatically send are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times bigger than the request, the response overwhelms the spoofed target.

    Reminds me of the reflector email bombing technique we cooked up back in the 1990s.

  • Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks

    We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on Facebook, that emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. We provide experimental evidence that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people (exposure to a friend expressing an emotion is sufficient), and in the complete absence of nonverbal cues.

    The hive mind is real. One image of a drowned baby, bombed civilian, burnt cross, swastika, pentagram, or high gas price, and the crowd amplifies its own reactions as a prelude to rushing screaming into oblivion. Humans need hierarchy.

  • Russia considers Chinese payment system, as Beijing calls Moscow its ‘most important strategic partner’

    Mr Wang said China’s alliance with Moscow constituted “one of the most crucial bilateral relationships in the world”.

    China has broken with the US, Europe and others that have imposed sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine and said sanctions create new issues and threaten a political settlement of the conflict.

    “No matter how perilous the international landscape, we will maintain our strategic focus and promote the development of a comprehensive China-Russia partnership in the new era,” Mr Wang told reporters at a news conference.

    If the Cold War is over, no signs of this can be found.

  • Genetic study gives extensive insights into severe COVID-19

    Researchers from the GenOMICC consortium — a global collaboration to study genetics in critical illness — led by University of Edinburgh in partnership with Genomics England, made these discoveries by sequencing the genomes of 7,491 patients from 224 intensive care units in the UK.

    Their DNA was compared with 48,400 other people who had not had Covid-19, participants in Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes Project and that of a further 1,630 people who had experienced mild Covid.

    Determining the whole genome sequence for all participants in the study allowed the team to create a precise map and identify genetic variation linked to severity of Covid-19. The team found key differences in 16 genes in the ICU patients when compared with the DNA of the other groups.

    At least now we know who to isolate if there is another outbreak of fear.

  • How does the brain make memories?

    Human experience is continuous, but psychologists believe, based on observations of people’s behavior, that memories are divided by the brain into distinct events, a concept known as event segmentation.

    While these boundaries in daily life are nuanced, for research purposes, the investigators focused on “hard” and “soft” boundaries.

    “An example of a soft boundary would be a scene with two people walking down a hallway and talking, and in the next scene, a third person joins them, but it is still part of the same overall narrative,” said Rutishauser, interim director of the Center for Neural Science and Medicine and the Board of Governors Chair in Neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai.

    In the case of a hard boundary, the second scene might involve a completely different set of people riding in a car.

    As stated around here before, people remember conclusions at the end of events, and separate events by external actions. This places us at a disadvantage until we have a context in which to place those events such that the events do not force us to define our actions around them, but we see events as part of the fabric in which we navigate to act.

  • U.S. Cities’ Surge in Shootings Rattles Once-Safe Seattle

    Long one of America’s safest cities, Seattle had 612 shootings and shots-fired incidents last year, nearly double its average before the pandemic. The city has just experienced its two worst years for homicides since the 1990s, when murder rates were at all-time highs. Gunfire has erupted all across surrounding King County, not just in neighborhoods plagued by violence.

    Seattle is one of many U.S. cities, from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, that have seen shootings and killings jump since the onset of the pandemic. Several cities, including Albuquerque, Philadelphia and Portland, Ore., endured their deadliest year ever in 2021.

    Are we blaming this on the pandemic, or the Ferguson Effect, caused when police stop enforcing laws on minorities in order to avoid another show trial struggle session where some officer gets his or her life destroyed for what ordinarily would be seen as a mistake but not murder?

  • Traffic and Engagement

    Their numbers seem lower than what we are seeing and probably reflect some of the bots and crawlers that were blocked a month ago. However, you get a general feel for the number of people rolling through to look for real answers, although a much larger number go to the grifters selling hopium and righteous indignation.

  • Optimism may promote emotional well-being by limiting how often one experiences stressful situations

    When it comes to dealing with day-to-day stressors, such as household chores or arguments with others, a new study has found that being more or less optimistic did not make a difference in how older men emotionally reacted to or recovered from these stressors. However, optimism appeared to promote emotional well-being by limiting how often older men experience stressful situations or changing the way they interpret situations as stressful.

    With pessimism, you suffer the trauma of a negative event twice: once for the event, and once (or multiple times) with the anticipation of it.



  • 10K uncounted votes found in Houston 4 days after election: lawsuit

    The Harris County Republican Party says it has lost all faith in Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria, who they claim is responsible for the “worst elections fiasco in Texas history,” according to the lawsuit.

    The Office of the Election Administrator in the county — which contains Houston — admitted to finding the 10,000 uncounted votes on Saturday, days after the primary election.

    The Left will not stop stealing elections until we force them. They do not respond to shame; in fact, they revel in it, because their ideology places equality above all else and any crimes, murders, or atrocities committed toward that end fall under “by any means necessary.” This commits a sleight-of-mind since equality is itself both a method and a goal, albeit a non-realistic i.e. Utopian one.

  • Traces of life in the Earth’s deep mantle

    For the Earth’s lower mantle, this changeover is relevant because some of the sediments on the seafloor, in which material from dead living creatures is deposited, enter the mantle through plate tectonics. Along the subduction zones, these sediments — along with the underlying oceanic crust — are transported to great depths. In this way, the carbon that was stored as organic material in the sediments also reaches the Earth’s mantle. There the sediments mix with other rock material from the Earth’s mantle and after a certain time, estimated to at least 200-​300 million years, rise to the Earth’s surface again in other places — for example in the form of kimberlite magmas.

    It is remarkable that changes in marine sediments leave such profound traces, because overall, only small amounts of sediment are transported into the depths of the mantle along a subduction zone. “This confirms that the subducted rock material in the Earth’s mantle is not distributed homogeneously, but moves along specific trajectories,” Giuliani explains.

    Perhaps our assumption of homogeneous distribution — paralleling the ideas of equality, pluralism, and individualism — should give way to some understanding of why the standard distribution and power laws are so widely used, since this give nature some chance to engage in cyclic change, reducing entropy.

    Not only that, but this process helps oxygenate early stages of planetary ecosystems:

    Their study, published today in Nature Geoscience, concluded that the establishment of this “seafloor fertilizer factory” was a precondition for the rise of oxygen levels on Earth, and could be an important factor in the potential for other planets to support complex life.

    Lewis Alcott, who is now based at Yale University in the US, led the research while a PhD student in the School of Earth and Environment at Leeds. He said: “It may be this process is key to a planet becoming oxygenated and therefore ultimately able to host complex life.”

    Perhaps instead of trying to shoehorn reality into human concepts, we should take it as it is on its own terms.

  • China-backed APT41 compromised ‘at least’ six US state governments

    Between May 2021 and February 2022, the hacking group used vulnerable internet-facing web applications to gain an initial foothold into state networks. This included exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in a software application called USAHerds, used by 18 states for animal health management, and the now-infamous so-called Log4Shell vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a ubiquitous Java logging library.

    After gaining that foothold on the network, APT41 went on to perform “extensive” credential collection.

    Though Mandiant said it saw evidence of the hackers exfiltrating personally identifiable information that’s typically consistent with an espionage operation, the goal of the campaign remains unclear — but whatever the group is after must be of high value.

    These are state-sponsored actors mapping US personnel for bribes and/or warfare.

  • Germany rejects boycott of Russian oil and gas as it will leave millions without heat

    Washington said at the weekend it was in “active discussions” with its European allies about imposing a boycott.

    But Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, issued a statement rejecting the idea on Monday.

    “Europe deliberately exempted Russia energy exports from sanctions. There is currently no other way of securing Europe’s supply of energy for heating, for mobility, for power supply and for industry,” he said.

    This is how Russia-China intends to seduce, control, and ultimately conquer Western Europe.

  • McDonald’s transformed Russia … now it’s abandoning the country

    It was the dead of winter — January 31, in 1990 — but still people came out in droves. Grainy CNN television footage shows lines snaking out the door, and throngs of people inside, trying Big Macs for the first time.

    The Pushkin Square location was massive, with the capacity to seat hundreds of people. It was the largest McDonald’s restaurant in the world at the time. Inside, the fast food joint was bustling. In most ways, it looked like any other McDonald’s from the era. But there was a hammer-and-sickle flag under the golden arches and an international theme inside, featuring a model of London’s Big Ben in the dining room.

    The stages of breaking down Communism with Consumerism led to an opening of their economy after they saw the gap in lifestyles and gave people a taste of the forbidden and removed faith in true socialism.

  • Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, Navy says

    The issues stem from a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida late last year alleging servicemembers’ rights are being infringed upon by the COVID vaccine mandate because their religious beliefs prevent them from taking the vaccine.

    Civil rights has so dominated our legal system that you cannot stand up and say that you abstain from the vaccine because it is killing people with myocarditis, autoimmune diseases, and cancers. You have to claim a religious exemption instead.

  • The Left Isn’t Letting the Ukraine Crisis Go to Waste

    Putin’s invasion provides a perfect pretext for allowing the Biden administration and its congressional allies to go on printing money and shutting down the economy with regulatory impositions while blaming the resulting economic crisis on the situation in Ukraine.

    Wonder why all the goodthinkers are united in favor of Ukraine? They want to blame this crisis for the disaster caused by their inept COVID-19 panic, election theft, socialist economy, and exploding debt. If that fails, they want a world war to get us out of the debt hole caused by Leftist entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and anti-poverty/pro-diversity programs.

  • Mystery hummingbird stumps amateurs and scientists alike

    Experts have floated nearly a dozen guesses into the bird’s parentage, but Harvey said the genetics make it complicated to just analyze a bird’s appearance — since offspring can look like one, both or neither parent.

    “It’s hard to predict what a hybrid of any two species will look like. And as a result, we don’t know what species, or if this is a hybrid, what two species are involved,” Harvey said. “The only way to figure that out is through genetic analysis.”

    But hybrids aren’t just limited to one generation, Harvey said, as many bird hybrids are able to have their own offspring.

    We can talk about biodiversity with animal species, but when you do it with humans, people freak out.

  • The End of Globalism

    [T]he laissez-faire brand of globalization, relentlessly promoted since about 1990 by U.S. banks and corporations at the expense of American workers, is now caput.

    It is not so much laissez-faire as based in the exact opposite, namely government control of the money supply so that it can continue its Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme.

  • Student researchers discover genes unique to humans in search for source of our evolutionary distinctiveness

    The team utilized genome alignment tools to compare the most recent drafts of human and chimpanzee genomes, meticulously scanning for novel genetic elements unique to humans. Beginning with the smallest human chromosome, chromosome 21, the researchers were surprised to find a large region of human-unique DNA, called 21p11, that harbors several orphan microRNA genes.

    Although the team found that the long arm of human chromosome 21 aligns well with that of other extant ape species, the short arm aligned poorly, suggesting that this region of the human genome has recently and substantially diverged from that of other primates.

    Either that, or it evaporated via degeneration when those traits were unused by apes.

  • NY Sen. Rachel May apologizes for posing with ‘unacceptable’ image of 9/11 attack

    State Sen. Rachel May set off a firestorm Tuesday when she was photographed at a rally posing with a sign that used imagery of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to warn of the threat of climate change.

    The pretense becomes amusing. “But it was for a good cause, climate change!”

  • How Supreme Court Radicalism Could Threaten Democracy Itself

    Justice Thomas has suggested that social media platforms are like telephone companies that could be subject to “must carry” provisions and cannot discriminate among customers based upon their political views.

    This policy, called “common carrier status,” does not grant immunity to the customers, only to the platforms, and requires that they be unbiased in order to receive the protection; when they start censoring, they become liable for all content sent over their lines.


  • Philly is far less vaccinated than has been reported, the health department acknowledged

    Most significantly, the number of younger children vaccinated in the city is almost 20 percentage points lower than has been reported. Just a third of Philadelphia’s 5 to 11 year olds have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, far fewer than the rate of more than half the Philadelphia Department of Public Health has been touting for weeks.

    During a politically-motivated crisis, all of the “facts” are fake and all of the “fact checkers” are in fact propagandists. We will find that the national rate of vaccination was far lower than estimated; most likely, they counted each shot as a vaccinated person, even though many of the goodthinkers got multiples.

  • Biden considers digital dollar—here’s how it could differ from regular money

    Biden’s order said a US-issued digital currency could be used to “support efficient and low-cost transactions, particularly for cross‑border funds transfers and payments, and to foster greater access to the financial system, with fewer of the risks posed by private sector-administered digital assets” such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    This just gives our bankrupt debtor government a second money printer to overwork in the rush to buy votes and destroy the former majority population.

  • Biden’s latest middle finger to America: Releases 9/11 hijacker from Gitmo for his “mental health”

    Mohammad Ahmad al-Qahtani, 46, was flown back to Saudi Arabia after the Biden administration reversed yet another Trump policy, whereby the former president contested al-Qahtani’s release and repatriation in his home country.

    They want to weaken, demoralize, and humiliate us because insecure people cling to their warlord governments even if they achieve nothing useful.

  • Volatile chemical signals from damaged plants warn neighbors about herbivore attacks

    Using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system, the researchers have shown that herbivore-damaged plants give off volatile chemical “scents” that trigger epigenetic modifications in the defense genes of neighboring plants. These genes subsequently trigger anti-herbivore defense systems.

    The word is more inter-connected, nuanced, textured, varied, and localized than we like to think. The human notion of homogeneity of reality arises from our tendency to treat it like another competing human.

  • DuckDuckGo ends neutrality, will down-rank sites “associated with Russian disinformation”

    “Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create,” DuckDuckGo CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg tweeted. “At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.”

    Like the conservatives, independent companies destroy themselves by trying to imitate what seems to be the going trend, in the process erasing what made them an option to the delight of those promoting the trend.

  • Assessing the Russian Army Performance After One Week of War

    On February 24, an emotional Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a “special military operation” to ‘denazify’ Ukraine.

    The only people who speak in these terms are Leftists.

    However, as the war grinds on, we are beginning to see cracks in the Russians’ planning. The opening air and missile attacks appear to have failed to defeat the Ukrainian air force and air-defense forces. Russian logistics planning may not have accounted for fuel shortages stemming from combat losses of transport vehicles or soldier indiscipline. Russian planners also seem to have underestimated the will of the Ukrainians to fight, the effectiveness of Western anti-tank and man-portable anti-aircraft weapons, and the will of the European nations to continue arming a defiant Ukrainian state.

    Neither Ukraine nor NATO were caught unawares by this. They planned for a guerrilla combat based on antitank and antiaircraft (MANPAD) weapons.

  • Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russian invaders

    The social media company is also temporarily allowing some posts that call for death to Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, according to internal emails to its content moderators.

    Leftists delight in being unfair and hypocritical. It cements their position as the entity which chooses what is fair or not.

  • Why Did Employers of Neo-Nazis Remain Silent?

    As it turns out, multiple people reported the activities of the Bertinellis to staff at All Friends — dating back to at least 2019.

    As Leftism fails, anti-Leftist thinking becomes more commonplace, and employers are dancing around it as best they can in order to avoid losing much of their most effective staff.

  • US national debt exceeds $30 trillion for first time in history

    The national debt has expanded by approximately $7 trillion since January 2020, weeks before the pandemic began, as the Trump and Biden administrations dispersed stimulus payments and took other measures to support the economy.

    The $30 trillion debt is equivalent to $231,000 per US household and $90,000 per person, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. If every US household paid $1,000 per month toward covering the debt, it would take 19 years to pay down the sum.

    Democracy has bankrupted itself. It will take a world war or default to get out of this hole.

  • Gasoline Prices Headed Right Where Democrats Want Them

    Biden has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for soaring prices, and swears his administration is trying to bring down prices. But the truth is, the Democratic Party wants gasoline to be priced as a luxury good, even if it hurts Democratic voters in the middle and lower economic classes.

    Impoverished, miserable, and desperate people vote for free stuff from government and worry about the long-term effects later if at all.

  • Conflict and conflict resolution in Africa

    It argues that the colonial factor ought to be a consideration in attempts to address African conflicts because the roots of many post-colonial conflicts in Africa remain buried in Africa’s past and, specifically, in the colonisation and de-colonisation processes.

    Colonization made a mess than will last for centuries, but it is still less of a mess than things were before, but reminds us of the Prime Directive, namely never to raise any group above its existing technological level and never to violate its national sovereignty.

  • Middle Schoolers Face Hate Crime Charges After Attacking Students for Being White

    According to the reports, the students told police that the other students approached them, yelling, “It’s opposite day!” and “brown power!”

    “The group looked at (the student) and stated “he is white” before another student “tackled him to the ground which subsequently allowed the group of middle school kids to start hitting him with their hands, feet and phone chargers,” the reports said.

    Diversity coming unraveled will destroy our civil rights laws, which previously were used only to remove power from the majority.


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