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Equality Means Diversity Which Means Censorship

For a brief recap: equality comes to us from individualism, or the idea by individuals that no social rules should hold them back, barring a few commonsense big no-nos like murder, violent theft, assault, and rape.

They want the benefits of civilization without the accountability or need to maintain it. This lets them use society as a check-writing machine for their personal pursuits while restraining others from noticing this and criticizing it.

From equality comes the notion of democracy, at which point the franchise gradually expands as each generation tries to make a name for itself by extending the benefits of democracy to new groups who were previously excluded for good reasons.

Your civilization can exist for a goal, for example arete or unbounded excellence. It can attempt to fit in to natural order, imitating the patterns of nature. Or it can adopt ideology, which runs contrary to realistic thinking, so that everyone feels safe and therefore society is manageable.

When your citizens do not have much in common, it becomes necessary to have a strong ideology to bond them together and a constant state of fear in order to motivate them. Early democracies used militarization for this, but now we simply threaten livelihoods with cancel culture.

As part of this constant state of fear, democratic governments inevitably and without exception turn toward diversity, or importing foreigners to shatter majority culture and vote against majority interests. It does not matter what type of foreigner, but the more “different,” the better!

Diversity shatters culture, since culture is comprised of value statements about what is desired and what is not, by forcing “tolerance” of what is not desired simply because other groups do it. Cultures represent choices made by a population, and diversity obliterates those choices.

Over time this leads to a situation where the paradoxical and neurotic society finds that diversity creates endless problems and rips the center out of society, so censorship becomes necessary to keep our good feelings intact, which is why Leftists support censorship:

Since Leftists are currently the party in control of America, they have the most to lose when people notice that things are not working as promised, suggesting that this promise is unrealistic and actual results always look a bit different.

Their most ardent calls for censorship involve diversity. They want to use the fear of offending minorities to prevent people from criticizing diversity itself or other ethnic groups. This way, they can suppress outrage over the failure of diversity by styling critics as “racists.”

If you adopt equality, in other words, you are going to get diversity. Once you get diversity, you are going to get censorship. Right now the Left maintains control through this censorship, setting up a battle between those who want free speech and those who want total ideological control.

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