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Election Options Mirrored In Casual Aid To Would-Be Colony – Georgia

“The Bush administration plans to announce a $1 billion package of aid to help rebuild Georgia after its rout by Russian forces last month, administration officials said yesterday, as Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in the region to signal support for Georgia and other countries neighboring Russia.

The aid, along with Cheney’s visit, is sure to increase tensions with Russia, whose leaders have accused the United States of stoking the conflict with Georgia over its two separatist regions by providing weapons and training to the Georgians.”


More tribute money going to one of our would-be colonies. We’re looking at Cold War II turning into WWIII.

In terms of how this relates to our election, I saw a great glimpse of the future in this casual toss of $1billion toward a country no one in the States should even care remotely about: Obama wants benefits for all (but you’re going to pay for them as he’ll raise taxes to socialistic levels in order to fund an inefficient, centralized government operation of rights-for-all, even illegals). McCain doesn’t really have much in the way of foreign policy experience (he admitted as much) but he’s going to act tough – by continuing to give our tax money away to countries like Georgia which stand their ground against budding superpowers like China or Russia. “Here you go, take a billion of our pesos, or better yet, let us install a missile deflector shield so you can really cozy up to Russia”.

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