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Duterte vs Globalist Elites


The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte felt that American President Barack Obama needed a timely reminder. The Philippines were once a territory of the United States. Duterte grew concerned that President Obama didn’t intend to properly recognize the change in status which had granted The Philippines their independence. He explained a few things to Obama below.

Duterte responded: ‘I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Putang ina I will swear at you in that forum,’ he said….

Barack Obama responded by canceling a previously scheduled condescending and insulting lecture that he had intended deliver to President Duterte. Duterte, you see, had become considerably more vigorous in the enforcement of narcotics laws than President Obama, or any other members of The Choom Gang, would typically appreciate. Duterte has been dubbed “The Punisher” because north of 2,000 suspected narcotics dealers have turned up at room temperature since Duterte was sworn in as President. One of the Global Elite’s favorite sex and narcotics tourism stops hangs precariously in the balance here.

And this is precisely the fundamental conceit of the Duterte effort to forcibly reassert sanity and civilization in a sad, sad land that has been turned into pervert’s amusement park and an object of nasty patronizing contempt. This has triggered a predictable social and religious reaction. The radical Muslim terrorist outfit, Abu Sayyef has coined a young fortune convincing people disgusted by current moral state of the Philippines to engage in kidnapping and ransom operations. Given the strong Roman Catholic tradition also present on the Philippine Islands, reaction on moral and religious grounds is hardly an Islamic monopoly. Nor will this be strictly limited to The Philippines.

When a beleaguered, hard-working Filipino Police Officer gets his hands on a rich Amerikan with an 8-ball of cocaine and a 14 year old prostitute, that makes it a pretty good Saturday Night. It almost as if they’d rather forego all the wonderful Keynesian Aggregate Demand that gets created when our scum-bag tourists troll the streets seeking to rent out a good catamite. The Filipinos that love their nation and want it to turn into a decent and civilized place burn with a resentment and hatred for most of the first world. If globalism has perpetrated assault and battery on working class Americans, it has literally raped a generation of poor and middle class people around much of the Pacific Rim. These people want more than anything for their nation to stop being the bodily fluids dumpster where wealthy, arrogant Americans go for cut-rate libertinism.

The Thinking People laugh. They belittle Duterte and call him a barbarian. Thomas P.M. Barnett would tut-tut the caboose-breaking going on when Duterte’s newly-empowered enforcement personnel scythe through the scuzzy ghettos like a grim reaper. The “civilized” world sees 2,000 dead drug dealers and pimps and doesn’t like all the ugliness. The Filipinos who wish their cities could be described as civilized think of it as a nice down payment on the dream of an orderly and decent society.

Meanwhile back in America a similar sort of insurgent candidate gets a respectful hearing in the heart of our urban dysfunction, Detroit, Michigan. Donald Trump has asked the victims in Amerika’s valley of ashes what in the hell they have to lose. If the answer includes a couple of thousand dirt-napped thugs and the good opinion of “civilized” people, that may not amount to much. It didn’t in the Philippines, which is why the reaction against moral rot is well under way. Maybe, after election 2016, The Philippines will not be fighting the evil empire of Liberal moral rot all alone.

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