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Downfall of the West – Dutch Beginnings

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper

– Thomas Stearns Eliot, ‘The Hollow Men’

(*) This article is a translated and updated version of the original Dutch-language article De staat valt IDNL aan, published on the website of the new Dutch political party IDNL on 24 August 2020.[1]

Historical Perspective: Nihilist Victory, East & West, Climax & Anticlimax

It is necessary, secretly and urgently, to prepare the terror

– Vladimir Ilyich Lenin,

Memorandum to Nikolay Nikolayevich Krestinsky, September 1918

At the time of writing, few Western minds are sufficiently detached from the daily reality of radical societal upheaval – ‘Corona Crisis’ totalitarian transformation, ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cultural Revolution, neo-Weimarian economic collapse – to pay much attention to the upcoming centenary of the climax of the Russian Civil War. In November 2020, the lived experience of the now rapidly accelerating Fall of the Free West leaves little leisure to give much thought to the very loud ‘bang’ that concluded the Fall of the Old East in November 1920. Even so, it is useful to note the structural parallels and inversions of the Fall of the Free West and the Fall of the Old East, events that are separated by a century but that also share the same protagonists. In both cases, the victorious forces of antinomian (culture-)nihilism, ideologically justified by ‘historical materialism’ and politically disguised as ‘revolutionary democracy’, stand poised to wipe out the last remnants of an older order that still include vestiges of social hierarchy, anagogic culture and religious reverence.[2]

A century ago in the East, the final battle took on the form of a spectacular ‘final stand’ by the last White Army against the overwhelmingly superior forces of the victorious Red Army, fought on the Perekop Isthmus and across the Sivash lagoon that link and separate the Crimean Peninsula from the southern Russian mainland. Out of the wreckage of disastrous White defeats during the winter of 1919-20, ‘Black Baron’ Pyotr Wrangel had managed to reconstitute a last White ‘Russian Army’, holding off and pushing back the Bolshevik tide. For over six months, his improvised army had shielded the Crimea, now the last enclave of free Russian soil in Europe and flooded with masses of destitute refugees, ranging from dispossessed nobility and loyal monarchists to dissident intelligentsia and soldiers of fortune. There, competent White administrators, headed by former Tsarist minister Aleksandr Krivoshein, had finally managed to achieve a miniature-size but stable and viable social-economic alternative to Bolshevik rule: it reinstated the rule of law, implemented an equitable agrarian reform and formulated a balanced foreign policy. But as Poland, the Whites’ main ally, made its peace with the Moscow regime, the Bolshevik Red Army, now joined by the Anarchist Black Army, was free to shift its full fighting force against Wrangel’s army: facing the ten-to-one superior manpower and material resources of the Red Army, Wrangel decided on a heroic last stand on the northern fortifications of the Crimea (7-17 November), covering the evacuation, by ship to Constantinople, of as many civilians and soldiers as possible. As the last ships set sail, carrying the now-stateless evacuees off into permanent exile, many of those left behind committed suicide rather than fall into the hands of the victorious Reds, correctly estimating that they would break their promise of an amnesty. The outrages that followed the Red Army’s conquest of the Crimea, orchestrated by old party-faithful Bela Kun and Rosalia Zemlyachka and approved by Vladimir Lenin himself, were unprecedented even by the generous Red Terror standards of the day: the welter of bestial rape, torture and murder may have caused up to 120.000 deaths. Thus, the Fall of the Old East – the Romanovs’ last Imperial Autocracy, Orthodoxy’s Holy Russia, Muscovy’s Third Rome – was accomplished. But at least the Old East went down fighting – it went out ‘with a bang’.

A hundred years later, in November 2020, the contrast with the Fall of the Free West could hardly be greater: the end of the Free West comes as an utterly un-heroic – even anti-heroic – anti-climax. Redundantly proving the point of Edmund Burke’s old adage that ‘all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’, or that good men simply do not exist anymore in the utterly feminized and denatured West, the Free West is going out ‘with a whimper’. Throughout the West, the globalist hostile elite has exploited the ‘Corona Crisis’ to hasten and complete the transformation of its ‘festivist’ neo-liberal order[3] into a totalitarian ‘lockdown’ regime – this transformation has been achieved virtually without encountering resistance. A mere nine months of ‘Corona measures’ has effectively resulted in the abolition of civil liberties once fundamental to the very concept of the Free West.[4] The principles of freedom of speech and press, already reduced to mere virtue-signaling facades by years politically correct deplatforming and algorithmic censorship, have been replaced by Soviet-style ‘rally around the leader’ propaganda, ‘statistics-war’ disinformation and ‘fake news’ digital content-removal at the home-and-garden level. At a single stroke, the principles of freedom of assembly and privacy have been utterly eradicated under the pretext of the ‘global health emergency’. Western law enforcement now reserves the right to end any and all political meetings and public demonstrations – of course, selectively non-applying this right to politically expedient manifestations such as those of ‘Black Lives Matter’. Western surveillance systems now start to expand into the most private sphere of health monitoring and personal movement through ‘Corona Apps’ and ‘QR code’ travel permits. The totalitarian control mechanisms put in place by the ‘Corona Crisis’, effectively immobilizing and controlling the indigenous masses of the West, have also allowed the globalist hostile elite to put their social engineering and psy-ops programming into a higher gear. The ‘Black Lives Matter’, effectively a reverse-engineered anti-Western Cultural Revolution, delegitimizes Western history, heritage and identity in an unprecedented manner – it accelerates the decades-long process of uprooting and atomizing the Western masses.[5] At the same time, the neo-Weimarian economics of ‘Corona financing’ are plunging Western nations in collective financial obligations that ensure multi-generational debt slavery: large sections of the middle class and many smaller and middling entrepreneurs are being reduced to poverty and welfare dependence, reinforcing the downwards spiral labor costs and work conditions as well as the general globalist tendency of socio-economic leveling between the First World and the Third World. Add to these factors the accelerated influx of Third World ‘immigration’ into the Western heartland, as per the UN ‘Global Compact for Migration’ – which aims at legalizing and facilitating mass-immigration – and the final victory of the globalist hostile elite over the West edges close to near-certainty. Thus, the terrors of totalitarian repression, cultural alienation, multi-generational debt slavery and all-out ethnic replacement – with the inevitable risk of large-scale ethnic conflict and mass genocide – are now enveloping the ex-Free West. These are the ‘necessary’ measures that the hostile globalist elite has long been preparing – because the erasure of the Old West, with its old freedom and old independence is a necessary precondition for building the globalist New World Order. These measures are also necessarily ‘secret’ till they become inevitable – until it is too late.

The Crisis of the Modern West Revisited: Omens & Scenarios

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity

– William Butler Yeats, ‘The Second Coming’

Throughout the last years, largely unseen and unreported, a steady trickle of dissident and disaffected Westerners has been escaping to the East. Only occasionally, the flight of some famous individual made headlines, as in 2013, when American whistleblower Edward Snowden asked for asylum in Russia and French actor Gérard Depardieu gained Russian citizenship. Since some years, however, a significant number of leaders and writers of the so-called ‘Dissident Right’ have drifted into voluntary exile in the so-called ‘illiberal’ countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where the continued rule of and law and better-preserved civil liberties allow them to continue their work without the constant threat of legal persecution, professional bans and ‘antifa’ harassment.

Besides these Dissident Right political exiles, a steady stream of enterprising professionals and young families has been escaping the West, settling in Central and Eastern Europe in search of more security and freedom – away from the soaring crime rates, the constant terror attacks, the increasingly Third World conditions and the nihilist educational indoctrination now typical of most Western European countries. Thus, in a largely unreported but stunning reversal of the Cold War refugee and exile movement from East to West, now White Westerners are escaping to the East. Abandoning crime-invested and immigrant-swamped London, Paris and Rome, now virtually reduced to tourist-overrun and over-priced open-air museum districts surrounded by miles of immigrant-dominated quasi-slums, many avant-garde writers and artists as well as many leading-edge entrepreneurs and scientists have found their way to Prague, Warsaw and Budapest. The Baltic seaboard cities of Poland are now home to sizeable populations of young professional Swedes who have escaped the multicultural hellhole that decades of leftist immigration policies has changed their native country. The rich farmlands of central Hungary are now home to large number of German agriculturalist settlers who have escaped the rising tide of immigrant terror, rape and harassment that is streaming in through Angela Merkel’s ‘open door’ policies.

This West-East migration movement has now temporarily been interrupted by ‘Corona Crisis’ border closures, but the increasing speed of the disintegration of Western Europe may very well cause a much larger migration movement in the near future – with a shift away from ‘dissident exile’ and ‘economic migration’ to a real refugee crisis. It remains to be seen to what extent Central and Eastern European destination countries will be willing and able to handle the phenomenon of ‘Western refugees’. The EU-enforced ‘freedom of movement’ was basically a globalist ploy to create a cheap labour pool for Western European economies and had nothing to do with ‘humanitarian’ considerations of the kind that may one day come to apply to Westerners moving East to seek refuge from the violence, poverty and degradation of their Third World-overrun home countries.

At this point, the now rapidly accelerating Crisis of the Modern West – ‘1984’-level nihilist totalitarianism, permanent collective debt slavery, all-out ethnic replacement, points to three possible outcomes – these will be briefly discussed in descending order of likelihood: (a) nihilist victory, i.e. the successful implementation of the New World Order by the globalist hostile elite; (b) undecided, i.e. a draw between the forces of nihilist globalism and anti-nihilist nationalism; (c) nationalist victory, i.e. the downfall of the globalist hostile elite. The Fall of the West is a certainty in the first two scenarios and, depending on the amount of damage done, but it also still is a probability in the third.

(a) Nihilist victory. In the best case, nihilist victory means the ‘Venezuelanization’ of the West, i.e. the continued physical existence of indigenous white populations as minority groups within their old homelands, but living under Third World conditions, with tiny ‘privileged’ enclaves in high-security ‘gated communities’. Western civilization will then gradually fade from the public sphere as well as private identity and there will be no capacity or wish for either achieving life-enhancing innovations or maintaining old forms of high culture. In the worst case, nihilist victory means the total eradication of the indigenous white peoples of the West, through any possible combination of trans-humanist supersession, anti-natalist self-elimination and simple old-fashioned genocide – the white nations will become extinct.[6] Ironically, this outcome will belatedly disprove the social-darwinist thesis of ‘natural selection’ to the same white nations that put so much stock by the notion of ‘survival of the fittest’: the globalist hostile elite will have proven that, given sufficient stamina, ‘culture’ can supersede ‘nature’ everywhere and always.

(b) Undecided. It is not inconceivable that the globalist hostile elite is making some calculus mistakes in its ‘risk assessments’ – that it miscalculates the various doses of ‘Africa’ and ‘Islam’ that it is inserting into the poisonous ‘diversity’ brew it is concocting, resulting in a premature explosion or a sub-critical mass ‘fizzle’. Widespread civil disorder, even civil war, may ensue – any prolonged doses of these will bring down the very vulnerable economic and infrastructure grids on which ‘modern society’ is built. Similarly, unforeseen factors, such as run-away climate change, a natural disaster, a prolonged internet black-out or a long food supply disruption may cause already strained control mechanisms to collapse, plunging the West into an unplanned Dark Age. In this scenario, tiny ‘islands’ of a degraded but still recognizably Western civilization, likely governed by newly-decisionnist nationalist and conservative elites, may persist in some – likely peripheral – part of the West, but Western civilization as a whole will still fall. Under scenarios (a) and (b), the fate of those Westerners who have not made a dash for the East, or some overseas emigration option, in a timely fashion will depend on a range of unforeseeable circumstances – the dangers they face in their immediate surroundings will be directly related to the degree of urbanization and the precise ethnic make-up of the non-Western immigrant population. In the short run, a complete break-down of law and order, in combination with still-good transport infrastructure, will probably mean that not even the remotest rural community will be immune to marauding gangs – already now, the phenomenon of rural house burglaries and high-way robberies by immigrant bandits is commonplace throughout many prosperous regions of north-western Europe. The ‘survivalist’ skills of self-defense and autarkic living that have been promoted at the ‘wilder fringes’ of the New Right will then come in handy.

(c) Nationalist victory. As stated earlier, it is probable that even a nationalist victory – effectively overcoming the Crisis of the Modern West – will still result in the Fall of the West, at least in the sense of a cultural-historically recognizable West. In all likelihood, given its downright demonic nature, a beaten globalist hostile elite would resort to a policy of ‘scorched earth’ and apocalyptic self-destruction.[7] In this regard, the ‘Corona Crisis’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ phenomena give us instructive insights into the mindset and priorities of the globalist hostile elite: rather than let President Trump take the re-election prize, due to him for his ‘Make America Great Again’ economic success, his ‘deep state’ enemies chose to sink America’s economy with the Corona lockdown and to burn America’s cities with the George Floyd riots. Here, the ultimate functionality of the large immigrant populations that the globalist hostile elite has been bringing into the Western heartland since around 1965 becomes clear: these populations do not merely serve as a cheap labor pool, extended consumer base and electoral voting block – they also serve as a ‘reserve army’ that may be mobilized by those who brought them in and who assure their continued presence. The globalist hostile elite can easily mobilize these immigrant populations, disproportionately strong in terms of young and male demographics, and turn them on the nationalist enemy. Throughout the West, such a mobilization has already been taking place through multi-year ‘diversity recruitment’ drives for the security forces. Recently, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots have proven how easy it is for the hostile globalist elite – in this case, its propagandist MSM and activist ‘antifa’ sections –  to mobilize the ‘minorities’ that it has been importing and promoting for many years. Of course, even in case of an all-out elite-provoked race-war, Western nationalists may very well still win the day – but the damage that will be done to the Western homelands and the trauma that will be inflicted on a whole generation of Western youngsters will be hard to fathom. This does not mean that such a fight – no less than a fight for survival – should not be fought: there are certain situations in which it must be fought. This can even apply if we are likely or certain to lose the fight: as in the case of Wrangel’s last stand in November 1920, it may be better to go down fighting than to let your women and children fall into the hands of an utterly inhuman enemy.[8] But the enormous cost of an all-out nationalist fight-to-the-death with the globalist hostile elite and the monstrous ‘minority’ slave armies that it can mobilize should be taken into account as long as there still is even the tiniest chance that a nationalist victory can be gained through politics.

Many in the New Right will not agree with any further pursuit of the political path – they have written off the notion of ‘due political process’ as a farcical charade, obviously and thoroughly rigged as it is in favor of the globalist hostile elite and its deeply entrenched ‘deep state’ apparatus. They may very well be right, but that does not absolve us from the obligation to stay within the boundaries of the legal system, the democratic process and the non-violence principle as long as possible – and certainly until the enemy transgresses these boundaries, until they break the law, breach the process and start violence in an open and systematic manner. The New Right now has the moral high ground – the terrain is in our favor and we should exploit it by forcing our enemy to initiate the fight on our terms. Although the recent ‘Corona Crisis’ totalitarian power bid of the globalist hostile elite has reduced the (‘Overton’) space for political maneuver, such space still exists and it should not be vacated without a fight. The recent – transparently coordinated – ‘judicial’ crackdown on nationalist party politics throughout Europe (Golden Dawn process in Greece, Kotleba process in Slovakia, Ryssen process in France, anti-nationalist post-Catalan secession process in Spain,[9]) shows that this is exactly what the globalist hostile elite is aiming at: to discourage further open political dissent and to drive underground the nationalist movement. It is in that shady ‘underground’ sphere, out of the public and political arenas and under the artificial suspicion of criminal wrongdoing, that the globalist hostile elite wishes to deal with nationalist and New Right dissidents. It is easy to fall into that trap: it is easy to be discouraged, it is easy to be intimidated – it is also easy to retreat into the ‘comfort zone’ of anonymous keyboard warriors and off-grid survivalists. But we should not make it too easy for the enemy – we should contest each centimeter of the public sphere and fight them for each inch of the political arena. The hardest thing to do is usually the right thing to do. Let us look at an example of ‘doing the right thing’ – with a little ‘Dutch Courage’ if need be.

Dutch Courage: Toward the Shoals of Victory

Dear children, you are sometimes led
To sorrow, sin, and woe
Because you have not courage quite
And dare not answer No

So, young or old, or great or small
Don’t fail, whate’er you do
To stand for Right and nobly dare
To speak an honest No

– Anonymous

Around mid-August 2020, Mr Géza Hegedüs, the political leader of IDNL (Identiteit Nederland, ‘Identitarian Netherlands’),[10] the Netherlands’ only truly ethno-nationalist political party, received a letter with an ‘invitation to be interrogated’[11] from the Rijnmond District[12] Criminal Investigation Department with regard to a third-party legal complaint of ‘discrimination’ currently under revision by the Public Prosecutor (here it should be noted that the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office holds wide discretionary powers, allowing it to dismiss or extend a civil liability complaint almost at will). This letter did not specify the statement by which Mr Hegedüs was alleged to have given offense in the sense of ‘discriminating’ a person or group, except to say that the statement in question dated back to a time almost three years earlier. Apparently, it took the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office nearly three years to work on this ‘case’, causing the first legal notification of the complaint in question, i.e. the above-mentioned ‘invitation letter’, to coincidentally fall into Mr Hegedüs’ mailbox only weeks after he announced the formation of a new political party under his leadership. Equally coincidentally, this letter arrived on the eve of the campaigning season for the forthcoming elections for the national parliament: the Dutch national elections are scheduled for March and the electoral campaigning season traditionally starts with the September reopening of parliament after the summer holiday recess.

Remarkably, the ‘hurt feelings’ of some anonymous private person – perhaps those of an unknown but ‘sensitive’ public figure with legal connections – have a higher priority for the Public Prosecutor than the efficient legal persecution of the many cases of public-space stabbings, shootings, burglaries and car fires that are threatening and disturbing the daily lives of law-abiding citizens – let alone the innumerable incidents of shoplifting, pick pocketing, vandalism and harassment that have inundated Dutch society since PM Mark Rutte decided to imitate the ‘open border’ and ‘asylum’ policies of his German friend and counterpart Angela Merkel. Of course, no formal link between crime/safety experiences and immigration/asylum policies is allowed to exist: the relevant information is studiously ignored and relevant statistics are carefully censored. Nevertheless, these many cases of serious violence and property damage and these innumerable incidents of life-poisoning ‘inconveniences’ are driving many – mostly non-privileged – indigenous Dutch men and women to despair: they can no longer safely visit their own beaches, walk in their own parks or live in their own neighborhoods. With ‘White Flight’ in full swing, ethnic ghettoes and ethnically segregated schools are already facts of life: the unfortunate indigenous ‘stay behinds’ of the great cities live in a hell that knows no laws and limits: children get beaten in schoolyards, girls get molested in swimming pools and young women get harassed in streets. Against all this, the Public Prosecutor’s office does effectively nothing – but when some ‘Social Justice Warrior’ activist complains of ‘hurt feelings’, it leaps into action.

Throughout the last decades, the Dutch legal definition of ‘discrimination’, covered by an infamously ‘rubbery’ law article that can be made to fit virtually anything that is politically unpalatable to the ‘powers that be’, has now apparently been widened to such an extent that to publicly speak about, let alone politically follow up on, the rapidly escalating ethnic replacement of the Netherlands – which is what IDNL does – has now become effectively impossible. Proof of this is found in the fact that the judicial farce known as the ‘Wilders Trial’, i.e. the multi-year legal persecution of the leaders of the Netherlands largest political opposition party, is still continuing[13]. The end phase of ‘Wilders Trial’ (still pending an ultimate appeal to the highest judiciary) also happens to coincide with the first phase of the ‘Hegedüs Trial’ (still not formally commenced – Mr Hegedüs is awaiting specification of the charges).

In 2015, German PM Angela Merkel effectively abolished German border protection against globalist-engineered Third World invasion, dragging along most of Western Europe along into Germany’s manic quest for sui-genocide: with hindsight, this was the moment that globalist hostile elite dropped its mask. Now, it seems, the accelerated ethnic replacement of the indigenous peoples of Western Europe has reached a critical stage in the estimation of that elite: the stage at which old civil liberties – the right of free speech, the right of political association – are no longer compatible with the effects of ethnic replacement.[14] In this sense, the ‘Corona measures’, which have the effect of an anti-democratic coup d’état, and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ brainwash, which are effectively enforcing a Cultural Revolution-style mental reset, are perfect covering mechanisms: they allow the Dutch capo regimes of the globalist hostile elite to silently and quickly do away with the old rule of law, if not in theory, then at least in practice. The overnight transformation of the former Dutch nation-state, from a libertarian democracy with a semi-independent legal system into a totalitarian banana republic with politically activist kangaroo courts, seems to be nearly complete. In this sense, the legal persecution of the party leaders of IDNL and PVV may be understood as a ‘mopping up’ operation to remove the last remnants of democratic opposition and political consciousness from the new building of a perfect Orwellian edifice.

From this perspective, the outcome of the show trials against Geert Wilders and Géza Hegedüs – men who know each other and who complement each other politically – appears quite predictable: the former will be let off with a warning to shut up, but the latter will be subjected to a ‘full treatment’, if only to discourage true patriots from ever getting involved in politics again. The hostile elite – now effectively functioning as a globalist occupation regime in the former nation-state of the Netherlands – wants to draw a clear line. Civic nationalism (in which fictional paper citizenship prevails above birth-right ethnic nationality), still intrinsically compatible with ethnic replacement and promoted by Thierry Baudet’s ‘controlled opposition’ FVD (Forum Voor Democratie, ‘Forum for Democracy’),[15] is allowed, but ethno-nationalism (which puts indigenous rights above globalist interests), intrinsically incompatible with ethnic replacement and promoted by Géza Hegedüs’ real opposition IDNL, is not.[16]

Everybody who still ‘hangs between’ these two political choices, as in the meat-nor-fish semi-identitarian patriotism of Geert Wilders’ PVV, will have to choose. Even a brave spokesman for Dutch indigenous rights such as Wilders – whose personal courage is beyond doubt and whose political tenacity is admirable – will be forced to conform to the political straightjacket of the post-Corona political ‘new normal’. Here applies the adage with which veteran ‘old right’ politician Alfred Vierling used to confront the overly optimistic young generation of the Dutch New Right: ‘what cannot be won politically, cannot be won legally’.

It is only to be expected that the current ‘Corona measures’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda mark the first phase of the – thus far astoundingly rapid – transformation of Dutch political life and Dutch public debate to totalitarian theater performances. Already, an unmistakably ‘Pravda’-like tone is creeping into the MSM: the ‘news’ and ‘topics’ being pushed by the state television and the system press are entirely disconnected from the daily reality lived by the non-hyper-affluent part of the indigenous population. Irrelevant statistics (‘Corona counts’, ‘purchasing power improvements’), Orwellian ‘Newspeak’ (‘youngsters’ for immigrant gangsters, ‘asylum seekers’ for fake refugees), fictitious arguments (‘warm weather’ causing race riots), malicious manipulations (‘transgender awareness’ lessons for innocent children, ‘white privilege’ training for hapless civil servants) and anti-identity propaganda (‘interracial dating’ and ‘gender fluidity’ promoting advertisement campaigns) are dominating the MSM and the public sphere. In many respects, the MSM has already reached the infantile level of propaganda that characterized the Soviet Union under Stalin.

The final failure of ethnic ‘diversity’ and societal ‘multiculturalism’ can effectively no longer be discussed: this makes it very difficult to combat ethnic replacement – the dissolution of the indigenous Dutch people and the deconstruction of the indigenous Dutch culture – in the political arena. Now that the political elite is forcing the legal system to persecute of the remnants of the political opposition, the Dutch democratic order has been fatally compromised – parliamentary politics itself is becoming a caricature exercise in futility. It may very well be that the last phase of the Wilders Trial and the first phase of the Hegedüs Trial will go down in history as the epilogue of Dutch democracy and Dutch parliamentary politics.

With hindsight, the politically motivated assassination of patriot leader Pim Fortuyn, days before the national elections of 2002, marks a tipping point in the long sickness of Dutch democracy: from that point onward, all patriotic and nationalist movements and projects appear as mere palliative measures. Wilders’ PVV, driven by the sheer guts of its leader, served as a ‘chemotherapy’ to delay the sickness. Baudet’s FVD, driven by the un-Dutch charisma of its leader, served as a ‘miracle cure’ illusion moment to provide a much-needed feel-good moment. Hegedüs’ IDNL, the first true nationalist party to appear on the Dutch political scene in decades, now serves as an ‘experimental treatment’, administering new medication from the laboratories of the European New Right (where, incidentally, more products are being launched as well). It is very well possible that IDNL constitutes the last stop on the trajectory of regular party-political opposition: IDNL strictly and unconditionally adheres to the old-fashioned principles of democratic process, legal framework and non-violence. But until now, nothing has been able to cure the apparently fatally sick patient called ‘Dutch democracy’: nor Pim Fortuyn’s charismatic mass movement, nor Geert Wilders populist rhetorical skills, nor Thierry Baudet’s slick and smooth media strategy have been able to dislodge the deeply entrenched party cartel that rules the Netherlands on behalf of the globalist hostile elite. That globalist hostile elite, a vampiristic cabal of ‘high finance’ banksters, trans-nationalist eurocrats and cultural-marxist ideologues, seems bend on the final kill and refuses to let go of its prey.

But where human thought and human calculus reach their upper limits, there yet remains super-human hope. Against all logic and against all calculus, it yet remains possible that the patient – effectively the Dutch nation – will survive this Crisis of the Modern West. Long ago, against all mathematical certainties, the Dutch nation managed to defeat the world power of Spain, the Sun King of France and the sea power of Great Britain – the Dutch nation has its own unique qualities that tend to only show when all seems lost. IDNL recognizes this strength in the Dutch people and stands for and with the Dutch nation. Géza Hegedüs, the political leader of IDNL, stands for the indigenous rights of the Dutch nation – in his ongoing trial, no less than Geert Wilders, he deserves the respect and support of all those who stand for the rights of all European peoples to determine their own future. The globalist-totalitarian coup of the ‘Corona Crisis’ and the neo-bolshevik Cultural Revolution of ‘Black Lives Matter’ have affected all the European nations – these are hard times for the handful of people who still dare to stand up and face the dark forces that are trying to undo Western civilization and to dispossess the European peoples. All Europeans who value the future of their children should stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who, like Géza Hegedüs, stand up and fight for that future. It is the time to take a stand: it is five minutes to twelve. Maybe later.

Good night and good luck



[1] For more information on IDNL, which stands for Identiteit Nederland (‘Identity Netherlands’) and which promotes New Right, Eurasianist and Traditionalist alternatives to nihilist liberalism in the Netherlands, the reader may consult its English-language website . The author here wishes to thank Mr Reinout Eeckhout, Chairman of IDNL, for his editorial assistance,

[2] For the author’s cultural-historical and psycho-historical analysis of the origins of ‘culture nihilism’, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, The Sunset of Tradition and the Origins of the Great War (Cambridge Scholars: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018 – now also available in paperback).

[3] For a definition of Robert Steuckers’ term ‘festivism’, cf. ‘Glossary’ section in Alexander Wolfheze, ‘Le Rouge et le Noir’, 15 November Januray 2018 .

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[11] The original document was published through Dutch-language online news site Frontnieuws on 24 August 2020: .

[12] The Rijnmond region covers the Rotterdam greater metropolitan area.

[13] Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, ‘Freedom Party’), has suffered intermittent legal persecution since 2010, through spurious accusations based on the same rubbery ‘discrimination’ clauses that are being used against IDNL leader Géza Hegedüs – in 2020 Wilders was convicted (but not punished) for advocating ‘less Moroccans’ in the Netherlands in 2014 (the Moroccan immigrant population of the Netherlands is commonly associated with high crime rates and failing co-habitation with the indigenous population).

[14] For the author’s analysis of earlier warning signs of the globalist hostile elite’s ‘totalitarian shift’, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, ‘Edelweiss’, 7 March 2019 .

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[16] The diametrically opposed  politics of FVD leader Thierry Baudet and IDNL leader Géza Hegedüs are perhaps best illustrated by their respective stances on the issue of ethnic rights and race realism:  the former conferred with Jared Taylor, the long-serving leader of the American white rights’ think tank American Renaissance, in secret, only to ignore Taylor’s analyses, whereas the latter conducted an open interview with Taylor to speak about shared concerns. The full interview may be found at – a short introduction to the interview may be found at .

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