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Following the success of Brexit — the exit by Britain from the doddering and domineering European Union — people began talking about Frexit, or France exiting the EU, and finally Texit, or Texas finally leaving the Union since the US broke its contract to protect it from Mexico.

Exits happen when contracts are violated. In the case of Britain, they joined the EU in order to have a European trading sphere, but then found themselves roped into an abusive bureaucratic nightmare in which French and German nü-elites acted out revenge fantasies on the purported “winners” of WW2.

(If you think anyone “won” the world wars, go find a mirror quickly. You’ve been shot through the face or forehead and your brain is draining down your cheeks.)

Those of us in the modern time find ourselves confronting a system dying just like the Soviet system did, through widespread lack of belief. Almost no one believes any longer that this system will deliver what it promised.

Equality was claimed to bring about mutual tolerance and an end to friction between social classes. Instead, everything has intensified. Diversity promised to end racial and ethnic frictions. All of that is worse too.

Democracy was sold as preventing the “tyranny” of the kings, but instead we got mob rule that steals everything and leaves inferior versions in its place while our “leaders” fly off to Switzerland with suitcases full of cash.

Currently, the Canadian government is confiscating gasoline and firewood from the protest of truckers designed to end the mask mandates and the permanent power grab by the Leftist bureaucrats.

The government is doing this in order to freeze them in the winter, since without extra fuel they cannot operate their heaters, and without firewood, they cannot warm themselves. Did democracy bring us “freedom”? Do tell.

In my view, we are entering a time of exit. That is, people have lost faith in the false promises and the systems designed to support them. We no longer believe in equality, public schooling, democracy, administration, and diversity.

For this reason, we are going to see #Divexit in the near future. Diversity is division. Division is weakness. We thought it could be forced to work, but all of that has failed.

Even more, centralization — the idea that we could take a random group of people, force the same behaviors upon them, and therefore change their minds to make them perfect citizens — has failed. Diversity relies on this concept.

Meritocracy, the idea that we can set up a checklist and reward the people who obey it, has failed, since all of our leaders and public figures seem like they are totally incompetent. Meritocracy produces obedient stooges, not quality.

Meritocracy uses obedience tests to pick your elites. It takes people, subjugates them with forced memorization, and then chooses those who do it without complaint. These in turn become hateful and take it out on others once they get power.

Centralization forces everyone to engage in the same behaviors (a means-over-ends analysis, a.k.a. “Control”) in order to make them behave in a way that keeps the system working. All this does is pile up bad people disguised as good.

Equality does the same thing. When you make good=bad and bad=good, you get more bad, since it is easier. The same happened in the Soviet Union, where most workers showed up and did very little because the reward was the same.

All of these are forms of “management,” instead of leadership. Leaders provide direction and an example, and they reward those who achieve steps toward that direction. That is an ends-over-means calculus.

Managers force everyone to behave the same way so that everyone gets along and the system appears stable. Managers report, via optics and metrics, to higher managers. No one cares about results, only a fake stability.

Under the managerial ideal, equality seemed like a good idea: it would end the conflict. It turns out that the conflict might have been a good idea because only constant combat keeps the bad in line and the good rising in nature.

From equality, we got the idea of diversity, mainly because if you accept equality it is hard to say, “well, except for that group of humans over there.” Managers like it because importing foreign voters cements bureaucratic power.

And yet, diversity has failed. Even more, we see that it has done the same every other time it was tried. Further, we can tell that it is paradoxical, because if having differences together helps us, diversity removes those through outbreeding.

If those differences are not genetic, and therefore cannot be removed by outbreeding, there is no point to diversity in the first place; we can just read books and pick up those non-genetic differences that way.

It was always paradoxical, diversity, because its goal of pluralism was obviously false since it mashes together the different. It makes sense if the goal was to have a foreign voting bloc to displace the power of the majority, however.

As everything fails at once, the majority finds itself flexing its muscles instead of just moving to another suburb. We are in a do-or-die moment where we either fix what is left of civilization and re-orient it or become another third world wasteland.

Trump gave us a starter by showing that everything was fake, then retreating to let the Bidens and Clintons of the world wreck absolutely everything left, which fixed his two problems: lazy voters and fake conservatives.

Now we have weaponized voters and their intolerance of fake conservatives is slowly removing the stodgy old fossils who keep hammering on about William F. Buckley’s 1960s-era compromise.

As part of this, people are seeing that not only is diversity not our strength, as speeches commonly began during the Obama era, but it has made us weak, divided, and stupid. Diversity is fatal.

Consequently more people are thinking about Divexit these days. How if we remove the legal protections for diversity, it will go away without a single shot being fired. If the 14A goes, and HUD and affirmative action, so goes diversity.

We are entering a new brave new world where instead of supporting our parasites for equality, we can just elect them out, end their destructive policies, and go on in pursuit of the good life.

We have seen through the fake promises and realize that there is a better way to get there, so now we are pursuing that instead.

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