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DiversityWatch (November 24, 2022)


To some degree in this world, you either rely on the world or cling to hope. The rely-on-the-world types tend to like time-proven solutions, demonstrable working models, and a general sense that life tends toward the good despite having some very dark places. The cling-to-hope crowd believe life is bad and therefore are always looking for little “lifts” — good feelings, socialization, drugs/wine, sentiment — to make them feel better about a world that they think is fundamentally bad despite having some very light places.

The cling-to-hope types include the denialists. These, in the grips of Stockholm Syndrome, attempt to rationalize decay as “progress” because that way they feel better about it. They operate by poisoning the well: when they want something, they reject all other options by using a culture of critique to paint their disadvantages as not just opportunity cost but fatal defects, leaving only what they want. In the rationalizing mind, this works, since it allows them to argue that what they want is in fact a variety of what everyone else wants.

Denialists do not want to see that the disaster arising from democracy+diversity turns out to be fatal because minorities outvote the majority every time and soon you get an unstable kleptocracy like South Africa, Houston, Northern Ireland, Detroit, Yugoslavia, or Rwanda. Diversity means the majority gets replaced as Plato and Aristotle told us years ago. The diversity does this by voting against majority interests; this is why wannabe tyrants import them. Any democracy which adopts diversity has chosen the fast route to third world living.

Without hierarchy, people bicker over course of action and choose compromises which achieve nothing. Without organic culture, we cannot have hierarchy, but our lack of culture also means that no one knows what behaviors are rewarded, so they do the minimum just like in the late stages of the Soviet Union. Lack of culture also means that people become actors and entertainers, always stunting and creating drama in order to rise above the grey fungible herd. Both democracy and diversity erase organic culture and replace it with the secular religion of egalitarian ideology.

This is not to say that we should run the 180 ° direction toward theocracy; that, too, becomes a type of secular religion when the rules are more important than the goal. Just as with socialism and democracy marginal costs overwhelm production, in means-over-ends orders geared more toward rules than affirmative goals, the constant fighting over details obscures any attempt to achieve anything. People who want to be important like to make lots of rules, but people who want to achieve things like simple heuristics based on time-honored principles.

We are struggling now to choose the conservative over the conjectural. The conservative sticks with the idea that life is good because it is consistent, therefore we can learn from the past; the conjectural holds that the world is bad, inconsistent, and illogical, therefore we must find little “lifts” from feeling good about our ideologies, even if this means-over-ends approach tends to result in a lack of ends or unrealistic goals that turn to failure over time.

It really is a war now between the middle of the Bell Curve and the unity between the extremes. Our very simple people and very complex minds agree: stick with the conservative because it works, accept life as good if not holy, and work toward productivity, creativity, invention, and goodness. The middle rejects all the stuff that works because it creates a hierarchy and they dope out as unimportant in it, so they want a false hierarchy based on attention-getting, drama, and stunting which are usually based in social emotion.

As diversity continues its swan dive into the abyss, we gather for a ceremonial holiday to celebrate being marginally better than the third world despite being existentially dead inside, and can only laugh at the steady flow of idiocy passing through our scope of view.


  • Kurds in the Middle East: Why are they under fire?

    The Kurds, who number about 35 million, make up the world’s largest ethnic group without their own state. Most of them are concentrated in a vast territory, which is split across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Armenia.

    While they share a common ethnic identity and are predominantly Sunni Muslims, Kurds in this area do not have cross-border representatives, common policies or a joint military defense unit.

    This puts them at further risk of attack from states in the region, which have their own strategic reasons for targeting the minority.

    Most people are stupid hamstermonkeys fooled by the binary of good and evil. To them, if something goes wrong, there must be an evil, since they are caught up in the Abrahamic moralism that passes human judgment on nature instead of trying to understand it like someone over 120 IQ points would. In reality, diversity is just a dysfunctional system and the fantasy of “good”/”evil” has nothing to do with it. In any form, in any place, in any time, with any laws, with any economic system… in fact, under any circumstances, diversity fails, but not before destroying its host civilization. Diversity is suicide. The Kurds, who are now mostly foreign DNA, will not figure this out until after they have ceased to exist.

  • Albanian reveals how easy it was to ‘blag’ the UK refugee system

    He was given permission to stay while his made-up story was investigated and managed to stay three years until he was finally deported. In the meantime he was able to get work paying ten times what he could make in his home country.

    Democracy killed the West: “We The People” are retarded and voted for free stuff which no one could afford so government is now addicted to constant growth in order to avoid default. The resulting circular Ponzi scheme depends on constant immigration, and the immigrants keep coming because as low-IQ third world grifters they see people who give away free things as moronic suckers who must have stolen their wealth because they sure did not earn it with that level of intelligence. Looking at the proles who make up much of the voting audience, I have to agree with them: the West is run by corrupt morons because most of the voters are corrupt morons because they are low caste which means low-IQ which means Dunning-Kruger braggarts who conceal the fact that they have no idea what they are doing in order to draw attention to themselves for a few moments of glory. Death to the proles. Death in the ovens.

  • Solve worker shortages with immigration – CBI boss

    The UK should use immigration to solve worker shortages and boost economic growth, the boss of the UK’s biggest business group has said.

    Tony Danker called on politicians to be “practical” about immigration at the CBI’s conference in Birmingham.

    There is no worker shortage; there is a surplus of jobs created by government regulations and central control of the economy. These take workers away from crucial areas, ensuring that all entry-level jobs go to immigrants. Consequently, this gradually replaces the working White population and strings them off into welfare living. Most of them would vote for that anyway; they simply lack the circuits to understand government, politics, or economics, like a microwave oven trying to run a Fortune 500 company.

    Look how they beat down a rare pragmatic Leftist who suggested reducing immigration:

    The days of “cheap labour” must end to wean the UK off its “immigration dependency”, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told business leaders.

    Sir Keir called for a plan to train British workers and move the economy away from its “low-pay model”.

    He later refused to commit to lower immigration overall, saying he was against a “fixed number”.

    In Canada the same thing is true:

    Canada is betting big on immigration to fill the gap in its economy left by aging Baby Boomers leaving the workforce – but not everyone is on board with bringing in so many people from abroad.

    Earlier this month, the federal government announced an aggressive plan to take in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025, with almost 1.5 million new immigrants coming to the country over the next three years.

    And the USA is trying the same thing:

    “We’re short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to,” Schumer argued. “The only way we’re going to have a great future is if we welcome and embrace immigrants… get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many there are here.”

    The voters are really the ultimate idiots and this time will vindicate Hitler, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Mao, Franco, Mussolini, and the kings by showing that no single ruler could be as destructive as democracy. The voters killed themselves off: they voted for free stuff today to be paid for tomorrow, which caused subsequent generations to stop breeding, at the same time the esurient unions and taxes ate up any excess wealth, causing government to “need” to keep population numbers up so it can pretend to be able to pay the benefits it already gave to people who died twenty years ago. Dictatorship may have upset people, but it did not exterminate whole populations like democracy. The people are stupid. The decisions they make are stupid, or unrealistic and greedy. The outcome of those decisions is also stupid, since it results in the self-destruction of the voters. If you want to die in the happy bath of illusion, choose democracy. Democracy is genocide.

  • Why India’s tech giants are sacking employees

    “When hiring in the global tech industry began to taper off in August, it was pretty much clear that the storm would hit India. And sure enough, soaring inflation in the US has made brands reluctant to spend money on advertising, which has resulted in layoffs,” a senior official with a jobs portal told DW on condition of anonymity.

    They are deflecting from the fact that for years in tech, growth means hiring lots of new idiots to manage systems that they do not understand. Despite having millions of Indian programmers, we have yet to find a really good one capable of writing the type of software Anglos bashed out in the 1980s. That is an ugly truth, but here it is: the quality of products has massively fallen since that time, and the reliance on (1) H-1Bs in the US and (2) hiring CS/IT grads instead of technology fanatics worldwide has done this. Now they are firing the warm bodies and realizing that if they pick the right people, they do not need ten times as many. In other words, equality is getting replaced by quality as a management theory now that the free money train is over.

  • Suella Braverman blames migrants who ‘abuse generosity of British people’ for crisis

    Pressed further, she countered: ‘I tell you who’s at fault, it’s very clear who’s at fault, it’s the people who are breaking our rules, coming here illegally, exploiting vulnerable people and trying to exploit the generosity of the British people – that’s who’s at fault.’

    Give out free stuff and people will take it. Free stuff = socialism, the redistribution of wealth for equality instead of quality of performance. Consequently, you have created a parasite free-for-all. To end the immigration problem, the West needs to ditch humand rights and entitlements — free stuff from government like public schooling, socialized medicine, welfare, pensions — entirely. They are a death trap, even if most voters believe

  • ‘Bondi Beast’ serial rapist identified after almost 40 years

    The women – who were aged between 14 and 55 – all gave similar descriptions of their assailant.

    He was 160 to 180cm tall, had a dark complexion, brown eyes and a wide nose.

    Diversity produces race war. Most of this is waged through crime, including rape, which as the feminists tell us is a weapon of war.

  • South Africa: 30 years after abolishing apartheid

    This date will forever be remembered in South Africa as the day when whites voted to end the apartheid system that privileged them and oppressed others. The country has seen momentous change since then — but is still wracked by injustice and poverty.

    Obviously the cause of those things was not apartheid then. South Africa shows us the future of diversity: racial revenge by one group on another. That group will keep blaming the other group for not providing enough while whichever group has a lower IQ will remain impoverished because of lower ability. Eventually the society will lapse into a ruin. As the leader in rape and crime among the industrialized world, South Africa is a warning, not an ideal to emulate!

  • Civil rights leaders condemn Musk decision to lift Trump Twitter ban

    “In Elon Musk’s Twittersphere, you can incite an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, which led to the deaths of multiple people, and still be allowed to spew hate speech and violent conspiracies on his platform,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in a statement. “Any advertiser still funding Twitter should immediately pause all advertising. If Elon Musk continues to run Twitter like this, using garbage polls that do not represent the American people and the needs of our democracy, God help us all.”

    Civil Rights leaders know they are running a scam. Their goal is to use guilt to take over this nation for their people and allies by destroying its former majority. Then… well, they have no plan, so they will end up in the same impoverished third world mess they were in before colonialism lifted them up. Only scams are threatened by free speech. Honest political endeavors prove their worth, but everyone knows that if we were to calculate the value of diversity, it would be a net negative. Still it seems popular with the voters.

  • Kanye West returns to Twitter with ‘Shalom’ post after ban over anti-Semitic rant

    Kanye West tweeted “Shalom,” followed by a smile emoji, Sunday in one of his first posts since being allowed back on Twitter after a six-week ban for anti-Semitic remarks.

    The rapper’s tweet containing the Hebrew word, which is used by Jewish people as “hello” and “goodbye,” has earned more than 396,000 “likes” — including one from Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk.

    Since the Civil War, our response to the problem of people noticing that diversity is dysfunctional has been to kill them, jail them, and censor them. We do not want to hear that the voters have chosen suicide yet again because proles have the leadership skills of a turnip. Let Kanye West have his opinion; in the long term, Jews living with any other group will not work because diversity does not work. The same is true of Blacks and Whites. Each group needs its own space, even if the voters adore flattering themselves with the idea that reality is not real, the sky is green and grass is blue, and therefore equality and diversity and other fetishistic fantasies will work out just fine because they give stupid people warm fuzzy feelings.

  • New Zealand’s voting age of 18 is discriminatory, court rules

    The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the current law was inconsistent with New Zealand’s Bill of Rights, which mandates that citizens cannot face age discrimination after reaching 16.

    How dare we accept biological reality like the fact that neurological maturity happens somewhere around age 25? How dare we discriminate against the stupid, dishonest, and delusional? For true democracy, we must reject reality entirely and embrace the human-created, socially-driven world of scientific management, where we assume equality make equations based on that which never work in reality but make most people feel good so they vote for them. At what point do we simply admit that democracy is a parasite?

  • Heaviest Fighting in Years Breaks Out in Congo as Rivals Seek Control of Minerals

    M23 says it is fighting to defend Congolese Tutsis, Rwanda’s dominant ethnic group, against ethnic Hutu militias. Its rise has helped transform Rwanda, which produces little tantalum, into the world’s second-largest exporter of the rare blue-grey metal, because it controls informal supply chains that funnel the Congolese-mined mineral across the border, researchers and U.N. investigators say.

    Congo accuses Rwandan President Paul Kagame, a Tutsi, of using the group to seize control of the region’s minerals. Mr. Kagame says M23 is a Congolese group fighting for legitimate political rights, and has ignored international pleas to halt his support for the rebel group, which is led by commanders who previously served in the Rwandan army.

    Diversity works nowhere and in no form. It simply a Utopian phantom of the mind. However it is popular everywhere because humans in groups like pleasant lies and hate dealing with complex realities. Diversity within races, also called ethnic diversity, can often be even more vicious than racial and religious diversity, but any form of cultural difference will cause chaos and genocide, indicating that culture is most likely genetic in origin like all other behaviors per Darwin.

  • El Paso neighborhood overrun with migrants as border crisis rages: ‘We don’t know if they have guns’

    In the area where Lujan lives, migrants either climb over the border wall or cut holes in the nine-foot barrier dividing the US from Mexico.

    Lujan first noticed immigrants in his neighborhood two years ago, as they ran through the neighborhood to evade Border Patrol. He said they often end up hiding in people’s yards.

    “Ever since Biden said, ‘Come on over,’ they’re coming over,” Lujan said. “This was like a freeway to them.”

    Unions trashed American labor, driving work to either China or illegals within this country, at the same time the greedy voters chose politicians who wanted to give them “free” things. This produced the perfect storm of collapse and now Biden is inviting in more illegals with the promise of amnesty and permanent welfare (HUD, affirmative action public schooling and free lunches, EMTALA, Obamacare) so that he has permanent Leftist voters — diversity always votes against the majority, with no historical exceptions existing — and can keep the USA from default for another election cycle. How’s democracy working out for you, voters? Hint: you are Dunning-Kruger morons until suddenly everything crashes and then you will busily, craftily, cleverly, and fanatically seek some scapegoat to blame.


Cruelty that is realistic is less unkind than loving lies. — Saul Rosenbloom


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