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Something new is coming. It is just around the bend. This terrifies almost everyone who likes the false “change” of the present time, where everything decays, because it leaves only the individual standing and the individual is not obligated to change his own thinking.

We live in the age of individualism versus tradition. Individualism says that the individual comes first before all else, tradition affirms cause-effect by saying that what has worked since time immemorial is an abstract order into which we must fit ourselves to be fully whole.

The half-people of individualism do not want to adapt to anything. They want life to adapt to them. They want a world formed of human social opinions, judgments, and emotions only. This way, they do not have to adopt any inner change.

Tradition on the other hand includes Final Participation:

Final Participation (thinking from the real self: from that which is divine in us – God Immanent) is inhibited or blocked by many habits, assumptions and convictions that are nearly-universal among modern adults.

[I]n this mortal life of today; the thinking of our real self is socially maladaptive (and very probably biologically maladaptive).

To actually participate in life, you must take it into you, instead of (like a normie: walking cabbage with car keys) projecting yourself onto it. Individualists are solipsists who believe the world exists within them; to transcend that, one must look at the world outside and find it, too, is good, in addition to the self, which can improve.

This requires discovering the sense of intuition which society beats down through a process called “socialization,” or teaching you to compromise and flatter the pretense of others in order to be popular so you can succeed at the workplace, starting at about the fourth grade.

Intuition is the part of you which is not commanded. Your ego does not tell it what to think; like the id, it simply generates output more like a dream than “rational” statements. It is the part of you that is not conscious and comes directly from your origins, your connection to nature, and life itself.

It naturally leads to realism because it links our inner worlds to the outer world, at which point the outer world becomes as important as the inner; individualists do not do this. With intuition and realism, we tend toward the transcendent, or seeing the beauty in the whole of life even when parts are risky, unsafe, or scary.

Humanity grew to a certain point and then backed off, afraid to go further. Instead it went into the surface inner space where judgments, feelings, and opinions reside, since this can be mutally affirmed through socializing. That produced a neurotic humanity without goals or knowledge of the world.

That era, the Age of Symbolism, is drawing to an end. It is not working so well despite massive denial; people are rewarded, after all, for conforming and going along with the Regime. This means that soon we will be leaving symbolism behind and rediscovering the organic, intuitive inner self.

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