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DiversityWatch (November 14, 2023)


  • Mexico’s first openly nonbinary magistrate, Jesus Baena, 39, and partner, 37, are found dead at their home in suspected murder-suicide stabbing

    We are promoting the mentally troubled to positions that merely increase their stress, just so that we can use acceptance of insanity to prove our egalitarian sentiments. Remember: equality is only ever “proven” by equity, and equity is not found in logic or nature.

  • Tribalism is tearing Britain apart. It cannot go on

    Diversity produces tribalism, “racism,” “discrimination,” and all other forms of conflict because it crams conflicting groups into the same spaces and worse, into the same political entities. You voted for this, you morons, and now you are getting the inevitable, obvious, and inescapable conclusions of that moronic choice. The French Revolution was a mistake, but Europe imported it wholesale, as did the USA back in the 1860s, and now we are seeing what a mistake that was!

  • Exclusive: U.S. Army overturns convictions of 110 Black soldiers in 1917 Houston riot at Camp Logan

    One-sided forgiveness of obvious crimes like the Central Park Five, Tulsa Riots, LA Riots, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Mike Brown, Emmett Till, and Rodney King is a political pathology among the Left, but in reality, no one decides to arrest and convict people for no reason, which means that this was a race riot and the people who were threatening to wreck a major city went to jail. For a more nuanced history, see here.

  • Scholz says Erdogan accusing Israel of fascism is ‘absurd’

    The game of symbolic football continues. What are “fascism” and “terrorism”? Answer: things the speaker does not like. “Fascism” to the Left means any rules, and “terrorism” means any fighting back, but both are irrelevant to the question of what makes a functional society, which is mono-ethnicism plus a few other things. Palestinians need to leave Israel, and Jews need to leave everywhere but Israel. The Nazis were not “evil” but like most people, confused animals trying to make the best out of a semi-bad hand with what they think they know, much of what is derived from modernity and therefore based in inverted thinking. The Jews and Palestinians are following the same lines of thought and ending up similarly somewhat incoherent but clear on the basics: diversity does not work. Like Hitler, Palestinians and Israelis choose the wrong method in response; they should end diversity, but instead they wage war on each other. Understandable but not productive.

  • Whistleblowers: FBI officials singled out agents who were former military for anti-Trump retaliation

    This all but confirms that the masks, vaccines, and social distancing hysteria was a way to remove conservative, potentially Christian, and most of all, White or hwite people from government, industry, and academia. The Left tried to purge us, and the next few decades of lawsuits will reveal the human cost and socialized expenses of this grand Mao-style effort.

  • Google Sues Men Who Weaponized DMCA Notices to Crush Competition

    The Leftist method is based on removal of upsetting things from both consciousness and a social group. They are essentially a clique, and whatever they find offensive or scary they prohibit others from mentioning, concluding that because the symbols are not visible, the bad things themselves no longer exists. Humanity has been hijacked by a group of mediocrities hellbent on denial and oblivion. On the internet, our political system extended this idea with the DMCA, cancel culture, and censorship, figuring that if it removed the bad symbols we would all fall into obedient conformity and Equality-Utopia would be just around the corner. That gambit has now failed.

  • A Newcastle United Fan Has Membership Suspended After Tweets on Transgenderism

    Denying symbolic reality with integrated reality, or the union between physical reality and logic, has become taboo. Saying “trans women are men” is now heresy, so we should say it everywhere in order to expand the Overton Window of speech and gain back the natural right to observe reality, study it empirically, analyze it logically, and based on that, have opinions about it. Similarly, we should say “nigger” for “freedom.”

  • EU: Gender pay gap still at 13%, commission says

    A sad fact of mathematics is that equality is stillness. If you have ten potential numbers, and you make every number a ten so that no one has less than the norm, you have made ten into the new zero; if you average them, everyone gets a five-and-a-half and no one really gets above the point that we might call the “doing well” zone of a seven. For this reason, nature accedes to logic and opposes equality in all forms, instead aiming for nice graceful sine waves where most people do okay, some are sacrificed, and some get quite a lot. It evens this curve out in other ways by granting many other numbers to any given life, like contentment, ability, joy, and so on. This means that equality is not only an unrealistic goal, but a bad goal, because each life unequally has a fullness. With women, the gender pay gap reflects a number of things, most of which involve the biological reality that women take time out to have children and therefore are not going to have full careers. In the meantime, the women who dedicate themselves to careers end up dying alone surrounded by wine boxes. The solution is to stop insisting on symbolic fantasies like equality and to pay attention to reality. Every woman who attends one of these demos is a grifter and should be sold to the Arabs.

  • Rwanda genocide: Former doctor on trial in France

    Diversity works absolutely nowhere. Ethnic conflicts produce as much violence as racial conflicts because for each group, preventing outsiders from breeding with it is how it maintains itself.

  • The U.N. Is Central to Life in Gaza. Now Its Mission There Is Collapsing.

    Like all pacifist ventures, the UN squashes conflicts (effects) so that underlying tensions (causes) never get resolved, creating permanent conflict everywhere and therefore permanent employment for bureaucrats, politicians, and third-world “peacekeepers.”

  • Two Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni ousted after backing lawsuit to remove transgender member

    Trans women are men who invade women’s spaces, and not surprisingly, this bothers some women who have gone to great trouble to set up those spaces in the first place.

  • Nazi atrocities and the role doctors played

    Whenever the anti-eugenics propaganda comes out, you know that people are starting to realize that we are drowning in a huge population of waste humans.

  • Editorial: Our current federal spending is unsustainable. We have to fix that.

    America spent itself into oblivion, throwing away three times the cost of all our wars on anti-poverty and anti-racism programs, and now it comes time for someone to get stuck with the bill after previous generations kicked the can down the road. Since three-quarters of our budget goes to the welfare state, we might see it simply as a massive jobs program for bureaucrats and minorities.

  • Banning the AfD would be dangerous for democracy, says hard-left firebrand Wagenknecht

    It turns out that the “paradox of tolerance” is real and you either tolerate intolerance or become intolerant, but if you tolerate intolerance, it will grow. This tells us that the tolerance binary was never real, merely an imposed category of approved methods in order to control behavior and therefore influence minds. Democracy finally confronts the fact that it must approve “un-democratic” thinkers in order to remain democratic, but at the same time, this means that democracy has failed and will shortly become obsolete.

  • Why are more Asian-Americans taking up firearms?

    Diversity heads into full Balkanization as police, afraid to bust darker races for fear of being seen as “racist,” allow racial bullying of Asians, who are responding by aspiring to become a new generation of Roof Koreans. In the meantime, the narrative of evil-Whites-versus-innocent-Browns has expired, replaced by the knowledge that diversity is true dystopia or war of all against all.

  • Russian memorials to victims of Stalin vanish

    Eurasians mourn the days when they held the world in nuclear terror and ravaged the planet with their vainglorious egotism, but pretty much everyone recognizes that the army that has been reduced to a stalemate in Ukraine is not going to threaten anyone much.

  • Barry Manilow explains why he kept his sexuality a secret for decades

    Did anyone not know? It seems that keeping sexuality private worked well because who was what was obvious to those who could handle the knowledge, but apparently inscrutable to those who cared too much about uniform absolute universal categories they could enforce on an unequal group. Sexuality, it seems, is as esoteric as the ability to understand the non-fungible nature of human groups, even homogenous ones.

  • 1 in 3 US Asians and Pacific Islanders faced racial abuse this year, AP-NORC/AAPI Data poll shows

    We either keep looking for “racists” to blame, or acknowledge that every group acts only in its own self-interest alone, and therefore all of the ethnic groups in a polyethnic society will compete with each other, often through crime, discrimination, and eventually outright race riots.

  • Elon Musk leaves ‘viciously anti-Semitic’ and Islamophobic posts on X as 98% of hate speech flagged to the site remains online, report finds

    Freedom of speech means accepting that antisemitism and islamophobia are legitimate points of view and need to be protected because they are (heh) minority viewpoints, much as our society has for years protected anyone who had nasty things to say about Whites, Germans, the Rich, blondes, etc. Admit it: the third world hates the Nordid/Cro-Magnid, and only gets upset about discrimination when these intended victims notice their third world oppressors.

  • Border residents grow frustrated as migrants destroy property, leave trash: ‘I would build my own wall’

    You would not trash your own community. However, a place where you intend to stay in order to send money back home and absorb the benefits of the welfare state, that you might trash.

  • The Left Never Forgave Israel for Defeating Soviet Client States

    Why the Left hates Israel: it refused to go along with the “third world system,” of which Communism and tyranny are variants, and instead moved toward a Western European free market and culture-based society. This enraged the third world, who want everyone to follow them in pursuit of Equality-Utopia because that way, the third world will not have competition from the first world which reveals just how bad life in the third world really is.

  • Finnish Court Sides With Parliamentarian Charged With “Hate Speech” For Bible Quote Tweets

    Courts are recognizing that while society can live without diversity and transgenderism, it cannot live without free speech and the ability for each individual to define his own path, and they are judging accordingly after years of going the opposite direction and busting normal people anytime some mentally sketchy neurotic was offended by some assertion of biological reality, logic, common sense, or history.

  • Finland accuses Russia of aiding illegal migrant crossings

    Diversity is a weapon of war and we are now seeing how Russia-China is using it to subvert the West, since whatever society adopts diversity gets destroyed by it slowly and weakened substantially in the process. It turns out that diversity is the new arms race, with each side trying to demolish the other using it strategically.

  • Survey: small businesses dissatisfied with college-educated job seekers

    Teach kids to repeat propaganda, find reasons for victimhood, and ignore details of reality and you get people who are useless as employees despite having the grades and accolades. Large corporations can afford to hire these clowns for a decade in order to slough off most of them for being useless.

  • Nikki Haley says “every person on social media should be verified by name” for the sake of “national security.”

    As diversity flowers into multiple constant conflicts, the only solution from government involves constant censorship, surveillance, and propaganda.

  • Man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in Adam Johnson’s death

    Perhaps the racial pity balance has shifted somewhat after the Hamas attacks, Israeli response, and massive third world and luvvy mobilization against them for daring to defend themselves against sainted third world minorities. The guy who managed to slit the throat of a fellow hockey player, killing him, in some kind of altercation now faces limited accountability for his actions.

  • Trilateral Commission calls 2023 ‘Year One’ of new world order

    “The Biden administration is trying to convince the world that there is this titanic struggle between autocracies and democracies. I am skeptical about that,” a speaker said. Instead, the world is fragmented, with countries — including the U.S. — looking out for their self-interests, the speaker added.

    The post-NWO consists of humanity rejecting absolute and universal morality, and accepting instead that each group, idea, individual, and culture acts only in its own self-interest alone.

  • UN hunger expert: US must recognize ‘right to food’ to fix broken system

    The United Nations takes the mask off and starts arguing for a global welfare state, at which point the bureaucrats would have total power and the first world would be absorbed by the third world, but naïvely bureaucrats assume that they would remain in power.

  • Human rights vs national security: whether it’s Hong Kong, the US or Germany, all must find their own balance

    Governments are finding it harder to tolerate criticism of human rights, therefore are cracking down on those who point out flaws in the absolute, categorical, and universal obedience required by human rights. This has been going on since the first world war but now is reaching new intensity with Political Correctness, Social Justice Warriors, and “woke.”

  • Fewer Regents exams? State looks at other ways to test students

    Across the nation, standardized testing and other forms of assessment are being denatured in order to make them equitable to the diversity.

  • Migrant couples have better relationships when they can balance old and new cultures, says study

    Diversity makes people unstable as they try to balance the occupation culture with their own native inclinations, since culture is genetic, and then do best when they formally agree to treat the occupation culture as a risk and apply it only in certain areas.

  • ‘The Marvels’ melts down at the box office, marking a new low for the MCU

    It seems very few people want a movie to preach race guilt, class guilt, and sexual guilt at them especially if it is one-note and boring as propaganda films tend to be. Hollywood settled on capeshit because it allowed preaching of simplistic Abrahamic morality wrapped around political constructs, but now the audience has tired of even that pablum and finds itself refusing to engage with the latest cinematic struggle sessions.

  • Early career Latinas in STEM continue to face challenges in academia

    Not many Latinas make it through advanced education. We are told that this is because of their early life challenges, because if we backward rationalize from the assumption that all people are equal, the only thing that could stop someone would be a scapegoat… and so we scapegoat “racism” and “inequality” for what average IQ easily explains. Egalitarianism is the original mental disease of White people.

  • Workplace ‘slavery’ still embedded in supply chain, researcher says

    Apparently letting all of those migrants into Europe has perpetuated slavery, which is driven by people wanting lower prices as costs go up because of all those equality taxes.



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