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DiversityWatch (May 7, 2023)


Democracy was always a bourgeois venture. The city-dwellers — who have no direct contact with nature — wanted a world based on the human social order of equally important individuals so that commerce could run free.

In doing so, they set off a runaway chain reaction. “I want to be able to do whatever I want, and have society clean up and pay for it” became a pathological addiction like obesity, gambling, alcoholism, or promiscuity. It intensified every generation.

Eventually it became clear that it had been based on the Mongol System, where everyone was equal so long as they honored the Khan, and that it was driven mostly by contact with invaders like Huns, Muslims, and Asiatics who surged in over our borders.

It turns out that equality and individualism started in diversity, where otherwise people were content to live in a traditional order and focus on their own sanity and doing a good job of wherever they were in the hierarchy of nature, which included within it a feudal human hierarchy with aristocrats on top.

All along the goal of the bourgeois has been to replace the kings so that the proles can rule by consensus, which means focusing on the trends of the day and not what is eternally true, real, and good.

After all, most humans have an inbuilt solipsism which says that the world will not change from how it was when they observed it at the end of puberty. “Nothing will change” is the core of the bourgeois mindset. They refuse to believe their actions have consequences.

This is typical thinking of those in the city, where someone else cleans up after any mess you make and most people are anonymous, so if one interaction does not work out, you just go somewhere else and find new people and then project upon them your vision of yourself.

With diversity, culture and tradition can be abolished in order to make room for the newcomers to have their cultures and traditions, which enables the solipsistic individualist to engage in his primary activity: destroying the real so that his needs can be projected as strength.

The entire Leftist movement from the Peasant Revolts through the French Revolution and Communism can be summed up as contrarianism: a desire to destroy what is real and natural so that the individualistic self can be more important in a social setting.

Diversity is our misfortune.





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