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DiversityWatch (December 24, 2022)


Awareness of The Human Problem slowly begins to peek out from behind the blaze of distraction and affirmation that is our massive media machine. Somewhere, we are beginning to realize that something has gone wrong with us psychologically, both as individuals and groups, where we cleverly hide twisted motivations.

Something is wrong with humanity. Much of it involves democracy, since groups always choose the most insane and least exciting option because it offends the fewest special interests, and “smart” people view compromise as the holy grail. However, that suggests that something went wrong in our thinking.

More can be explained by bad genetic hygiene. Instead of breeding for the strong, we taxed them into oblivion and now we have two groups: those dependent on the system, including both those overpaid bureaucrats and the welfare dwellers, and those who produce for the system to take.

In other words, as usual, a group of humans has selected a path to suicide instead of opting for success. We cover it up with words like pacifism, altruism, compassion, tolerance, and pluralism, but really what people are doing is destroying the world around them by refusing to engage with any real issues.

Our entire species has been in flight from dealing with what is real for a long time. Technology starting with fire and agriculture empowered this, but even primitive groups went out this way. In the name of holding the group together through compromise, they wrote the story of their own doom.

Witness this interesting inspection of The Human Problem:

While we managed to pull off some amazing acts of ingenuity, with some kindness and generosity sprinkled here and there, wars, poverty, and environmental hooliganism kept going strong. Given that this was also the year we created a solar fusion furnace in a lab and sent the most complicated telescope ever built into orbit past the moon, it is not unreasonable to ask what exactly is our problem. How can we have gotten so far, know so much, and still collectively act like such astonishing jerks?

Homo sapiens only started their Earth journey 300,000 years ago. Compared with microbes, sharks, and crocodiles, that is a blink of the geologic eye. Even more to the point, our project of technological civilization only got started after the last ice age ended, around 10,000 years ago. So when you consider how radically different human beings are from any of the species that came before us, you can see exactly what our problem is.

We are so new at being human that we still kind of suck at it.

When you read an article like this, it makes sense not to ask if they buried the lede, but where they buried the main point of the article, and of course what we are seeing here is a disguised argument for Social Darwinism, natural selection, and eugenics.

Not to worry; anyone sane supports those things because they are the only way to maximize the health, sanity, and wisdom of humanity. Social Darwinism simply means that society should advance the deserving instead of those who are merely good at manipulating the meritocracy; natural selection means we encourage the good to breed more than the bad, perhaps simply by cutting taxes; eugenics has several forks, but the most basic one is that you encourage the intelligent, healthy, and good to have more children than the stupid, sick, and insane.

Everything in the current system becomes its inverse. Education turns from wisdom to idiocy. Poverty has gone from a misfortune to a chance to cash in. Democracy became defense of the taxpayer-funded government industry against the citizens.

If humanity had any brains, it would escape democracy, create a social hierarchy to breed talented leaders, and then do whatever is necessary to breed the “democracy gene” (probably high mute load resulting in low testosterone, high time awareness, and tendency toward rationalization) out of the population.

As they are fond of saying, when the last egalitarian is strangled with the intestines of the last civil servant, finally we will be free — of our own stupidity.


  • Paris shooting: Three dead and several injured in attack

    The attacker targeted a Kurdish cultural centre and shot members of the local community. A possible racist motive is being investigated.

    A suspect, aged 69, was quickly arrested and it soon emerged he had been freed from prison recently.

    Clashes later broke out between police and a group who had gathered at the scene in the aftermath of the attack.

    Diversity works for no one.

  • Jared Kushner ‘out’ on Trump after Kanye West, Nick Fuentes dinner: report

    Per New York magazine, since the 76-year-old Trump’s Nov. 22 dinner with anti-semitic rapper Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago became public, Kushner has ignored requests for “help … for public support, even looking for a response” from his father-in-law’s nascent election operation.

    Meanwhile, the report added, the 41-year-old Kushner has taken to handing out Trump’s phone number for supplicants to call directly rather than act as a go-between.

    “He was like, ‘Look, I’m out. I’m really out,’” the outlet quoted a source as saying.

    To become one of the nü-elites, you have to support the Death of the West, diversity, socialism, and Drag Queen Story Hour in every preschool. Kushner is simply protecting his position among the social elite of the east coast.

  • ‘Stop being quiet’: Tulsa religious leader says thoughtful Christians must decry extremism

    “During the time when there have been terrorist attacks in the world or in our own country, especially in 2001, Christian leaders criticized Muslim leaders all the time, saying, ‘Even though you say you stand for peace, you are not speaking out enough against extremism.’ I’m going to turn that criticism around and say our Christian leaders have not been speaking out enough against extremism.”

    “What’s the message you’re hearing when you’re in church? Is the message fundamentally one of love and inclusion and justice? Or is it one of exclusion, and we’re united in who we hate?”

    Diversity means a false binary: accept diversity, or be evil with Hitler, Satan, and the kings. In reality, it is most compassionate to oppose destructive programs like diversity and entitlements, even if they make people “feel better” about life in the short term. For that we have beer.

  • English bishop pushes back at rewritten ‘woke’ Christmas carol sung at ‘inclusive’ church

    “God rest you queer and questioning, your anxious hearts be still,” a line of the amended U.S. version of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” sung by the All Saints with Holy Trinity choir in Loughborough, England, said, according to The Express, with another saying, “God rest you also, women, who by men have been erased. Through history ignored and scorned, defiled and displaced.”

    Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, took issue with the amended version of the song and the injection of progressive wording.

    “I think what Christmas does, and many other moments, it tells us the importance of ritual,” Nichols told Times Radio. “Ritual helps us to step outside of our own little bubble and connect with something we have received, inherited and that we hope to pass on.”

    In a diverse society, you cannot have culture, therefore you cannot have ritual, only what is trending now.

  • HISD school secretary sets fire to avoid meeting with principal over missing money, docs state

    A Houston ISD secretary is accused of starting a fire to avoid meeting with the school principal about missing money, according to court documents.

    Adriana Castorena-Narvaez, 49, is charged with arson after she allegedly set a fire in the conference room of the front office at C.E. Barrick Elementary School at 12001 Winfrey Lane on Oct. 10.

    On Sep. 16, the principal reportedly found out vendors had not been paid and that cash collected from multiple fundraisers in 2022 were not deposited into the school’s account.

    Most of the impoverished of the world have a semi-criminal mindset. Simple people see simple, immediate, and short-term solutions. The West did its best to breed that out, now sees all of its institutions failing as the corruption takes over.

  • Congressman-elect George Santos lied about grandparents fleeing anti-Jewish persecution during WWII

    The very first line of the “About George” page on his campaign website states: “George’s grandparents fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution during WWII.”

    But the website myheritagedotcom lists Santos’ maternal grandparents as having both been born in Brazil before the Nazis rose to power — his grandfather, Paulo Horta Devolder, in 1918, and his grandmother, Rosalina Caruso Horta Devolder, in Rio, in 1927.

    Santos, who is 34, made history in November as the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat as a non-incumbent, beating the Democrat, Robert Zimmerman, by 8 percentage points. His district, which spans much of Nassau County and some of Queens, is about 20% Jewish.

    In a diverse society, you say whatever you have to say in order to flatter enough special interests to get you into office. Then you can belly up to the trough like everyone else.

  • Arizona agrees to dismantle $80M shipping container wall on Mexican border

    Made out of over 900 containers and running up costs of at least $80 million in taxpayer money, the wall covers portions of Arizona’s 370-mile Mexican border that were left open by former President Donald Trump’s incomplete border barrier. 

    Ducey’s comments came as record numbers of illegal migrants attempted to cross the southern border into the US, after being driven away from failing states in Central and South America.

    The Biden administration, however, responded by suing Ducey and Arizona, arguing that the wall amounted to trespassing on federal lands.

    The federal government refuses to enforce immigration law because it wants more cheap labor so it can force everyone else into office jobs with higher salaries, generating higher tax revenues, even though like its other economic manipulations this simply results in worthless currency and higher prices.

  • US Marines must allow Sikh recruits with beards, court rules

    Sikh men maintain their beards and wear their turbans to express their outward commitment to their religious faith. The court said allowing them to do so would have no impact on their duties.

    Judges from the District of Columbia’s federal appeals court were responding to whether three Sikh men could be exempted from the Marine Corps’ boot camp rule of shaving beards and cutting hair.

    With diversity you cannot have culture, or even standards, especially of a practical nature. Everything becomes a symbolic sacrifice for the blood-god of tolerance and recognition.

  • Black physicist canceled for challenging narrative of ‘homophobic’ NASA telescope

    “I can say conclusively that there is zero evidence that Webb is guilty of the allegations against him,” Oluseyi wrote at Medium.

    This did not sit well with one of Webb’s biggest critics, “queer agender” black feminist physicist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein of the University of New Hampshire. Prescod-Weinstein has been very outspoken about renaming the James Webb Space Telescope and claimed NASA had assigned Oluseyi to “impugn” her concerns and to provide a “shield” for Webb and the agency.

    The University of South Florida’s David Johnson, a history professor and author of “The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government,” said Nord and Prescod-Weinstein “ignore the historical context”: “Mr. Webb did not lead efforts to oust gays; there was not yet a gay rights movement in 1949; and to apply the term homophobe is to use a word out of time and reflects nothing Mr. Webb is known to have written or said.”

    LGBT+ are a group with money, so now the shakedown commences. They will be used to remove any vestiges of WASP America, then milked for donations by groups that like the SPLC, CAIR, ADL, and NAACP use threats of anonymous angatonists under ever bed to keep their scam going.

  • Fentanyl Crisis Fed by Flow of Chinese Chemicals to Mexican Cartels

    Strained relations between Beijing and Washington are undermining efforts to stop the flow of those chemical building blocks, and thus impeding the struggle against illicit fentanyl.

    Among the available products are compounds with obscure names such as N-Phenyl-4-piperidinamine, which Mexican cartels purchase to make into fentanyl. The opioid has become the most deadly illegal drug the U.S. has ever seen.

    China’s government considers biopharmaceuticals an important economic driver and has no incentive to overregulate the sector, the U.S. Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking said in February.

    Other groups do not care about your problems, and in fact if they are able to create them, will do so. Every Other group wants to conquer you if you let them. This is the Iron Law of nature.

  • Male gender bias deters men from some career paths

    In one experiment with 296 online participants from the U.S., one group read an article accurately describing research that found educators preferred a female elementary school teacher applicant over a male applicant with the same qualifications. Another group read an article that claimed there was gender equality in early elementary education, and there was a control group that didn’t read any article.

    Men in the group that read about male gender bias anticipated more discrimination in early elementary education and felt less sense of belonging, less positive and less interest in pursuing a career in that field. Female participants weren’t affected and reported similar responses across the different groups.

    Men account for only 3% of preschool and kindergarten teachers and 13% of registered nurses in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In prior research, male nurses have reported higher levels of workplace bullying than female nurses. Male early-elementary teachers have reported higher rates of discrimination and are perceived as less likable, less hirable and a greater safety threat to children than female teachers.

    Maybe the different sexes are mostly content with different roles.

  • Will a Nazi poet’s Christmas carol remain in book of hymns?

    In that crusade, Christmas carols also became the focus of the Nazis. All connections between the Christian faith and Judaism were to be obliterated. During the Nazi era, even the lyrics of popular Christmas carols were rewritten. Jewish names such as Jesse or Isaiah disappeared from “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen” (“A Rose Has Burst Into Bloom,” also known as “Behold a Rose of Judah”) — standard repertoire on Christmas Eve — and entire lines were completely replaced. Songs like “Tochter Zion, freue dich” (“Daughter of Zion, Rejoice!”) and “Zu Bethlehem geboren” (“In Bethlehem is Born”) were banned altogether.

    “But now to investigate every song considered ‘good’ to see if the author was politically and theologically correct? Does that make sense? How far should this go?” he asks. “I am very much in favor of thoroughly examining the songs, but how far should an examination of the authors go?”

    Internationalist religions tend to be universalist, or designed to be exoteric so that anyone can pick them up by memorizing a few points, which makes them hostile to culture and prone to liberal takeover. Comically, our Leftists are now following the Nazi playbook by re-writing history to remove connections to the Nazis much as the Nazis rewrote Christianity in order to deny its Jewish roots.


  • Hotels say goodbye to daily room cleanings and hello to robots as workers stay scarce

    Hotels have raised hourly wages by 25% since early 2020, and employers are offering greater flexibility in scheduling. Still, workers are nowhere to be seen.

    “I’ve been in the hotel business for a long time,” says Colin. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

    “Before the pandemic, we had a lot of people just walking through the door, filling out an application, but since then, we had nobody,” says Deepak Patel. “Nobody wants to work, actually. We’re still surprised.”

    This pointed exchange comes to mind:

    Chauvelin: We shall execute our king instead, sir, and exalt our tailors.

    Sir Percy: More’s the pity. Then your tailors will rule the land, and no one will make the clothes. So much for French fashion, and French politics.

    As it turns out, the fop had it right, since a recent study found that it is often more lucrative to avoid work:

    In a previous study in 2021 we estimated that with supplemental unemployment benefits of up to $600 a month, food stamp expansions, child tax credit payments, and other special Covid-related benefits to families without anyone working could exceed $120,000 in many states. Those extra benefits had a highly negative effect on employment, particularly in the states with the highest benefits.

    Those temporary benefits have expired but this study finds that even with existing unemployment benefits and the dramatic recent expansion of ObamaCare subsidies, a spouse would have to earn more than $80,000 a year from a 40 hour a week job to have the same after-tax income as certain families with two unemployed spouses receiving government benefits. In these states, working 40 hours a week and earning $20 an hour would mean a slight REDUCTION in income compared to two parents receiving unemployment benefits and health care subsidies.

    The West has chosen to go out the same way that the Soviets did, only by paying its money to third world immigrants who keep voting for more of it, which those in power think will keep the Left in power perpetually.

  • How equity, diversity and inclusion policies are becoming a tool for capitalism

    The problem is that in our capitalist economy, equity and inclusion have been sidelined. Instead, diversity—involving characteristics that include gender, race and sexual orientation—has become yet another tool to accumulate resources and social status.

    Companies are signaling obedience to the new Leftist regime. They are trying to support some but not all of the new Communist way of life, hoping to buy appeasement, when in fact all they are doing is creating an unstoppable wave. Shopkeepers in Europe did the same thing with early Communism and then found themselves in the gulag. Luckily sustainable food options like maggoty borscht will be available in the camps.

    As it turns out, building society based on ideological obedience tends to attract insincerity and manipulation:

    These days, many people have learned to cloak what they do in altruistic language acceptable to, well, the progressive media. And it can be hard for the media to see through the smoke screen, especially when they are simultaneously cashing some large checks.

    For more on this, read BOBOS in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There.

  • Brazil’s Incoming President Lula da Silva Wins Approval to Spend Big

    The constitutional amendment, backed by 65% of members of Congress in a final vote Wednesday, allows Mr. da Silva, who takes office on Jan. 1, to spend an extra $28 billion in 2023 outside of the country’s spending cap, sidestepping a fiscal anchor designed to keep free-spending governments in check.

    “I haven’t got a good feeling about this—a bloated state just creates higher costs for those of us who pay taxes,” said Raimundo Souza, the owner of a small construction firm in São Paulo. “It’s the small-business owners like us who pay the price if this goes wrong,” he said, recalling the deep 2015-16 recession under Mr. da Silva’s Workers’ Party that nearly pushed him to bankruptcy.

    “Lula made one request,” Mr. Haddad told journalists last week. “The economy minister needs to have a mission in this country: To put the poor back in the budget and tax the rich.”

    The Left follows this same playbook every time, then finds itself ruling over a nation of many poor with only a few rich oligarchs who run things from behind the scenes. The poor, the workers, and the diverse are their own worst enemy: they always vote to kill the goose that laid golden eggs by taxing the productive to give to everyone else.

  • Fighting with someone at home can make you more helpful at work, new study suggests

    An unresolved conflict at home can leave you with a knot in your stomach, one that doesn’t go away just because you walk through your office doors or log onto your office Slack. 

    That conflict might be affecting your work in ways you didn’t expect, according to new research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology: While it might negatively impact your mood and energy, it might also make you more helpful.

    Researchers found that workers who had an “uncivil” pre-work interaction coped by offering help to their colleagues, both personally and professionally. 

    People seek affirmation from their jobs. When diversity destroys culture and produces alienated families, the workers become even more diligent obedient tools of the State.

  • Why are Hong Kong’s young still bearing the brunt of prejudice and discrimination?

    That same year, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination called on Hong Kong to show its education policies were facilitating the integration of ethnic minority pupils, rather than causing “social marginalisation and segregation”. Last year, the EOC reported that it had received many complaints of discrimination against people from mainland China, and empirical research shows why.

    When the Society of Community Organisation conducted a survey between May 2019 and January last year, nearly three in five adult mainland immigrants and one in three children complained of everyday prejudice, and this often persisted no matter how long they lived in Hong Kong.

    It interviewed 531 mainland immigrants (336 adults and 195 children), and 44.7 per cent of adult immigrants claimed to be the butt of impoliteness, while 31.2 per cent said they received substandard service in restaurants and shops. One-third of respondents said they felt looked down upon, while 40.1 per cent of adult immigrants and 45.6 per cent of children said they tried to conceal their immigrant status.

    Everywhere diversity goes, it creates a cycle where any failures of the diversity are attributed to discrimination, and therefore the flow of money to the poor continues. Funny how the UN and China are working hand-in-glove on this one.

  • Whoopi Goldberg doubles down and DEFENDS her Holocaust slur that led to suspension from The View: Declares genocide was NOT ‘racial’, calls it ‘white-on-white’ violence and says Jews are not a race

    The Oscar-winning actress was suspended from The View in February for saying the Holocaust was not about race, but rather ‘white on white’ violence and ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ – and the interviewer was told in advance not to discuss the chat show.

    Goldberg, 67, was speaking to The Times of London to promote her new film Till, and returned to the fraught territory she had previously waded into – questioning the biology of transgender people, claiming she was not sexually harassed as an actress because she was intimidating and black, and saying she was confused why sexually abused actresses ‘just took it’. 

    Goldberg was also recently embroiled in a row about transgender people, and found herself accused of transphobia after she said that ‘men don’t have eggs’ during a discussion about abortion.

    The diversity will not support Other groups. Jews, who are White mixed with Asian and North African, will be seen as White by non-White groups and therefore those groups will seek to end the privileged status Jews — like homosexuals, women, and the disabled — have had in Western society since WW2.

  • David is a Real American Hero

    Most of the officers I met were saying things like, “We got to humble that guy” or “We got to put that guy on a working detail,” rather than how do we raise that guy to be a company commander. I was seeing people protecting their position, protecting themselves. I was seeing the same people raising their hands and knowing the answer, reminding the junior guys that they’ll never be better than the guy in charge. That’s the wrong lesson.

    I don’t think you can be a quality leader of other people’s children unless you have your own children. You can be mediocre, sure. Mediocre wins. Mediocre makes money. Mediocre gets promoted. But you cannot be good unless you have fidelity of your troops, faith and trust. You need a really strong feeling for your troops. You have to love them enough to fight. I was bred on hating the enemy and now I’m a middle-aged man who realizes the rage and bravery were fueled by love.”

    The same is true of racial preservation movements like American Nativism.

  • Record number of migrants crossed into US in November, Biden administration statistics show

    US Customs and Border Protection had 233,740 migrant encounters across the length of the nearly 2,000 mile south in November, the highest ever recorded for that month and up from 178,845 for the same period last year, a more than 30% increase.

    At least 16 percent of the migrants encountered had tried to cross the border into the US before.

    Give away free stuff and they will come. Once here, they will want power. Once they get power, they will take over. Then we will have two Mexicos and no United Stateses.

  • Novel detailing plight of the poor in the 19th century gets trigger warning at university over scenes featuring prostitution and misogyny

    Warwick University says Mary Barton, penned in 1848 by Elizabeth Gaskell, may upset students with its focus on class struggles in industrial Manchester.

    The ‘content note’ on the book, which includes depictions of prostitution, adds that ‘misogyny recurs throughout’ and there are ‘references to bleak and violent deaths’.

    The woke Left reveals that their real target is what liberals have always wanted: equality achieved by denying the genetic differences between poor and rich. In reality, IQ correlates to wealth within normal ranges, and IQ can only be raised through careful breeding, which upsets the poor because it means their destiny like anyone else’s is written in their genes.

  • World population hits 8 billion, creating many challenges

    “The population in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa is projected to double between 2022 and 2050, putting additional pressure on already strained resources and challenging policies aimed to reduce poverty and inequalities,” the UN report said.

    It projected the world’s population will reach around 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion in 2100.

    As this population grows and resources are stretched, there will be more poor who want to move into Europe and the USA for the free benefits. We have to cut the socialist-style entitlements before those unsustainable policies strangle us.

  • Japan’s population problem forces changes to social security

    Advances in healthcare are enabling more Japanese to live longer than ever before, with government statistics released in August showing that a Japanese woman can expect to live to the age of 87 and a man to reach 81-years old.

    At the same time, however, the number of births in 2021 fell to a post-World War II record low of just over 811,000. The number of working age people is also shrinking as more people enter retirement.

    In response, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is expected to propose significant changes to the pension scheme that all Japanese are required to contribute to, mandating an extension to the period that people have to pay premiums from the present 40 years to 45 years.

    Free stuff from government is part of the circular Ponzi scheme: growth becomes the religion, since more people means more taxes, but then those socialist-style entitlements reveal themselves as unaffordable, so government imports more foreigners in order to try to shore up the tax base. The “elites” who rule us think that what they are doing is wise and good because their textbooks — mostly authored by Irish and Italian people — told them so.

  • New research reports no sign of decrease in global carbon dioxide emissions

    The growth in oil emissions can be largely explained by the delayed rebound of international aviation following COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

    If we had a national culture, produced everything we needed locally, and stayed in our own nations enjoying our culture instead of pursuing exotic cultures as idols of meaning, we might have a better world.



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