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DiversityWatch (December 22, 2022)


We live in a society — just kidding, we do not: we live in a commercial space which indulges whatever pretenses the customers have. Sometimes those approximate conservatism; if enough signal that, business will quickly become conservative. But the voices it hears are the neurotics who are obsessed with products.

Any part of this complex system, if altered by removing it, would bring down the whole. If entitlements fell, affirmative action went away, the 14A got repealed, or the administrative state were delegitimized, the rest would rapidly fall as well because they are a house of interlinked cards.

However the system has come up with a way of steering off those changes: surrogate efficacy. In place of real efficacy, where you could actually change the system, they filter all suggestions through a bureaucracy that rejects any useful methods and leaves only the neutered ones.

Christian Nationalism is surrogate efficacy. Anti-Semitism is a similar sop. So is the Benedict Option in any form, or really any kind of retreat to survivalism. These neuter you and make you inactive so that the system can continue its rampage, pushing for a Leftism which will lead to big profits for those inside the system.

Of course, all of Leftism is just compensatory invention. When a child wants cake, he starts with one reason: he wants it. When that fails, he argues it is good for him. If that goes wrong, he argues that it is fair for him to have the cake. He keeps inventing reasons because he has no reason; he just wants it.

We are trying to find the freedom of mind to separate wants from needs. We need relatively few things, but that leaves us looking within to figure out what is important in our lives, and that leads us to questions of destiny, the gods, mortality, and significance that only we can understand.

Most people find that frightening. They want someone else to do everything for them, both so that they do not have to do it, and so they have someone to blame when it goes wrong.


  • Opinion: France is multicultural — get over it

    Before the semifinals, Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport called the game between France and Morocco an “African derby” because of the numbers of French players who are of African descent. On Twitter, the popular comedy account Troll Football referred to the semifinal as the “first African” one ever to its 2.5 million followers. 

    Some guy named Ari Farhat — he has no skin in this game, of course — wants us to just accept multiculturalism (the erasure of our people through immigration of foreign DNA) as a fait accompli. However, since it does not work so well, we have to treat it like any other problem that does not work well and end it, probably with reparations-through-repatriation. We have a duty to past and future to avoid self-destructing, genetically or otherwise.

  • 20K migrants waiting in Mexico to cross US border when Title 42 ends, El Paso mayor says

    “We’ve been talking to some of the partners in Mexico, and we’re talking also to the Border Patrol and those are the numbers that have been fed back to us,” said Mayor Oscar Leeser. “The shelters in [Ciudad] Juarez are completely full today, and they believe there’s about 20,000 people ready to come into El Paso.”

    When a wealthy nation signals that it is in its death-cycle by spending all its time on infighting and procedure, those who want easy money show up. The Left will let them in because it wants more voters and has no awareness of the future; the Left are, above all else, social thinkers who conceptualize the world entirely through other people. They have no awareness of consequences or the need for a longterm future. Until we quit the easy money and open borders, more will come.

  • Biden takes on anti-Semites at White House Hanukkah party where first permanent menorah makes debut

    ‘To celebrate Hanukkah, previous administrations borrowed a menorah with special significance of survival, hope and joy. This year we thought it was important to celebrate Hanukkah with another message of significance: permanence, permanence,’ the president added. 

    Most of this rising anti-Semitism comes from some of the diverse groups that we have allowed into our lands. When you adopt diversity, you make the problems of international relations a domestic issue as well.

  • North Carolina court strikes down voter ID law as ‘motivated’ by racist ‘intent’

    North Carolina’s Supreme Court narrowly struck down the state’s photo voter identification law, ruling the policy “was motivated by a racially discriminatory purpose” — in a rushed decision handed down two weeks before Democrats lose their majority on the elected panel.

    “The right to vote is a fundamental right, preservative of all other rights. If the right to vote is undermined, it renders illusory all ‘other rights, even the most basic,’” wrote Justice Anita Earls in Friday’s 4-3 party-line ruling.

    “A law enacted with the intent to discriminate on the basis of race is unconstitutional even if no voter ultimately is disenfranchised,” Earls wrote.

    This has been a running trope in American law since they struck down poll taxes, literacy tests, and any serious identification requirements. In their view, minorities cannot manage to afford and acquire identification. This transparent take will not last as soon as there are fewer ideological Leftist judges on the bench.

  • Harvard poll: 80% see border disaster, want Trump closure restored, reject teaching critical race theory

    In a new Harvard/Harris poll, an overwhelming 80% said that illegal immigration is a serious issue and one that needs more attention than what President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris are giving.

    What’s more, 68% said that signals from Biden’s White House are encouraging illegal immigration, and 55% believe that former President Donald Trump’s border closing policies should have been left in place.

    “On schooling and education, another sleeper issue, 61% do not believe students should be taught that America is structurally racist and is dominated by white supremacy,” said Penn in his email.

    This is an older poll but was in the news again today. The average functional American has no use for the subsidy state justified by diversity. Functional people — the upper half of the middle class and above — pay almost all of the taxes and use almost none of the services. The only exception are those who take money from government, whether as salary, payment, or indirect influence “creating” their jobs. The people who are dependent on government are the voting audience for the Left.

  • Did The Irish Get Smarter Or Not?

    Warne comes up with a weighted average mean for the Republic of Ireland of 94.0 (on a scale where England is 100). So, that is kind of a low, not super low, but 40% of a standard deviation. There has only been one small IQ test in the Republic over the last 30 years, which seems to be a global pattern.

    Finally, someone mentions the FQ in public! Everyone knows that the Irish are mixed White — White plus Semitic from North Africa — and therefore tend to have higher mute load and lower average IQs. As much as I enjoy Mr Sailer’s writings, he makes a little boo-boo here:

    Something to keep in mind is that the Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish are so closely related genetically that DNA ancestry testing services often lump them all together and maybe toss in the Dutch as well.

    Any time you hear the “virtually indistinguishable” argument regarding genetics, turn away and run. It is almost never the case. Different groups have different abilities, and those who see them as basically the same are simply not considering enough factors in their models.

  • Gender recognition reforms approved by the Scottish Parliament

    Under the reforms, the age limit for applications for a gender recognition certificate will be lowered from 18 to 16.

    A requirement for a medial report, including a diagnosis of gender diagnosis, will be dropped.

    Applicants for a certificate will also now be required to live in their acquired gender for three months (six months for 16 and 17-year-olds) – down from the current requirement of two years.

    Stunning and brave! In reality, this serves zero part of getting humanity to the stars or getting us over our inability to rule ourselves without self-destructing every dozen generations. In this case, they wrote a law to take the place of common sense; if you want to make things sensible, let people apply for new identification with a note from their general practitioner which says what their gender is.

  • O Holy Crap

    Baffled by how to measure this decline in the quality of common wares — a decline whose significance I promise to cover once I’ve further gratified my rage — I opened the matter to my Twitter audience and quickly garnered more than 2,000 replies, by far the longest thread I’ve ever triggered. The complaints were specific and formed patterns. One was a loathing for newer washers and dryers because they don’t wash or dry well, and then they break. The clothes that go inside them were disliked, too. (A former top executive of Levi’s chimed in to confirm that jeans aren’t what they used to be.)

    Let us recap: unions raised the cost of labor here so that things had to be made offshore or by illegal aliens, and then high taxes forced companies to cut corners in order to maintain profits, all while passing the costs on down to the consumer as any government-created costs always are. We import the world in order to pay for the benefits we pay to the world and then claim that we are experiencing “growth” when really we now have an economy as centrally controlled as that of the Soviets, with jobs that are similarly do-nothing to those in every socialist system. We chose wrongly when we allowed any entitlements, starting with public school, and any diversity, starting with the Irish. The cost-cutting replaced our world of functional objects with a disposable plastic wasteland:

    “The whole world can be plasticized, and even life itself,” philosopher Roland Barthes had announced a decade earlier, delighted by this “transformation of nature.” In the freewheeling euphoria of plastic, he wrote, “the hierarchy of substances is abolished: a single one replaces them all.”

    Real stuff lingered for a while, though. Soggy, disappointing paper straws. Sturdy brown grocery bags I cut up for craft projects. Soda in heavy, rippled green glass bottles; water, still pure(ish), from the tap. All that felt normal. The excitement came with plastic, which was cheap, durable, disposable, cool.

    Everything got worse after egalitarian ideas like unions, diversity, and entitlements took over, and our current misery is made entirely out of these.

  • Hackers Tied to China’s Govt. Steal $20 Mil in U.S. COVID Relief Funds

    Nearly a year after Judicial Watch launched an investigation into the theft of U.S. COVID relief funds by foreign hackers, the Secret Service confirms that cyber criminals connected to China’s government stole $20 million in benefits. This includes Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and unemployment insurance money in multiple states, according to a national news story that identifies the perpetrators as a APT41, a hacking group based in Chengdu. The report cites U.S. law enforcement officials and cybersecurity experts who believe the multi-million-dollar theft of government pandemic funds by the Chinese faction “may just be the tip of the iceberg.”

    If you give away free stuff, people will show up to take it. If you limit it to citizens, then they will become citizens. They are still working against you and your historical nation, and when they depose you, they will congratulate themselves for having removed such foolish, addled, and unrealistic people who obviously did not deserve the wealth they had.

  • Study shows that Harvard ranks first in anti-Semitic incidents

    25 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded by AMCHA at Harvard just in the past year. 

    The information came as part of a report released this November by the organization titled “A Looming Crisis for the American Jewish Community: Campus Antisemitism & the Assault on Jewish Identity.”

    One of the many incidents recorded by AMCHA was an “art display” at the university that read “Zionism is Racism, Settler-Colonialism, White Supremacy Apartheid.”

    In other words, it is not the Nazis creating this anti-Semitism, but the pro-Palestine Left. While the Holocaust clearly happened when Jews were interned in concentration camps and died from typhus and dysentery, the mythic six million dead in gas chambers with soap and lampshades did not, but the killings of the Left stretch back to the French Revolution. They will have no problem eradicating you, Jewish people; since their philosophy is based on rationalization, it rationalizes from the narcissistic individual, which means that you are either their golden pet or mud scapegoat, and Jews moved from being diversity pets to now being called “Nazis” — this is offensive to both Nazis and Jews — for daring to push the Palestinians farther from Jewish settlements.

  • BlackRock CEO draws investor fire over ESG ‘greenwashing’

    Larry Fink’s annual letter to CEOs is probably the most-read note in American boardrooms due to the influence the head of the world’s largest asset management company has on global money markets. For a number of years now, the powerful BlackRock boss has flagged change, urging his readers to support ESG goals, meaning investing with “environment, social and governance” aspects as priorities.

    In this year’s letter, published in January, Fink again warned that “every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net-zero world,” and added that the only question companies would have to ask themselves was: “Will you lead, or will you be led?”

    Currently, BlackRock manages $7.96 trillion (€7.49 trillion) in assets from around the world, including stakes in almost all German blue-chip companies. So its CEO’s call for action on sustainability in company policy seems relevant on a global scale.

    In theory, democracy prevents concentration of power in the hands of individuals, but BlackRock made itself important by underwriting US and EU borrowing so that these empires could continue their lavish socialist benefits. The CEO took a look at recent history and figured that, like in the 1960s, the quest for the right ideology by intellectuals — none of whom have the brains to simply admit that democracy, pluralism, and socialism do not work, and that we need hierarchy, nationalism, and capitalism instead — leads to those intellectuals being hired by government where they promptly use taxpayer money to reward the obedient companies and make them even more important. Consequently, as a CEO, you do whatever the intellectuals currently think is a good idea, even if their ideas always fail and end in fields of bodies.

  • Racism raises Alzheimer’s risk for non-white Americans, HHS says

    “Entrenched systemic racism” is a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in non-white Americans, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) claimed in its 2022 update on how to fight the disease.

    The HHS’ “National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease” said black, Hispanic and low-income populations are more likely to face health-related risk factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s and said this disparity is due to “structural inequities” that are the result of racism. Those inequities include “underinvestment in education systems, less walkable communities, decreased access to nutritious food, barriers to health care access and low quality of care in their communities.”

    Almost all of these problems are not created among third world and poor populations by lurking racists, but by their own behavior which mirrors that in their nations of origin. For example, the Irish have always been poor because they are low-IQ alcoholics fixated more on doing clever stunts at the pub than making sure the potato crop survives. The intellectuals talk about “inequality” so that they can shake more money out of the rest of us saps who just want everyone to have a good Christmas.


  • How race matters for the student loan crisis

    In their new book, “A Dream Defaulted: The Student Loan Crisis Among Black Borrowers,” Dartmouth professor Jason Houle and his research partner, Fenaba Addo of the University of North Carolina, show how Black borrowers are saddled with higher amounts of debt, longer repayment windows, higher default rates, and lower college completion rates than other students—which they argue is both a product of and a contributor to social and economic instability.

    Lower wealth means that you are a higher risk therefore you pay more for loans. Somehow, this is a problem that someone else must fix for these people by stealing lots of money from other groups and transferring it to them.

  • Radio stars criticize George Soros-backed move to ‘silence conservative Hispanic voices’

    In June, the Soros-backed Latino Media Network bought Mambí — a mainstay of Miami’s hardline anti-Communist Cuban exile community for decades — and 17 other Spanish-language radio stations from TelevisaUnivision in an estimated $60 million deal. The newly-formed network is run by two former Democratic operatives, Stephanie Valencia and Jess Morales Rocketto, who worked on Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns. Valencia also worked in the Obama White House.

    Lakestar Finance, an investment firm tied to Soros Fund Management, is the key backer but there are other individual investors including actress Eva Longoria.

    Leftists have figured out how to gain Narrative control: own all the radio stations. They are dependent on the minority vote, and plan to use it to control America in perpetuity.

  • Former Nazi camp secretary, 97, convicted of being accessory to more than 10,000 murders

    The court said judges were convinced that Furchner “knew and, through her work as a stenographer in the commandant’s office of the Stutthof concentration camp from June 1, 1943, to April 1, 1945, deliberately supported the fact that 10,505 prisoners were cruelly killed by gassings, by hostile conditions in the camp,” by transportation to the Auschwitz death camp and by being sent on death marches at the end of the war.

    At this point, we are burning Hitler in effigy to make ourselves feel that he was wrong when he said that diversity was doomed, mainly because we see evidence that diversity is doomed all around us. We found a scapegoat in Hitler, just like in Jefferson Davis, and that allows us to keep cheering for the “good” time despite its utter lack of success.

  • Islamic police raid ‘gay wedding’ in Nigeria’s Kano city

    Kano has a majority Muslim population, where an Islamic legal system operates alongside secular law.

    Homosexual acts are illegal under both legal systems in the whole of Nigeria, where those living in the north are mainly Muslim and people in the south are largely Christian.

    Kano’s Islamic police force is popularly known as the Hisbah and enforces a strict moral code.

    Every place needs to assert its culture, and it normally does so by beating up on non-conformists and foreigners. That enables it to constantly signal what it believes. People in the West should respect the choice to have different beliefs from Western individualistic liberal democracy that these nations adopt, because under Nationalism, every nation is one ethnic group and chooses its own sacred destiny.

  • South Africa’s Ramaphosa clears way for second term

    Reforming the party is just one aspect of the ”mammoth task” ahead for Ramaphosa, political analyst Lukhona Mnguni told DW. Pressing problems include crippling nationwide power cuts of more than seven hours a day, an unemployment rate of 35% and widespread reports of corruption. ”Interest rates are rising because of inflation” and there is a ”sheer lack of reforms” to steer the economy into growth, Mnguni added.

    In diverse societies, corruption and incompetence do not preclude one from taking office; politicians exist as ethnic figureheads so that other ethnic groups are cowed into compliance, more than anything else.

  • Japan’s Weapons Buildup to Bolster U.S. Efforts to Counter China

    Tokyo is aiming to narrow a vast military gap with China and reach a stalemate that will help maintain peace, as well as counter North Korea’s growing military power. The Pentagon estimates Beijing has more than 900 short-range ballistic and ground-launched cruise missiles that could hit Japan.

    Japan said on Friday it would spend 43 trillion yen, currently around $322 billion, on defense over the next five years, including on deploying its first missiles that can hit military targets in other countries.

    U.S. allies in the region broadly joined Washington in welcoming the plans. Australia, which recently signed an agreement to increase military exercises with Tokyo, gave some of the most full-throated support.

    Diversity does not work. Japan knows this, and realizes that its only possible future involves keeping China at bay, if not invading again and doing Unit 731 stuff until the Chinese all move to Mexico.

  • Huffman ISD expects enrollment to triple in next decade with 6,000 more students

    Student enrollment at Huffman ISD is expected to almost triple within a decade, growth that district leaders say could compel calling another bond election next year or using portable buildings for instruction.

    Had the $101 million-plus bond passed, taxpayers would have seen a rate increase of 10 cents per $100 of the assessed value of their property, according to Tim Brittain, the district’s chief financial officer. Now, he said a bond package containing the same projects would cost almost twice as much.

    Texas school districts have a maximum property tax rate of 50 cents for bond indebtedness, and Huffman is currently at 30 cents. According to Brittain, that would leave a potential 20-cent tax rate increase if the district used the entire amount available to them, putting their maximum bonding capacity at $132 million, not including current indebtedness.

    As illegals flood Texas, they also flood into schools where by Supreme Court edict they must be educated. This passes on the cost to citizens, who get a “second mortgage” which in Texas is often 3% of the value of the property per year.

  • One million migrants a year ‘will soon be the norm’ after figures showed a rise of 435,000 year-on-year, think-tank says

    Of the 1.1 million foreign nationals who came to live here in the year to June, 704,000 were non-EU nationals, up 379,000 year-on-year. In the same period, 560,000 people are estimated to have emigrated from the UK.

    Give out free stuff and guarantee them jobs with lots of affirmative action hiring potential, and they will come and they will replace your native people. That is fine with those in power, who would rather rule a third-world mass than be peons in a first-world country.

  • ECHR upholds hate speech conviction against Eric Zemmour

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday ruled that a conviction of hate speech by the French judiciary against far-right figure Eric Zemmour did not violate his right to freedom of speech.

    Zemmour, a former presidential candidate and TV pundit, was convicted over his 2016 television remarks in which he compared Muslims to jihadis.

    A Paris Appeals court in 2018 deemed his comments discriminatory against Muslims.

    Free speech or diversity: you can have only one.

  • Twin brother spotted hyenas are often attracted to the same new group when they disperse from their birth group

    “We show for the first time that in spotted hyenas, twin brothers and buddies from the same birth clan often disperse to the same clan to reproduce,” explains Oliver Höner, head of the Ngorongoro Hyena Project. Twin brothers disperse together in 70% of the cases, and male relatives of the same age and the same birth clan do so in 36% of the cases. By contrast, unrelated males from different clans only settle in the same clan in 7% of cases.

    Genetics trumps social conditioning every time. Perhaps the West is caught in a war between those who recognize genetics and those who want to use social influences to deny it.

  • Dutch slavery apology isn’t enough, descendants say

    Armand Zunder, the chairman of the Suriname National Repair Commission, has indicated that neither an apology alone nor the reported plans to dedicate €200 million ($212.6 million) to raising awareness about slavery, plus €27 million for the construction of a museum, would suffice.

    “That which was destroyed, must be repaired. Our frame of reference is billions of euros and certainly not hundreds of millions of euros,” Zunder told local media last week.

    Zunder echoed the position of the Caribbean Reparation Commission. The group of 15 countries where many were enslaved, published a 10-point reparation plan, which includes an official apology, but also funding for public history, health and literacy, as well as knowledge transfer.

    As long as the West is wealthy and in the grips of guilt, they will shake us down every time. In reality, slavery was a worldwide phenomenon at the time and the West ended it first; colonialism made nations richer, since they were poorer before it happened. Many lives were enhanced and stability came to places that previously had been caught in endless warfare. When the West withdraws, much of the old chaos will return for a delicious new dark age!

  • Tunisia’s election labeled a sham by observers

    In February, Saied suspended the country’s Supreme Judicial Council, and a month later he dissolved the parliament completely. 

    In July, voters approved a new constitution that extends presidential rights in Tunisia even further.

    The country’s electoral law was changed in September, and was in force for Saturday’s election. There are now 161 electoral districts rather than 217 and for the first time, people voted for individual candidates rather than party lists.

    Seems like they are following the Clinton playbook: take over media, use the courts to prevent discovery, expand the presidency, and then produce lots of votes in enough key areas to “win” elections even though most votes are fraudulent.



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