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DiversityWatch (December 2, 2022)


Watching the social contract turn from “freedom” toward “subsidized individualism” on its way to full Communism feels like being in a murder mystery.

You start with the corpse found in the study, then work backward to who had the motive, opportunity, and means to kill this person. At some point, you mathematically derive the cause of the murder by finding out who wanted to do it and where they actually were when it occurred (most murder mysteries involve either fiddling with the time of death to conceal who did it, or a suspect with an unknown connection to the victim that once it is revealed becomes obvious; the hardest cases appear to be the serial killer and whodunit cases where the victim and killer are unknown to each other, therefore tracking back to the cause occurs almost solely through forensics).

In the case of the West, we are trying to track back to what stabbed it in the back and made it dead and sad. We know that WW1 was the final stab and that since that time the knife has simply been twisted, that the knife began its slide with the the Muslim invasions of Europe, Aethelred the Unready, the Magna Carta, the Mongol invasions, the Peasant Revolts, the Enlightenment,™ and/or The French Revolution before having its debutante ball with the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent alliance between the Western capitalist states with the Eastern Communist states against the European Nationalists.

Consider how old our patterns are. Aethelred experienced the fragmentation that doomed his empire because of democracy-style optics and a lack of support from the rising middle class and the local lords dependent on them for tax monies:

Ethelred ascended the throne upon the assassination of his half brother King Edward the Martyr in March 978. Widespread suspicion that Ethelred may have had a part in the murder created much of the distrust and disloyalty that undermined his authority. Hence, there was no unified defense when the Danish invasions resumed in 980.

Nearly all of the country was ravaged, and Ethelred’s efforts to buy peace only made the invaders more rapacious. When they did begin to settle down in towns, Ethelred provoked further invasions by launching a massacre of Danish settlers (Nov. 13, 1002). By the end of 1013 the Danish king Sweyn I had been accepted as king in England, and Ethelred had fled to Normandy.

This could be the first incidence of “regulatory capture” in history. In order to get along with the people that they managed, the aristocracy were subverted by a need to keep those people profitable, which gave them incentive to avoid expensive even if necessary wars.

Even earlier however, Europe had experienced the benefits of diversity in parallel to the Greco-Roman experience centuries earlier:

France defeated a massive Islamic army at the Battle of Poitiers in 732, driving back the invaders all the way to Spain and stopping their advance into Europe. Spain would need another eight centuries to achieve its Reconquista and regain full sovereignty over all its territory.

Sicily threw the invaders back into the sea in the 11th century, after 100 years of occupation.
Ottoman Muslims were defeated in 1683 at the battle of Vienna. A number of Central European countries and the Balkan States were under Ottoman Islamic rule for 350 years, until the middle of the 19th century.

Successful societies become bloated. It is not that they become weak, but that so many weak people appear that a market for delusion is created. Their wealth is not the cause of their problems, but it allows the weak to survive and prosper, just like technology does. Maybe The Huns kicked it all off:

The Huns were nomadic warriors, likely from Central Asia, who are best known for invading and terrorizing Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. and hastening the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. They were expert horsemen known for their ferocity in battle and their ruthlessness toward conquered peoples. 

Under their brilliant military leader Attila (A.D. 406 to 453), known by Christians of the time as “the scourge of God,” the Huns carved out a huge empire that encompassed large swathes of present-day Russia, Hungary and other parts of Europe, including Germany and France. Attila’s army became so powerful that both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires regularly paid tribute to keep these warriors from attacking and plundering Roman provinces. But the Huns’ empire didn’t last. After Attila’s death, the empire was divided between his three sons, who fought one another and were unable to keep the empire intact. 

We have a parallel there to the Mongols and the Persians who invaded ancient Greece a thousand years earlier:

The fighting was most intense during two invasions that Persia launched against mainland Greece between 490 and 479. Although the Persian empire was at the peak of its strength, the collective defense mounted by the Greeks overcame seemingly impossible odds and even succeeded in liberating Greek city-states on the fringe of Persia itself. The Greek triumph ensured the survival of Greek culture and political structures long after the demise of the Persian empire.

Darius, who reigned from 522 to 486, consolidated and extended the Persian empire. From his capital, far inland at Susa, the royal roads led to about 20 provinces, called satrapies, which were governed by satraps possessing full military and civil powers. The conquered peoples owed tribute and military service to the king. So long as they fulfilled their obligations, they were generously treated—permitted to practice their own religion and manage their internal affairs—but disobedience was harshly punished by massacre or deportation.

These invading empires sure seem to die quickly. The Huns fell apart the same way that the Mongols, Muslims, and Persians did. They were capable of militarizing very quickly and going on what were essentially thieving raids, but in the long run they wanted their jizya and tributes in order to subsidize their own failing states.

In other words, we see two models of civilization. One optimizes production and dies by bloating; the other optimizes control and dies by fighting over control. Obviously the former triumphed with the rise of the West, but it remains to be seen if it can resist the many attempts to dominate it, including most likely from within, since that is what took down the Greek and Roman states as well as Aethelred II.

We might call these models “supply-based” and “demand-based.” Supply-based systems seek to increase production, creativity, and invention, even if these are not equally distributed and therefore a hierarchy of wealth, power, and status emerges; demand-based societies aim to give things to their citizens in order to enforce unity, and therefore need more tax targets. The West has always been supply-based, at least until the most recent conquest, and the rest of the world especially the third world appears to be demand-based.

Our political shift toward egalitarianism, starting with the French Revolution but accelerating after WW2, changed us from a supply-based organic society to a demand-based modern state run for the perpetuity of government, not the perpetuity of the civilization or its best citizens:

Those who rebuilt Europe after World War II thought that an enlightened elite (themselves) could make a clean sweep of the past and build a dream society where peace and perpetual harmony would reign.

Because they thought democracy had brought Hitler to power, they decided to restrict democracy. Because they thought nationalism was the cause of the war, they decreed that nationalism was harmful and that the cultural identities in Europe had to disappear and be replaced by a new “European identity” that they would shape.

Because Europe had a colonialist past and Europeans had believed in the superiority of their cultures, they claimed that Europe should redeem its guilt and affirm that all cultures were equal.

Because the Europeans thought poverty had led to the rise of Nazism, they built welfare states that were supposed to eliminate poverty forever.

In other words, societies that succeed become Utopian because they focus on trying to “fix” insoluble perpetual problems by limiting the methods we can use, and therefore limit our thinking. Not surprisingly this always leads to a Leftward cant.

Leftism is traditionally explained as an ideology, but I think it makes more sense to view it as a social strategy, or a way of justifying Darius-Attila-Genghis-Mohammed style theft of power, wealth, and status that seems socially acceptable to people instead of relying on outright warfare.

After all, if you make the Devil’s Bargain and demand the right to do whatever you want in exchange for granting the same right to others, you have essentially created a dual state: an anarchy with a strong centralized power that either pays for your mess (socialized costs) or subsidizes you, like Communism or the thief-tyrants mentioned above.

If we look at Leftism as a social strategy, we see it as this:

  1. Anarchy: I do whatever I want and am free of consequences. This is the essence of individualism, which in groups becomes collectivized into egalitarianism, and leads to a mental state of narcissism, egotism, solipsism, and eventually fatalism when these do not provide meaning.
  2. Subsidy: Instead of individual responsibility, both good (promotion/hierarchy) and bad (lowered rank and paying for things oneself), the group wants subsidies or “socialized costs” that are passed on to the group instead of being levied on the individual in the responsibility-based paying-for-things-oneself model.
  3. Multiplicity: No one person is responsible for the decisions that are made. If the individual does something stupid, someone else is to blame; if the group does something stupid, the group can be blamed and all of the individuals let off the hook. No one is responsible for the results of their own decisions as is the case in morality and natural selection.
  4. Centralization: Someone else does all the hard stuff in this model, since civilization is treated as a service and not something in which the bourgeois individual participates in order to advance, especially since he has so much introspective neurotic navel-gazing to do. This central power can then manage society so that the individual does not encounter threats, fears, and challenges to his self-esteem.
  5. Misdirection: If you fear your competition, you can disable them by directing them toward activities that are both going to waste their time and damage them, which means that while they are busy doing the nothingwork you can seize what you want and laugh at their various self-destructive ideological, religious, and social fixations.
  6. Concealment: While you are taking what you want, socializing the cost to society, evading responsibility for your actions, pointing others toward time-consuming suicide, and gathering power so that you can scientifically manage and sociallly engineer your civilization, you want to hide behind a camouflage of altruism, deep thoughts, and neurotic frazzled self-doubt so that no one can see you straight.

Leftism is an ideology, which means a reality substitute based on what can be said in a social situation in order to rationalize, justify, and excuse the theft of what belongs to others. Using the auspices of pacifism, pluralism, and individuality, Leftism steadily removes any culture or social order so that it can replace them with ideology.

It makes no sense to treat it seriously as a philosophy because it is an anti-philosophy. A philosophy characterizes reality; Leftism opposes reality and has no consistency other than saying whatever a Crowd will approve. Its first goal in fact is to abolish consistency and realism.

At its core lurks the desire to avoid inner change. Leftists do not want to adapt to reality; they want reality to adapt to them, which means subsidizing their existence, removing responsibility for mistakes, and concealing their inner motivations behind a veneer of peace, love, art, spirituality, and other socially-cherished things.

Societies that become over-civilized create goodwill out of peer pressure instead of the natural method, which is to share goodwill with those who contribute even if eccentric and imperfect; this is part of culture.

Judgment of how nice, compliant, and prone to respect your individualism someone is replaces estimation of competence and wisdom. People select those who are neutered and harmless, and ignore people who might by their greater competence enforce some kind of reality-based reward.

Not surprisingly, these societies go into a tailspin that spirals slowly into the earth. Whatever their initial parabolic arc, after its inversion, instability guarantees a sticky end. This shows us why diversity is ultra-fatal: it replaces culture, and in its place comes a judgmental, fetishistic, and novelty-driven peer pressure echo chamber.

Social judgment emphasizes the current, novelty, righteous jingoism, victimhood pacifism, theft, and whatever argues for stuff to be free with no consequences and no one permitted to criticize it. Socialization shows us the lowest common denominator among people while culture selects for the highest.

Getting along with others becomes a necessity in the over-civilized society, and this makes people deferential and uncritical, which allows illusion to not only fester but become the norm. When society takes over from nature, it starts rewarding the irrelevant instead of promoting the best.

In this light, Leftism must be viewed as inseparable from diversity, and even in its mildest form must be seen as the vestibule to Communism, tyranny, and third world society.


  • Cyril Ramaphosa: South Africa leader’s future in doubt amid scandal

    The scandal centres on claims the president tried to hide the theft of some $580,000 (£470,000) – and possibly much more – which was stashed down the back of a sofa in his farmhouse in 2020. That has led to questions about where the cash came from.

    An independent panel of legal experts looked into the allegations for South Africa’s parliament and concluded that the president may have broken the law and abused his position.

    The scandal is especially damaging for Mr Ramaphosa because he came to power vowing to clear up the corruption which had dogged the country under his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

    The West rose because it emphasized a transcendent form of systematic realism. The rest of the world focuses on the personal, and therefore creates cultures based around punishing disrespect and building up personal wealth, which destroys the shared institutions necessary for healthy civilization. By allowing diversity to take over South Africa, the voters there have suicided a thriving nation and replaced it with another Mexico or Louisiana.

  • Black female in ‘head scarf’ attacked UVA ‘Black Cultural Center’: police

    A black female in a “head scarf” is the primary suspect in a vandalism against the University of Virginia Black Cultural Center, according to a police report obtained by The College Fix through a public records request on November 30.

    When we make people designated victims, we ignore their behavior for good or ill, and keep them around only as pity pets. This invites misbehavior.

  • Musk says Twitter has suspended rapper Ye over swastika post

    Twitter has suspended rapper Ye after he tweeted a picture of a swastika merged with the Star of David.

    Just let the man have his opinions. Instead our society has seemed to confirm his assertions, which is unfortunate because all special interests are protected in order to create a false legitimacy to egalitarianism, not just those of the Jewish people. In the meantime, Ye is awakening a new generation to the utter failure of diversity and how the culture of victimhood and pity leads straight to totalitarianism.

  • Florida man admits to fatally stabbing mom because she ‘never pushed him to be a man’

    Sisley was asked: ‘Do you think your mom deserved to get stabbed?’

    He responded: ‘Yes.’

    When asked why, Sisley said: ‘Because she never pushed me to be a man.’ 

    Sexual liberation — one form of diversity — pits the feminine against the masculine, resulting in the intersex, or demasculinized men and masculinized women.

  • Don Lemon takes heat for defending men’s sports earning more money: ‘We live in a capitalist society’

    The anchor interjected, “I know everyone’s gonna hate me, but the men’s team makes more money. If they make more money then they should get more money.” The two female co-anchors immediately bristled at his remark, and tried to interrupt him.

    Before being completely talked over, he added, “The men’s team makes more money because people are more interested in the men!”

    After the commercial break, the three resumed their debate. Lemon continued defending his point: “So I’m just saying that if there is more interest in a men’s sport, the businesspeople, the people who make money off of sports, will put that on television because we live in a capitalist society. And if people are interested in that then there would be more attention and more money would be paid.”

    No one cares about women’s sports. This probably came about because almost all of the viewing audience are men, with a small group of women who put up with the drama because their errant males are using beer and sports as a substitutive for honest tribalism and the thrill of the hunt. We have wild boars and nutria in Texas; if we give them spears and send them into the woods, sure we’ll lose a few but they will discover a more significant way to feel alive.

  • Germans divided on plans to fast-track citizenship

    About half (49%) of those surveyed support the plan, and the other half (45%) disagree with shortening the eligibility period.

    Opinions also differ depending on people’s level of education. About 64% of citizens who have higher-level qualifications are open to the changes in German citizenship law — regardless of which political party they support.

    “Educate” peasants in the system and they can do nothing but further implement the system. In the meantime, Germany “needs” foreign labor in order to pump up its GDP so it can tax enough to pay for the benefits already promised to Boomers. This is a death spiral falling fast.

  • ‘Last thing we need’: Pols want NYers to pay $300M so illegal migrants can stay

    “We have a moral obligation to make sure that new Americans have legal representation. Otherwise, the odds are without a lawyer they’ll be sent back to their country of origin and could face dire circumstances, including death,” state Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) said of legislation he is sponsoring alongside Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D-Queens).

    Reality is the only morality. Their “moral obligation” means genocide.

  • Europe Shows a Clear Link Between Immigration and Crime — Like the One the U.S. Seriously Downplays

    RCI collected homicide data for the European Union from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for 11 years, from 2010 to 2020, and compared it to rising percentages of each country’s foreign-born population. Even after accounting for variations among countries, the data show that each one percentage point increase in immigrant population is associated with a 3.6 percent increase in the homicide rate.

    Homicides across the EU rose by about 8% between 2019 and 2020, with Germany and Hungary experiencing 25% increases. Sweden’s rose by 11%. Rising crime emerged as a key political issue there and elsewhere, contributing to September victories in Sweden and Italy by more conservative parties that made crime a key plank in their platforms.

    In 2020, Swedish sociology professor Göran Adamson published a crime study showing an unmistakable link to immigration. It concluded that from 2002 to 2017, 58% of criminal suspects in Sweden were immigrants. That figure rose for murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter, where immigrants were identified as suspects in 73% of the cases, and robberies, in which immigrants were suspects in 70% of the cases.

    Similar data on the citizenship status of people arrested or in jail is rarely collected in the U.S. One state where data is collected, Texas, shows that illegal aliens are convicted of homicide 32% more frequently than the rest of the Texas population. The rate for sexual assault is 91% higher.

    Diversity = race war. It is designed to replace the majority so that society can further become centralized. Politicians do it to stay employed; voters support it in order to avoid feeling criticized by others. In the end, as with most human ventures, compromises outweigh decisions and so entropy wins.

  • California panel estimates $569 billion in reparations is owed to black residents

    The nine-member panel concluded that black Californians whose ancestors were in the US in the 19th century are due $223,200 each due to housing discrimination practices utilized from 1933 to 1977, the New York Times reported.

    The task force hopes to shrink the wealth gap between white and black Californians.

    Nationwide, black households have a median wealth of $24,100, which pales in comparison to white households, where the median wealth is $188,200, according to the most recent Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, cited by the paper.

    I see we are doing this self-destructive feel-good riff again.

  • Growing startups should worry about rising ‘diversity debt,’ say researchers

    “The first is that finding staff is one of the startup’s biggest challenges, the second is that women are underrepresented in these companies. But very few considered these two facts might be linked. Startups might be missing the talent they need to grow because their current gender imbalance hurts their chances to attract women.”

    Diversity flocks to places where already is diversity because this means that you will be accepted there as your token role (minority, homosexual, women, transgender, Muslim) and not assigned anything too difficult.

  • Jennifer Siebel Newsom accused of lying on the stand about Harvey Weinstein rape

    “She may regret the transactional sex but regret is far from rape,” Jackson told jurors. “She made a decision to have a relationship with Harvey and she benefited from it…That’s the definition of transactional sex and she hates it.”

    He also claimed Siebel Newsom only turned on Weinstein when it “became trendy” and to “join a movement” — referring to the #MeToo movement, which has brought down Weinstein and other powerful men accused of sexual misconduct.

    No one wants to say it, but the casting couch is a well-known aspect of this particular industry. One wonders why moron middle class parents encourage their daughters to get involved in theater at all, knowing that prostitution is part of the deal.

  • Michel Houellebecq says Great Replacement is ‘fact’

    “The Great Replacement, I was shocked it’s called a theory. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact,” said Houellebecq. “When it comes to immigration, nobody controls anything, that’s the whole problem. Europe will be swept away by this cataclysm.”

    “It’s objectively what the figures say,” added Onfray, who said he thinks that the decline of the West is primarily a demographic decline. 

    Democracy means high taxes means fewer children and then, having exhausted the native population, the voters bring in foreigners to rape them too.


  • Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting

    The chaos and confusion behind closed doors at Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the October 2020 Hunter Biden expose show that a small group of top-level execs decided to label the Post’s story as “hacked material” without any evidence — behind the back of then-CEO and founder Jack Dorsey. 

    When you hire the diversity, the standards and competence that build great things are replaced with egodramatism, grandstanding, and twisting the rules to fit such behaviors. No diverse group from the Irish and Italians onward votes more than 25% Republican; ironically, it may turn out that Jews vote Republican more than Southern Europeans, Asians, Eastern Europeans, Hispanics, or, God help us all, The Irish.

  • West Bank footage throws spotlight on Israel’s use of lethal force

    Footage shows a group of men and teenagers throwing rocks – then pulling back – as two shots ring out.

    Raed al-Naasan runs around a corner and collapses, blood seeping into his top, fatally wounded.

    Funny how diversity means violence, corruption, and filth no matter where it is tried or what groups are involved. Northern Ireland, the West Bank, Chiapas, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, and Tigray all have the same problems as South Africa, Detroit, and the Occupied South.

  • White people found to react positively to racial justice messages from white allies

    When white allies share these messages, Twitter users see the Black activist’s photo, whereas Instagram users see the image of the white ally. Researchers found that when users see the white ally instead of the Black activist, it keeps them from learning about the Black activist.

    However, it’s helpful for the messenger to be white when the words are considered threatening and holding white people accountable for racial injustices, said Jessica Roden, the study’s lead author and U-M graduate student in communication and media.

    “White people react more positively to racial justice messages from white allies,” she said. “This is only the case when the message calls out white people for not doing enough to end racism.”

    In short, White people are Stockholm Syndrome victims of bullying, gaslighting, and peer pressure. If you do not get your Communism, Consumerism, and Internet points for status signaling hard, your life might pass entirely inconsequentially and you will never be on American Idol.

  • ‘Orwellian nightmares’: Professor trained in Soviet Union says U.S. universities becoming totalitarian

    “I thought I would never again experience an atmosphere of ideological control, omnipresence of ideology, policing of speech and thought, suppression of dissent, compelled speech, fear, and self-censorship,” she wrote.

    Krylov identified four totalitarian tendencies in American education that recall Soviet communism: self-censorship and fear, pervasive ideology, intolerance of dissent, and top-down social engineering.

    “When I choose not to say in a faculty meeting that considering only diversity candidates for a faculty search is discriminatory because I am afraid of being ostracized, or worse — that is self-censorship,” Krylov wrote.

    Anywhere equality goes, humanity turns on itself and sacrifices its best to appease the pointless masses who are looking for scapegoats for their own failure. Very few will turn within, find what they need instead of what they think they want, and adapt to reality — including inner change — to achieve it.

  • Managers exhibiting bias based on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation

    “With respect to explicit biases, the scores as we calculated them indicated that people working in management occupations had an explicit bias in favor of people without disabilities, men relative to women working outside the home, White people and heterosexual people,” Cunningham said.

    When all you want is to get things done, normal healthy sane Western Europeans turn out to be what you want, and you avoid women because they will start squirting out children just as the business goes into crunch mode. The data on homosexual competence seems positive, but people from protected groups are liability lawsuits waiting to happen. It is time to end affirmative action and repeal the 14A.

  • A threat from a common enemy may no longer unite polarized Americans, study suggests

    The finding that Republicans responded differently than Democrats may be explained by “asymmetric polarization,” Guilbeault said. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Republicans were significantly more likely than Democrats to view the other party as un-American and a threat to the nation’s well-being (36% of Republicans versus 27% of Democrats).

    Are we getting closer to being able to call them Communists and exile them to Venezuela? All Leftists, NGOs, and diversity lobbies want Communism and White Genocide.

  • Biden admin refuses to say if non-binary staffer Samuel Brinton still getting paid after theft charge

    Brinton, who is non-binary, was appointed deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition earlier this year. In October, they were charged with stealing a $2,325 Vera Bradley suitcase from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Sept. 16.

    In an email to The Post, the Department of Energy confirmed that Brinton, 35, had been placed on leave, but would not comment on whether they were still getting a government paycheck.

    When your main contribution is checking boxes on a list of diverse things needed for us to have true Equality-Utopia in our lifetimes, and your main activity is pimping out Communism, then you probably have no other qualifiers and might be flat-out insane just as you appear to most of middle America. Boats to Venezuela!

  • US job cuts leave Asian tech workers in limbo

    Tech jobs accounted for about 70% of approved H-1B recipients in the fiscal year 2021. The visa allows US employers to hire foreigners for specialty jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent. H-1B visa holders can change companies, but have only 60 days to do so.

    Productive people start tech companies in their homelands. Parasites show up wherever the salary is best and do mediocre jobs, which is why H-1Bs have joined the neckbeards as groups that experienced developers avoid.

  • Early life experiences can have long-lasting impact on genes

    They found that these early-life experiences caused changes to chromatin — a mixture of DNA and proteins that can be seen as the ‘packaging’ of DNA — that persisted and resulted in genes being expressed differently late in life. This counteracted some changes that would be expected as part of the normal ageing process, eventually improving health in late life and impacting the fruit flies’ lifespan more than a month (half a fruit fly lifetime) later.

    Is this what is killing White people? Born into the stress of out-of-control democracy after the empire-ending WW1, all of us are PTSD victims who are grateful to finally die so we can tune out the lugubrious disaster for once.

  • ‘She will be devastated… This will ruin her life’: Petronella Wyatt defends her old friend Lady Hussey over race-row remarks

    The journalist and broadcaster tweeted: ‘I’ve known Lady Hussey since I was 18. She is a decent woman and certainly not a racist.

    ‘She often asked my mother where she was from because she had a central European accent. I am sometimes mistaken for non-British because of my colouring. I’m never offended.’

    What is polite interest in White societies is “disrespect” in third-world, shame-oriented, face-saving societies. Diversity does not work. That is both the mildest and most extreme statement one can make. It does not matter who the diverse groups are, only the simple fact that more than one ethnic group in the same society abolishes culture, kicks off race war, and replaces normal interaction with manipulative socializing.

  • Patrick Xavier Clark arrested for murder of Migos rapper Takeoff

    Police said the party was packed with witnesses who all scattered from the bowling alley without offering statements to police, complicating their monthlong probe into the shocking incident.

    The ol’ minority wall of silence is responsible for many unsolved homicides of young Black men. In the meantime, Takeoff faced diversity adversity in his own experiences:

    The hitmaker, 28, who was shot dead at a party in Houston on Tuesday, was sued in August 2020 by a Jane Doe, who alleged the “Walk It Talk It” rapper raped her at a June 2020 house party hosted by occasional Migos DJ Daryl “Durel” McPherson.

    Takeoff was reportedly gunned down at the private event at 810 Billiards & Bowling moments after his uncle and fellow Migos rapper Quavo was captured on video in a heated argument. It is not believed that Takeoff was involved in the altercation.

    Healing begins when people realize that for no ethnic group does diversity work well. It will destroy us all equally in the end, even if some appear on top for awhile.

  • Former UCSD professor gave all students As and no homework to ‘decolonize’ classroom

    She stated that when she “began teaching Environmental Justice themed courses at UCSD, I came to realize that systemic racism and climate change share a single root case – lack of respect of living things (specifically anything that wasn’t white, wealthy, male, and human).”

    No, that is just White societies, and those were generally more kind to animals than the third world ever will be. Funny how all of these “solutions” seem to consist of abolishing functional order and replacing it with emotion and sabotage.


Solid observation by Mr Akon here. I might be tempted to listen to his music if I did not hate rap with a passion because it is deathcore for urbanites. Artistically, I cannot get behind it. However, like Oi/RAC — which often strikingly resembles rap in its desire to get the vocals, lyrics, imagery, and idea to the front before melody, harmony, or structure — rap serves as “identity music” for its target audience. It makes them feel pride in who they are and gives them something they can blast at other Huntingtonian Civilizations in order to assert territory, and as a Nationalist, I think that is a positive thing. Most likely, what Kanye is doing is not so much about Jews per se but the idea that Africans need a FUBU (for us, by us) civilization of their own, sort of like Akon City.


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