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DiversityWatch (December 17, 2022)


Apparently today the powers that be have decided that J. Robert Oppenheimer was not a Soviet spy despite having been a Communist party member and having been surrounded by Communists. This dodges the question of whether someone close to him gained access to enough information to aid the Soviet nuclear program.

That explanation makes more sense because if one of the designers of the bomb had been giving information to the Soviets, their program would have been farther along. Someone got let off the hook and willing patsies like the Rosenbergs, who tried but were mostly inconsequential, paid the price.

Human history can be measured in the management of optics; some call this “narrative control” but most people think in terms of the tangible, which means how things look right now to their social group. This is why democracy can never work as a meaningful system of government, only a method of control. It keeps the herd quiet.

After all, if we view government as a corporation, it clearly has one goal: keep bringing in tax money, paying salaries, and increasing its power so that all money flows through it. It is a political monopoly that seeks to become an economic monopoly.

In the process, it raises marginal costs, including complexity. A government that has no goal like continuous perpetuation of organic culture will tend toward micromanagement, removing minor irritations while milking long-term problems as excuses for more power.

Raising marginal costs eventually paralyzes society. No one can recognize clearer or better ideas because these offend some part of the consensus. High taxes create rent-seeking and prevent competing products and small business from rising. Adhesion to lowest common denominator “culture” prevents actual culture.

Such hide-bound societies are headed for collapse, and it is how we know that Regime Change is around the corner. Democracy Inc has spent itself into bankruptcy, its institutions have rotted, and despite its technological and military hold over the world, its stagnation is slowly eroding its value. It will be replaced.

We can tell that we are in a decline cycle because no one has any forward ideas; they seek to manage past problems with past solutions that are chosen because they are popular simply because they are symbolically strong. In the 1930s during Oppenheimer’s youth, almost all Western intellectuals agreed on a simple proposition.

They saw science and technology as the way forward, and wanted “scientific management” to make a Utopia, which was basically an attempt to rein in the chaos of democracy by creating an authority with the power of absolute judgment based in a perceived legitimacy as dictated by… intellectuals.

In other words, the proles who went through academia decided that they should rule like kings in order to avoid seeing the obvious failure of democracy relative to the obvious superiority of the monarchies that came before it. Democracy had failed, so they wanted authoritarianism (but a “good” kind) as a substitute.

These people think backward: they look at what exists, and find a way to make it seem good, even if it is decay. They rationalize from what they see as the trend and use that to justify what they personally want, such as a regime of “intellectuals” ruling us according to theory based in broad conclusions drawn from details.

These are the same people who see diversity as our future, think China will dominate the US and therefore we should just become a vassal state, and want a universal basic income as the “solution” to poverty. They are weak; they rationalize from what they think is strong and try to subvert it to their ends.

Kings are not weak like this. They figure out what would produce the best results and then make it happen regardless of what most people think, since most people are usually wrong because most people are thinking in terms of tangibles in the current moment in their personal lives and social groups. They are oblivious to wider reality.

Managerial-administrative states base themselves on keeping people under control in order to avoid visible problems. This is a good survival strategy for workers, bad for civilizations. They spin every big problem to be a single method of handling it that will never really work, guaranteeing their future power.

Instead they spent their time looking at small and inconsequential problems. Someone, somewhere is dying or failing, and this appeals to the audience because they each fear finding themselves in that civilization. Democracy runs on fear and it shows the need for hierarchy to keep the neurotic impulses of the Crowd from ruining us.

Our elites are rotten because the meritocracy system produced them, or rather suppressed anyone who did not conform to the methods in vogue as they did. The herd rewards popularity. It therefore crusades against reality and better ideas, holding out until those are forced upon it, at which time it conforms to them.

The problem is the audience. The audience selects its abusers because it follows the universal human maxim of “it’s not my fault, and someone should take care of me and fix the problem.” Most humans simply want Big Daddy to subsidize them and then “do something” about visible problems while ignoring the elephants in the room.

The Bell Curve is real, but even more, people seek the path of least resistance. This means a combination of apathy and opportunism. People treat civilization like another human that is competing with them for what they have, forgetting how much of this is created by not just civilization but the competent.

Leftism is a trend now like Communism was in the 1930s. It lets people feel like they are fighting back against that competing human who they blame for their woes and who they claim obstructs the achievement of their dreams. Scapegoats let everyone be innocent and keep doing whatever failing things they are currently doing.

The Man is No One; The Man is all of us. In groups, we have nothing in common but the little details, so we focus on those, and we avoid hard problems like the elephants in the room. We need the kings to intervene and sort the problems by priority from big to small, even if the big problems are invisible to all but a few of us.

If allowed to do so, like in the West through a colonnade of catastrophies like plagues, invasions, and the rising wealth of the middle classes, humanity will eject its kings once they achieve a stable society and replace them with salesmen who pander to the Crowd. That starts the decay.

They justify this with individualism. Anything international/diverse — commerce, internationalist religions, politicized science — creates the idea of the universality of humanity, which makes culture seem unscientific and therefore gives way to individualism.

Individualism creates the Crowd because it rules by consensus which emphasizes compromise. At that point, the group selects a bad idea and no one is willing to stand up High Noon style against it, so the idea becomes a cult and those who dissent are punished. Freedom and tolerance invert into authoritarianism to “protect” freedom and tolerance.

People live in the tangible: the small events, the present tense, emotions, and what their social group thinks, since this determines their immediate success during the next paycheck period. Leadership is a special skill set and a martial art; management, on the other hand, rewards those who compromise especially when avoiding big problems.

If you wonder why all of your intellectuals are Leftist now, consider that people take the path of least resistance. For intellectuals, being Leftist gives them power over everyone else, so of course they support it. They think backward from what is popular to how they can rationalize it.

This shows us who the Left are. They do not care about the outcome in reality; they want power right now, so they will support whatever removes anyone more realistic than them from power. They are the optics people. They do not know why they want what they want, only that they want it, and they will invent a plausible reason later.

These people — the optics people — arise in every civilization once the kings have made it prosperous. First the middle classes, then commercial interests like corporations, and finally the prole masses take over. They simply want power. They are oblivious to consequences and will run away when their ideas fail.

When you look for the source of our decline, use hard logical fact: civilization decay destroys every human civilization. It happened to us. We must reverse it to survive as anything but Yet Another Third World Ruin (YATWR). It was not the Jews, Satan, the Illuminati, or Islam. We did this to ourselves, and only We can reverse it.


  • As politicians played inflation blame game in 2022, what really drove rising prices?

    “The more the government spends, the more Canadians pay,” Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre said in the House of Commons in November in French. “That is why we have the highest inflation rate in 40 years. It is ‘Justinflation.'”

    Almost all of this money gets spent on anti-poverty and anti-racism programs.

  • Israeli charged in US for smuggling components used in nukes to Russia

    According to The Boston Globe, Brayman was born in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The court agreed at a hearing on the charges that he would be allowed to return to his New Hampshire home, but he was fitted with a location tracker.

    The indictment, cited by CBS, said Brayman “repeatedly used the New Hampshire residence as a transshipment point for repackaging sensitive military-grade and export-controlled items and forwarding them to intermediate locations in Europe and Asia, from where they were transshipped to Russia.”

    When you become diverse, you bring the problems of the world into your society. You also lose any national culture that emphasizes commonsense things like “do not self-destruct.”

  • The FBI Files Are Even More Dangerous

    Thus, the FBI enabled Democrats to turn the tables on Trump, using damaging information about the Bidens to reenforce their narrative that Trump was in cahoots with the Russians. In the years since, it has worked to continue to suppress the truth about the Biden family business. Without dismissing the serious danger posed by Twitter and other media regarding their approach to the laptop, the real story here is the actions of our own government.

    Looks like Trump has been proven right yet again regarding the stolen election of 2020. He said he would prove it, and now people are aligning themselves with either having accepted this or in rejecting it. This propaganda gives the Left the cover it needs to steal elections with mail-in ballots, as even Communist apologists The New York Times pointed out, probably merely to show the Clinton Machine the best way to steal future elections:

    Scenes like this will play out in many elections next month, because Florida and other states are swiftly moving from voting at a polling place toward voting by mail. In the last general election in Florida, in 2010, 23 percent of voters cast absentee ballots, up from 15 percent in the midterm election four years before. Nationwide, the use of absentee ballots and other forms of voting by mail has more than tripled since 1980 and now accounts for almost 20 percent of all votes.

    Voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner. The list includes the 2000 presidential election, in which problems with absentee ballots in Florida were a little-noticed footnote to other issues.

    When the press and government collude to present a viewpoint, people accept elections stolen through the time-honored tradition of vote harvesting, which goes back to Tammany Hall and has always been engineered through the diversity bloc.

  • ‘Huge, Missing and Growing:’ $65 Trillion in Dollar Debt Sparks Concern

    There’s a hidden risk to the global financial system embedded in the $65 trillion of dollar debt being held by non-US institutions via currency derivatives, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

    In a paper with the title “huge, missing and growing,” the BIS said a lack of information is making it harder for policy makers to anticipate the next financial crisis. In particular, they raised concern with the fact that the debt is going unrecorded on balance sheets because of accounting conventions on how to track derivative positions.

    The findings, based on data from a survey of global currency markets earlier this year, offer a rare insight into the scale of hidden leverage. Foreign-exchange swaps were a flashpoint during the global financial crisis of 2008 and pandemic of 2020, when dollar funding stress forced central banks to step in to help struggling borrowers.

    Forex is the new FTX but it exists to allow the unchecked borrowing that keeps those anti-racism and anti-poverty programs alive. The voters wanted free stuff, but never asked the price.

  • Cha-Ching! Jeff Bezos’s Ex-Wife Is Using Her Divorce Settlement To Enrich Radical Left-Wing Groups

    The billionaire divorcée this week detailed $14 billion in donations she has given to more than 1,600 nonprofit groups since 2019. The giveaway makes Scott one of the biggest philanthropists in the world, rivaling Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Scott, who lined her pockets with $38 billion in a divorce settlement after Bezos ran off with CNN’s Lauren Sánchez, has said she would direct her giving toward organizations doing “transformative work” in the areas of race, gender, climate change, democracy, and economic inequality. In blog posts explaining her philosophy, Scott lamented that “a civilization this imbalanced is not only unjust, but also unstable.”

    Egalitarianism expanded to include race, and now it is their key to power. If they can show a suffering minority anywhere, they style you as the new Adolf Hitler or Jefferson Davis and use that to rationalize overthrowing you and taking over. The drama of the middle classes overthrowing the kings plays out time and again, while the Mongols, Huns, and Moors wait in the wings for their moment,

  • Reconciliation is everyone’s business, says Mthethwa

    “The same can be said for the incidents of racism that took place this year. Civil society mobilised against the racists. Pressure was placed on the institutions involved to take swift and appropriate action. Acts of racism will not be suppressed, buried or rationalised. They will be publicised, filmed, and put on full public view for all to see.

    “No matter how great the difficulties we may be facing, we cannot turn on each other. It is up to each one of us, whether as families, parents, educators or as communities to do more to build bridges of understanding.

    “It cannot be that bringing about reconciliation should be the responsibility of the formerly oppressed. Instead of retreating into our cocoons of race, language, ethnicity and class, let us use today, and indeed every day, as an opportunity to play our part,” Mthethwa said.

    Diversity is big business because it funnels all wealth through government, which means that it can achieve Communist-style agenda because it determines who succeeds and who fails. The great human dream of “equality” always leads to totalitarianism and worse, incompetent rule that leaves behind third-world ruins.

  • Oberlin College makes $36M payment to bakery in racial profiling defamation case

    The substantial payout was awarded earlier this year after Gibson’s Bakery won a defamation lawsuit against the school that sided with three black students who claimed the store racially profiled them when they were caught stealing from the shop in November 2016.

    College panders to the intellectuals, who defer to demographic reality in an attempt to be powerful, and only every now and then does someone stand up to the battering ram and actually speak truth to (herd conformity) power.

  • Upstart conservative student paper at University of Alabama will tackle ‘rise of DEI,’ founder says

    The first hard copy of an upstart conservative college newspaper at the University of Alabama plans to tackle the rise of “diversity, equity and inclusion” at the cost of the preservation of tradition, the editor-in-chief told The College Fix. 

    Too late! Pluralism means “agree to disagree,” and ethnic pluralism like diversity means there is no culture and therefore no tradition, at least outside of our media, commerce, and political system. Conservatives are busily fighting the battles of the late eighteenth century in the twenty-first century.

  • El Paso mayor grabs microphone and walks out of tense immigration press conference

    However, when the city manager Mario D’Agostino disagreed with him, Leeser began to walk off and tried to take the microphone from him.

    It comes as news crews from El Paso local station KVIA claim to have witnessed ‘five or six people’ lifting themselves out of a manhole in Segundo Barrio – an area not far from the border. 

    The new mic drop has dropped. When the immigration/diversity crisis is so bad you steal a microphone and bolt, you know that Regime Change is coming faster than anticipated.

  • Diverse and Divided: A Political Demography of American Elite Students

    Liberal arts colleges are the least politically diverse. Many have almost no conservatives, and thus very low viewpoint diversity. But they have high sexual diversity, at nearly 40 percent LGBT.

    You cannot make the incompetent more competent, therefore egalitarianism always and without exception means taking from the competent to give to the incompetent. Therefore, if you are in a competent group, you had better find some victim status or all your stuff will get taken away! Intellectuals, the upper middle classes, and White or hwite people of all types are looking for victim groups. Rape victim, LGBT+, and drugs addict are about the only safe spaces left for them.

  • Poorer physical health among those who experience discrimination in Canada

    A new study from the University of Toronto has suggested that the health of working age refugees—aged 15-64—is similar to that of immigrants and Canadian-born individuals. More than nine out of ten of the refugees, many of whom arrived in Canada decades earlier, reported good health. These findings are in contrast to previous research in the US and elsewhere that has suggested poorer physical health outcomes among refugees, compared to those born within the host country.

    Either that, or poverty and third world origins correlate to higher mute load and therefore worse general health. Look at people from “white” third world countries to confirm this.

  • ‘I think there’s a need for an intervention by his family – he’s not on the level:’ Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer laugh as they say Trump is off the rails – and reveal they treated him like a child

    ‘I tell people, “Nancy instinctively knew how to handle Trump because her first 35-40 years of life she raised five children.’ 

    Pelosi later revealed that she does thinks Trump needs an intervention.

    ‘I think there’s a need for an intervention by his family,’ she said candidly. ‘He’s not on the level.’

    Egalitarianism is a narcissistic philosophy; we worship the individual human instead of emanations of reality like nature and organic culture. Not surprisingly, it is ruled by abusive narcissists who behave like typical neurotic parents who manipulate their children in order to make Mini-Mes who obey first and think for themselves only incidentally.


  • Christian nationalists – wanting to put God into US government

    “We desire to live in a Judeo Christian nation with Judeo Christian values,” says Ken Peters, a so-called Patriot Pastor who preaches that God belongs in government.

    They feel threatened by immigration and are alarmed by the increased acceptance of different gender identities and sexual orientations that they believe are unbiblical.

    His polls find that about one third of Americans and half of Republicans say the US was designed by God to be a “promised land” for European Christians. “So when I talk about Christian nationalism in the US,” he says, “I usually talk about white Christian nationalism.”

    The Right has found a way to defeat themselves yet again. Internationalist religions are a substitute for organic culture that displace it. Every nation needs its own culture, including its own gods.

  • Biden says ‘I may be Irish but I’m not stupid’ – then confuses Jill’s father with her grandfather

    ‘I may be Irish but I’m not stupid,’ he told an audience in New Castle, Delaware on Friday, before delivering the punchline: ‘I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter.’

    Hwites — Whites mixed with other races as is common in Eastern, Southern, Irish, and Mediterranean Europeans — will always be anti-White. They, too, are jockeying for power and want to take over. Relativity tells us that we only know ourselves through others, which means we only recognize our own identities by going to war against others. Diversity adopts this chaos on a massive scale.

  • Trump vows ‘free speech’ reform of government, universities, media, tech firms if elected in 2024

    Trump, who lost his White House reelection bid in 2020, promised in a videotaped address that he would target government agencies and employees, universities and tech companies with a series of executive orders and policies aimed at their purported censorship of speech and ideas.

    Among other things, Trump vowed to “ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as ‘mis-’ or ‘dis-information,’” including federal subsidies and student loan support for universities.

    Diversity cannot survive free speech and they know it. Trump did his usual shell game trick: while you were watching the right hand announce some worthless NFT baseball cards, the left hand moved out a radical idea for the Right, which is to adopt classical liberal values and heritage America instead of trying to abolish both like the Left and RINOs.

  • Cologne hands over stolen Benin Bronzes to Nigeria

    The transfer of the bronzes from the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum is the most recent in an ongoing attempt to see the artwork looted by colonial powers returned to their former homes.

    Good. Nationalism says these people deserve their artifacts which were preserved by colonialism.

  • TikTok pushes potentially harmful content to users as often as every 39 seconds, study says

    The new study had researchers set up TikTok accounts posing as 13-year-old users interested in content about body image and mental health. It found that within as few as 2.6 minutes after joining the app, TikTok’s algorithm recommended suicidal content. The report showed that eating disorder content was recommended within as few as 8 minutes.

    Without organic content, people are merely profit centers to be exploited, especially with multinational corporations like ByteDance, which is based in China. The algos merely show us what is popular and as with all Crowds, the internet herd fixates on fears and extremes instead of orienting toward sanity, health, and realism.

  • Mapping the world’s food production footprint on climate and environment

    The study shows that five countries—China, India, the U.S., Brazil and Pakistan—account for almost half of the global environmental impact from food production. The researchers have not “crowned” the countries with the smallest environmental footprint for a simple reason: these are poor countries that live with food shortages and hunger.

    Instead of having the wealthiest ten percent consume lots of resources, egalitarians want one hundred percent of humanity to consume the same level, then to triage that back to acceptable levels by shoving everyone into urban apartments, feeding them bugs, and making them drive golf carts. The only solution to the game of trying to avoid inequality is not to play.

  • Newsom: California is overwhelmed by immigrant crisis

    “The federal government is sending more and more flights, and more and more buses directly here to California because this state is doing what no other state’s doing,” Newsom told ABC’s Matt Guttman, “and that’s absorbing and protecting and preserving our values and advancing them by doing health care screenings, and taking care of folks, and the more we do, the burden is placed disproportionate on us.”

    They come here for the free stuff. The accountants want to tax them to pay for the free stuff already promised to others. The politicians want them to vote for more free stuff. Everyone else views the situation as unstable. Diversity seems to be an example of the Galileo Gambit:

    Caulfield calls “Ancient Apocalypse” a great example of the “Galileo Gambit”—the logical fallacy that you must be right because everyone else thinks you’re wrong.

    The civil rights argument has been that diversity must be forced on us because it is unpopular but right. Now it turns out that forced school busing, gunpoint integration, legally required affirmative action, and anti-discrimination law is just another crazy idea justified by its unpopularity suggesting an “eat your vegetables” situation from our narcissistic nanny state overlords.

  • North Kosovo: What are the tensions with ethnic Serbs about?

    North Kosovo is divided into four municipalities, whose population is almost exclusively ethnic Serb, with close ties to Serbia. Most do not recognize that Kosovo is a state. However, they have 10 guaranteed seats in Kosovo’s parliament and two minister seats in the government in Pristina.

    Since the end of the Kosovo war in 1999, the Kosovar government has never had full control in the north of the country — this means that the area north of the Ibar river, which has a population of about 60,000, is effectively a lawless zone and thus perfect for criminals and smugglers.

    Diversity — in any form, regardless of the groups involved — leads to civilization breakdown. Watch Northern Ireland too as it self-destructs.

  • ‘My nation’s original sin’: Biden apologizes to delegation of African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery

    ‘Our people lie at the heart of the deep and profound connection that forever binds Africa and the United States together,’ he said. 

    ‘We remember the stolen men and women and children were brought to our shores in chains, subjected to unimaginable cruelty.’

    Biden’s outreach attempt was seen by many as a way of limiting the power of China, which has invested more in Africa than any other nation.

    Without guilt, how would democracy control the world?

  • Largest nursing strike in NHS history starts

    Health Minister Maria Caulfield, a former nurse, accepted “it is difficult” living on a nurse’s wage, but said that a 19% pay rise “is an unrealistic ask”.

    The middle classes took over with taxes. The proles take over with strikes. We are dependent upon foreign labor because our unions in the West sabotaging our ability to produce goods and services.

  • Cambridge Dictionary changes definition of ‘man’ and ‘woman’

    “Man” is now includes the definition “an adult who lives and identifies as a male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

    In the same vein, the updated definition of “woman” reads “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

    Both definitions previously reflected the outdated views on sex, which assumed that sex and gender identity always adhered to one another.

    The root of cognitive dissonance: if reality is not what you want, change the symbols you use to refer to it to limit it to be what you want it to be. This path leads to insanity but is quite popular.

  • Strong connection to neighbors may improve health outcomes

    “Older Chinese Americans who lived by themselves in neighborhoods with low cohesion were much more likely to die earlier than those who lived by themselves in neighborhoods with strong cohesion,” said Yanping Jiang, author of the study and faculty member at the Center for Population Behavioral Health at Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.

    You get the strongest cohesion in countries with shared cultures, which requires them to be mono-ethnic. Bring back WASP America.



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