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Diversity Continues Colossal Failure Worldwide Proving It Is Not Race-Based

The only reason we tolerate conservatives is that they are not as crazy as the Left. Unfortunately, they are also prone to be rationalization hamsters who will justify any stupid policy as long as they think it increases “freedom,” mainly because they let their enemies teach them that they are individualists.

As an old line goes, there are only two parties, the stupid party and the evil party. We know the Left are evil because they insist we sacrifice heaven and Earth for the Utopian ideal of equality simply so that individualistic losers do not face consequences of their status, but conservatives generally are dumb as a box of rocks.

Their favorite riffs of late involve assimilation and special treatment for special groups. Assimilation is the illusion that we can dress up the third world in tricorner hats and business suits and turn them into Good Americans, which assumes that what defines us is the Constitution and legal guns. This is moronic, since without the Western European pioneers who came here, this country would have been another third world kleptocracy. Their “special groups” theory is even dumber, and holds that third world groups are simply victims of Leftists who have used welfare and pity to make them weak.

At the bottom of both of these assumptions is the Leftist notion of equality, or that all people are the same and it only requires the right indoctrination, financial incentives, and government propaganda to shape them into ideal citizens.

Really, conservatives seem to believe this stuff, and the more intelligent they are, the harder they fall for it. It is as if they will do anything to avoid confronting the schism in political thinking head on: one group believes in a pacifistic Utopia created by equality, and the other believes in cause/effect thinking or “realism.”

We could see this in Darwinian terms. The conservatives who really did believe in conservatism, or conserving the best of the past through realism and a transcendental vision of excellence, were all killed out in the revolutions, wars, political purges, and so on. Either that or they threw in the towel on politics altogether.

You can imagine how it works for many of us. We grow up Leftist in liberal households with Marxist professors while watching Frankfurt School media. Then we get some space of our own, re-connect with our gut instinct and intuition, and head toward the Right because it at least believes in doing things right according to what we know of the world.

Then you get to your first conservative meeting, and everyone is talking about how individualism is important. Individualism is an “ism,” which means it advocates the individual before all else, which means that it is a rejection of realism and transcendental visions of excellence. It is our enemy, and yet most conservatives embrace it.

Their basic M.O. is to accept Leftism so long as they can keep a few basic pillars of society intact, like their churches, guns, businesses, and defense (including Israel so we can all get raptured in the final war). They have given up before they started to fight, probably both out of an informed depression and a desire to, well, ensure personal profit and if encouraging others to follow a path to suicide reduces the competition they face, that might be a bonus.

In the meantime, no one will say that democracy has driven us insane, taken our will to fight, and made us constantly frustrated by the endless insanity and internal conflict in the modern West.

Conservatives simply rationalize (synonyms: excuse, justify) democracy by pointing the finger at specific non-conformists. They say diversity would work if it were not for those Muslims, or that democracy would work if it were not for some of those crazy Leftists out there. Third world groups would be just like us if it were not for the welfare state, and all a good woman needs is a good career. Poor people just need education. The list of conservative rationalizations goes on and on, and if you look at the common denominator, it is a refusal to recognize that individualism (manifested in: equality, democracy, feminism, pluralism, diversity, and pacifism) is the root of our decline.

In fact, conservatives rationalize individualism as well. It is what they want to be true, because that way they can co-exist with a Leftist time without having to make personal sacrifices to fight it and can also continue with their own wealth accumulation. In order for them to do this, however, they have to give up on everything else, including civilization and their own children. This is why Generation X hates the Boomers: our parents competed with us just like they did with everyone else, and sabotaged us, because to them, individualism was the only rule. They turn every idea into an ideology supporting this way of living, such that church becomes dogma, hard work at make-work becomes a patriotic duty, and a mouse-like denial of actual problems becomes good manners.

So far, the twenty-first century has been a ruin because the insanity has continued its acceleration toward a suicidal endgame. However, something good has also happened: with the worldwide connectivity of the internet, people are starting to see the same patterns manifesting everywhere, which causes them to identify the pattern as the root instead of the specifics of any given situation, including the groups involved.

Witness a particularly amusing diversity failure:

A HORRIFYING street battle between 60 men armed with machetes and metal pipes forcing a state of emergency to be declared in Duisburg.

…A police official told the newspaper Der Westen: “There are three rival groups. It may be a conflict between Turks, Lebanese and Kurds.”

…The police spokesman said similar incidents had taken place the previous night and the week before. Police are looking into whether there is a connection.

What is interesting here is that this diversity conflict is not between the evil Germans their poor minority guests/victims. Here we have three groups of immigrants fighting it out for reasons unknown, namely because no one will tell the police why. In other words, it is an internal matter.

When even diversity within diversity is not working, it makes you reconsider the idea of diversity itself. Can Turks, Lebanese, and Kurds co-exist within the same country? Or will that turn out like Kurds versus Iraqis, or Turks versus Kurds, or Lebanese versus Syrians, or Turks versus Austrians?

Speaking of the middle east, more comical diversity failure comes from the latest outbreak of race war in Israel where Palestinians are agitating to take over the country:

The Palestinians “will never recognize the Zionist entity and will never give up on Palestinian land, and on Jerusalem; [the city] is ours and there is no solution [to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] without the ‘right of return,’” Haniyeh said, according to a Hebrew translation by the Walla news site.

…At previous peace talks, the Palestinians have always demanded, along with sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem and the Old City, a “right of return” to Israel for Palestinian refugees who left or were forced out of Israel when it was established. The Palestinians demand this right not only for those of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are still alive — a figure estimated in the low tens of thousands — but also for their descendants, who number in the millions.

No Israeli government would ever be likely to accept this demand since it would spell the end of Israel as a Jewish-majority state. Israel’s position is that Palestinian refugees and their descendants would become citizens of a Palestinian state at the culmination of the peace process, just as Jews who fled or were forced out of Middle Eastern countries by hostile governments became citizens of Israel.

Can Palestinians co-exist in the same nation with Kurds, Turks, and Lebanese? If not, the problem is not Jews. But Jews had trouble co-existing in Germany and other European nations, so is the problem Europeans? Turks have trouble co-existing with Europeans, and Palestinians the same, so the problem cannot be Jews, Turks, Palestinians, or Europeans. The problem is diversity itself.

Humanity has never been able to deal with the fact that people are different and there are going to be some winners and some losers, and it is not “fair” in any sense of the word. The kid born with a 140 IQ who is six foot four and handsome with no genetic triggers for cancer is going to have a golden life, more so than the rest of us. That is just how nature works.

We can respond to this one of two ways. We can recognize that the people born to golden lives are also probably more competent, so if we put them in charge we all benefit, or we can have a prolonged tantrum and insist that everyone be forced to be “equal” so that the golden ones do not get golden lives. That resentful, revengeful, and negative outlook reveals a fatalism in humanity which is that we are so afraid for ourselves that we cannot believe in anything better.

Across the globe, there are winners and losers, and the losers want to mob and destroy the winners so that losers can carry on being losers without having to look at a reminder of their loserdom. If the entire world lives in mud huts, favelas, trailer parks, and Detroit-style ghettos, no one feels bad for living in one.

In Israel, low-IQ third-world Palestinians want to depose and consume higher-IQ first-world Jews, just as in the United States Asians and Hispanics want to assimilate and digest the white population, or how in Europe the Arab and African Muslims want to displace and replace the Germans, Dutch, French, and English.

Diversity is a giant loser because it is a philosophy of losers. Instead of emulating the winners, you destroy them and take their stuff. It is akin to small villages in Africa burning alive the guy who invented irrigation because his crops turned out better. Obviously he was a witch doctor, and we all feel better being mediocre now that this witchcraft we do not understand is gone. In first world countries, we metaphorically burn heretics for having the wrong opinion, and it is the same psychology.

Right now in the USA, we are gearing up for our next round of race riots after yet another black man has been shot by police:

A day after the shooting, police distributed a press release that said the officers who shot Clark “saw the suspect facing them, advance forward with his arms extended, and holding an object in his hands.”

Police video of the shooting doesn’t clearly capture all that happened after Clark ran into his grandmother’s backyard. He initially moved toward the officers, who are peeking out from behind a corner of the house, but it’s not clear he’s facing them or that he knows they are there when they open fire after shouting “gun, gun, gun.”

After 20 shots, officers call to him, apparently believing he might still be alive and armed. They eventually approach and find no gun, just a cellphone.

White people read this and think, “If I did that, I would get shot too, and there would be no mass protests for me.” Since the days of Rodney King, white people are accustomed to black people behaving badly who then get shot by police. We are tired of the endless protests, riots, and rage, for what was avoidable by the suspect.

Earlier, the famed pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu announced Clark was hit by eight bullets — seven times from behind — and took three to 10 minutes to die. Each one of the bullets could have been fatal, Omalu said, and Clark’s death was “not instantaneous.”

The endless media narrative also makes no sense. If twenty shots were fired, and the first one hit his chest and seven hit his back, was it fair to say he was “shot in the back” or that he went down twisting in a hail of bullets? Somehow no one in our media asks this.

Diversity never works anywhere, no matter what the groups are. The West has chosen democracy as its method of suicide, but diversity may be the means of achieving immediate social collapse, mainly because there is no way to make it work.

Luckily as the patterns emerge, opposition to diversity is rising, and with it to all of the things that conservatives like morons defend. We are seeing that democracy means mob rule, no matter how many of our vaunted “checks and balances” we have. We see that any Leftist goes full Soviet over time. And we see that diversity pits different groups against each other because each group wants its own standard and power, which means that the majority group gets bled out through pity, guilt, shame, and endless attempts to fix the problem.

Our future involves avoiding what the conservatives do. We need to stop rationalizing illogical, paradoxical, and failed policy notions like equality, pluralism, democracy, equality, and diversity. We need to stop thinking we are individualists, and realize that we are people who respond to the real world on a planet of mostly people who live within their own heads and are oblivious to reality.

We are not individualists; individualists are people who deny reality. We are those who honor what works and aim toward what is excellent. Anything else is our decline, and we are getting sick of being a failed, humiliated, and existentially miserable civilization.

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