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Displacement Of The Home

The primary commandment of those who want control is “thou shalt have no gods before me.” This means that heritage, culture, caste, religion and even family must die.

As part of that crusade, the forces of modernity have launched people on a radical campaign of individualism designed to remove them from the family unit, as well as culture and heritage.

We can see this manifested in the transition from home-based living to society-based living, as exhibited in the preferences of newer generations:

Today’s young buyers are looking for more efficient spaces that are just large enough for their needs. Many would prefer to be close to work, cultural amenities, and fun bars and restaurants.

“[Millennials] believe that they live outside the home—that could mean a coffee shop, bar or restaurant, or a park,” says Jason Dorsey, chief strategy officer for the Center for Generational Kinetics, a marketing firm in Austin, TX.

This is part of the process of externalization that is the oxidation caused by civilization; it has two parts, a tendency to offload the consequences of personal actions as socialized cost, and a preference for delegating value decisions to the herd.

As a consequence of living more out in the world, people never become separate from their programming. They have television and media, but they also have friends, who repeat what they saw on the TV as if it were wisdom.

The group feels confident with this arrangement, but even more the individual does. By following their externalized programming, they guarantee that they are never wrong, because they have followed the will of the group.

In addition, the minimization of home allows them to live without permanent connections. They have a crash-pad to sleep in, and everything else they need is provided by paid services, leaving them only with jobs as their lifeline.

Is it surprising that a worker’s revolution has reduced everyone to a worker, and minimized everything else about life? We have become tools of our own system, unable to stop the runaway spiral of its presumed success.

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