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Demotism Causes Skin Lesions

PVC pipes serve myriad purposes. The most well-known use involves plumbing. PVC pipes are light, cheap, and don’t make you retarded if you drink the water they carry. Vinyl chloride is a precursor chemical used to produce PVC pipes. This substance has many dangerous and hazardous properties.

The chemistry is fun — for certain values of fun — but most of us would find it unimportant. You may not be interested in organic chemistry, but if you live in the vacinity of Palestine, Ohio, some very unpleasant aspects of organic chemistry may well become very interested in you.

The Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in Ohio released more toxic chemicals than first reported, according to a report NS provided to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The NS (NYSE: NSC) train was traveling in East Palestine, Ohio, near the border with Pennsylvania when the accident occurred. The derailment involved 11 rail cars carrying hazardous materials, with five of those hazmat cars carrying vinyl chloride, a toxic chemical and flammable liquid, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. NS successfully vented and burned the vinyl chloride from those tank cars in a controlled procedure days after the derailment.

There is a further downside to burning and venting vinyl chloride. According to a paper in Waste Management Research:

Conversely, with its high content of chlorine, PVC is frequently branded as a major chlorine donor and spitefully leads to substantial formation of dioxins during poorly controlled or uncontrolled combustion and open fires.

So we’ve known since this article was published in 2015 that vinyl chloride can emit massively unpleasant fumes when incinerated. Why would the clean-up crews at a wreck site choose to vent and burn? They encountered a pressure build in the cars carrying the Vinyl Chloride that could have made the train cars into explosive mines that would have spread contaminant-laden shrapnel as far as one mile from the wreckage site. Thus, we now have an airborne smoke plume entraining dioxins.

Where these dioxins go, you would have to consult a meteorologist or atmospheric physicist to accurately predict. Pittsburgh, PA is a likely possibility. We do know the plume will travel a primary axis in a pattern dependent upon the prevailing momentum of its air mass. As it trespasses its way to the East like a Chinese Espionage Balloon, it will spread out lateral to its primary axis of advance and vertically up and down in a Gaussian pattern that is also impacted by gravity and smaller scale atmospheric wind patterns.

In simple terms, this is a nasty, ugly, and evil mess. Perhaps this plume is what corrupted democracy smells like. Maybe skin lesions and altered liver function are two more downsides to living in a demotic state.

How would demotism cause a train wreck? Because democracy isn’t free. More specifically, propaganda requires funding. The mob will exist. The powerful will attempt to steer that mob far clear of what they do to amass their power and fortunes. The Norfolk and Southern Railroad is no different. Norfolk and Southern buys lobbyists. The lobbyists oppose regulations of railroad thoroughfares and trains. The trains become less safe and eventually go off the rails. A simple tale of corporate greed. Amirite?

Partially. Somebody has to listen to the lobbyists and put their priorities above the priorities of the mob. Vanguard Funds and Blackrock listen very closely to these lobbyists. Their funds have many, many shares of Norfolk Southern. These entities then buy themselves politicians to support their positions in Norfolk Southern. But really, demotism itself did this: the voters chose ideological pursuit of diversity over having a functional society.

Other than Senator J.D. Vance, no politician has even opened his or her mouth on behalf of the people in this town. The biggest mistake these people made was not being born minorities. Since they are predominantly white, nobody in the entire Biden Administration gives a damn whether or not they fall over and die of cancer. As NRO’s finest, Kevin Williamson, famously put it, they should have rented a U-Haul. Their community needed to die.

Thirteen days after the derailment, the Director of the EPA will be the first major government official to view the wreck site and serve as a sacrificial lamb. He needs to be led to a local creek and get made to drink a few handfuls of the dioxin water.

Then we can do the voters. Only when demotism has to eat its own dog food, and the voters as well as the leaders get forced to drink the same water the rest of us do, will They ever acknowledge the negligent ecocide that accompanies the downhill progression of democracy.

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