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Nonwhites Have Self-Interest Too

Liberal and conservative Americans both fall under the delusion that nonwhites completely lack self interest. In most political discussions, nonwhites are spoken of like passive recipients of White culture. It is claimed that they are here because they want a new culture, because they want to assimilate, and because they have agreed to always respectfully stay in the minority. All of these claims ignore a natural nonwhite self interest.

Conservatives believe that these nonwhite immigrants are the “exceptional few” who come with a desire to assimilate. These immigrants are said to love our values and our culture. Unfortunately, only a small number of immigrants are like this. Most are not. How many Whites would willfully flee to China out of love for Chinese culture? How many Haitians would flock to Germany out of love for German taste? To assume nonwhites are readily willing to cancel their own culture is an affront to basic human self interest which seeks to preserve the cultural identity of the individual regardless of location.

Liberals believe that these nonwhites are a small ignorable group of refugees. They think it does not cost us much to show our humanistic values by offering them asylum and shelter, all the while feeling virtuous and above the rest of the world. But who among us would pretend that asylum seekers lose their sense of cultural purpose? If they do, after all, there is no point to diversity, since the mixing of cultures and different viewpoints would rapidly cease to exist.

Should Americans take refuge in Spain, they will create conditions that look more like America and less like their asylum nation. To pretend that refugees will remain in the refugee state while in our countries is absurd. A resettled refugee is no longer in danger and is now able to act on their self interest like the rest of us, which means that they will assert their cultures here, constituing at the very least cultural competition, resulting in the abolition of culture itself, and at worst, a war of conquest.

Even amongst us race realists there is a predisposition to believe that some kind of respectful solution exists to the immigration crisis. But respect can only occur when it is given. Of course, it is relatively easy to stop new immigration, but do we really believe that immigrants of a few generations will respectfully listen to us and leave? Do we really believe that any kind of policy resulting from a White identity cultural shift will make immigrants respect our desire for segregation?

Sure, it was far easier to convince the Black population to return to Africa when they were relatively new and unintegrated. But today, though Blacks have not made much economic success, they have nevertheless become far too dependent on White aid to simply pack up and leave respectfully even if their own leaders told them to.

We should not be deluded into thinking that any immigrant nonwhite populace will ever respectfully leave any town, city, or state in this country. And from their own self-interested perspective, why should they? They have already been officially and unofficially invited by our politicians. They have already formed their own communities and possess their own assets. They have already accepted massive amounts of aid to obtain their own education and employment. Many of them are property holders and business owners. And more importantly, they did not come here with a sense of respect to begin with.

Sure, that sounds harsh. But we ourselves are far more offensive by assuming that anyone comes to a foreign country with a sense of wanting to blend in and disappear. No one leaves their homeland to simply become invisible in an unknown land. Rather, they come for their own self-interest. They come to compete with us for resources, to outpace us in births, to naturally overcome their minority status and to become a dominant culture of their own. Is that too much to assume? Certainly not — it’s all healthy self-interest. It is what we ourselves would do anywhere else.

So then, if nonwhites come here like the rest of us would, with a desire to compete for resources, then how do we expect to achieve segregation? It cannot be respectful. In famines and disasters, respect is forgotten. And when the pool of American resources becomes thinner and more superficial, nonwhites will by no means simply ‘die off’ anymore than you or I would. They will fight us for the same survival, for the same quest to live another day. And never, ever, has that confrontation — the standoff between life and death — ever been respectful.

I urge you not to think that immigrants come respectfully. They may pretend to be stupid to appease our criticism, but they know full well of their own self-interest. They know that they wish to outcompete us in our own element, and they know that our politicians and policies favor their desire. ‘They’ are just like ‘us’ in this regard. Self-interest is universal, and self-interest is never respectful.

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