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Accelerating Towards Dark Organizations

The general theory of Dark Organizations refers to human groups adopting deviant traits like those of the humans that operate them. Over time it became clear that some administrative, managerial, and bureaucratic conditions also initiated Dark Organizations separately.

In addition, organizations that operate but are ignored or avoided, such as small towns slowly depopulating, develop or become inconsolable in very similar ways that old people experience when their children never visit, teenagers experience after being kicked out of the group, or soldiers do when returning from unpopular wars.

However, as society itself accelerates towards darkness, more of these characteristics appear. In late stage groups the entropic build-up of small errors in bureaucracy indicates darkness setting in and the longer it is allowed to remain, the worse/darker it will get:

The mass murder of 3,000 Americans led to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, which combined 22 federal agencies and became the nerve center of a new national security combine, and in turn completely altered how the federal government handles customs, immigration, naturalization, and just about everything else related to border control. Ever since, customs and immigration field workers have suffered through a series of shifting titles and responsibilities. It’s time to recognize that the new DHS is a bureaucratic disaster.

This build-up is known in system engineering as tolerance buildup and is a serious issue. But because people focus on and manage the big issues, these apparently insignificant but overt outcomes are not only easily missed, but it becomes a nuisance which is then intentionally filtered/ridiculed out of any discussion (misinformation).

This is of course not the only example of big structural changes in bureaucracy and there must be hundreds if not thousands of examples. For example, the entire South African government was restructured over time since Mandela took over. These changes were not a big-bang approach as was taken in the creation of the Homeland Department in America and it is still ongoing, where the initial change in 1994 was the strange deletion of the Department of (Black) Development, with the latest being centralizing the electricity sector as a Ministerial function in 2023.

Another African example is from Uganda, which was also initially influenced by the English is similar ways to America and South Africa. There decentralization is being replaced with centralization because the former resulted in burgeoning organigram — a term for a type of organizational hierarchy chart — structures caused by tolerance buildup effects from sources such as nepotism.

Another example is Twitter. So many people were fired that other internet companies followed suit. This demonstrates that the entire industry has been debilitated by tolerance buildup in the same way that any overly successful industry will experience. The Twitter platform, however, is surely compromised by woke small code changes now impervious to big scale changes ordered by Musk.

One could say, yes, but we should be tolerant of each other, to which the answer is in the affirmative. In system engineering tolerances are defined, which means that tolerance is allowed, while excessive tolerance is not. In society/bureaucracy however, no such self-awareness (culture) exists. Apparently, humans have yet to learn how to incorporate burocratic tolerances in their organizations.

Obviously, it is difficult because there are so many types of tolerances e.g., diversity and gender. And while this is dangerous by causing societal and organizational decline, it is also fatal, not only causing human deaths, but causing civilizational death. But a more appropriate example is Boeing 737MAX crashes killing people while another example is the debilitation of the entire American military machine caused by Covid and Vaccine adverse effects. No wonder they pick on small insignificant countries while shooting down cheap, cold balloons with heat-seeking missiles from expensive F22 fighter platforms operated by the few remaining un-vaccinated pilots.

Tolerance build-up is driving Western oriented managers insane, as some are already saying. But in these organizations managers generally go dark by being defensive at first, and if it continues, they will eventually become toxic. What is happening now however, is that they are going rogue which means that not only will more people die in all of the conflict we currently experience, but also our society will die, and it will not be due to big-bang nuclear conflict, but rather by entering a Dark State of slow and consistent bankruptcy predicted from 2028 onwards.

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