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Democrats Are Creating A Zombie Army of Unemployables

Prior to modernity, unemployed people were considered useless. Feudal minor nobles would typically conscript them into levies and send them marching off to some conflict armed with their farm implements. There was no vital security interest necessary for the minor feudal nobles to send these people off. This was a eugenics program; the nobles wanted to offload any proportion of their population that couldn’t get something useful done.

Baltimore, Maryland could do with some good, old-fashioned Dark Age feudalism. The sort that featured motte and bailey castles encompassed by curtain walls of sticks and mud because they can’t afford the masonry. It wouldn’t look too much more dilapidated than a lot of the current housing projects.

Now, we just don’t send these guys off to fight with modified scythes and rakes. It’s as if they now have a purpose that didn’t previously exist. It may well not be much of an improvement. This is what Baltimore’s public education system is currently producing.

Tiffany France, one of the mothers profiled in the Project Baltimore investigation, said she thought her 17-year-old son would be receiving his diploma in June but learned that after four years of attending Augusta Fells, her son is being moved back to the ninth grade. According to transcripts, France’s son passed only three classes in his four years of high school, earning a 0.13 grade point average. What’s worse is that her son’s GPA puts him near the top half of this class. He was also late or absent to school 359 days…

There is a profound number of things wrong here that putting Tiffany France’s son through another three years of 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade just can’t repair. Nobody should try. This young man is done. He not only won’t buy in, he has every reason to tell the person who tries to sell him to cram it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Even if Baltimore fired every single one of the people who ignored, avoided, and issued C-minuses to the young man to get him the heck out of building before he showed up one angry morning with a TEC-9, it would do no good. He lives with a mother who sat there not noticing or caring about any of this. She’s decided to become worried and upset just now. This could mean he won’t be leaving her house for a few more years. I’ll mention Dad as well because no story reporting on this entire debacle has seen fit to. There, I’ve given him more importance than Tiffany France probably does at this point.

I had a son who read at a ninth grade level once. It was a few years ago. He was nine or ten at the time and I enjoyed being able to converse with him at that level. My wife and I were encouraged. This wouldn’t be as encouraging if he had been seventeen.

At that age, a ninth grade reading level would barely get you past the ASVAB and into a set of Army Greens as an E1. If he tries really hard, he could smart up enough to qualify as an 11B and get blown up somewhere in The Middle East. This assumes he is morally trustworthy enough to issue a semi-automatic weapon.

Yet unlike the 9th or 10th Century AD, nobody intends for Tiffany French’s son to ever go anywhere. Children like him are still being used as a levy. They put the Anarchy in our current Anarcho-tyranny. People destroy others when they know they will have no future. When you’re 17, and the school just now bothers to tell you that you’ve qualified to begin 9th grade next Fall, that slot at Harvard Med School is several light years away.

People like Tiffany France’s son are the ones moving Amerika in its current direction. Children don’t turn into George Floyd or Trayvon Martin without the proper schools and just the right touch of family. It takes a village. A significant plurality of a society has to be at least tolerate, if not tacitly approve of, having hordes of these people around. George “Fentanyl” Floyd was bred, molded, and forged.

Nearly two-thirds of Black Americans, 64%, view Floyd’s death as murder; fewer than one-third of white people, 28%, feel that way. White Americans are more likely to describe it instead as the police officer’s “negligence,” 33% compared with 16% of Black respondents. That said, Americans who have heard at least something about Chauvin’s trial say 4 to 1, or 60%-15%, that they hope Chauvin is convicted. That included 54% of white Americans and 76% of Black Americans.

This reserve army of the unemployable for life is the only thing keeping the threat to everyone’s wellbeing out there on the streets. After $2bn of property damage, these guys are not terribly popular with the average burgher who appreciates getting to own property. The average mother and father who intend to have literate offspring don’t favor canceling Dr. Seuss. You need the type of guy who couldn’t distinguish The Cat in The Hat from that cat who owns the corners near his building. With a high school GPA of 0.13, they can be turned out in the street anytime you need a drunk and dangerous mob. That’s the top half of that school’s class. You’d rather not have to break bread with the lower two quartiles.

But the political class in both of our major political parties caters to this mob. The cucked civnats tell us kids like Tiffany France’s son must not be left behind. The Leftists turn them into secular saints. Demotism is like that. The rulers feed them, fan them, and hope they stay content to just sit on the front stoop drinking their juice down in the hood.

Demotism is rule by those who fear what happens when this sullen, perpetually aggrieved mob stops being content drinking the juice. Then, the most evil, the cleverest, and the most debased get to use them for something. If there’s a pointless beef you need to have settled, then Tiffany France’s son is out there on the streets somewhere. It’s not like he’s working as a stock broker, and he’s got not much else going on for the next three years.

There are people in positions of power who find this misbegotten and already ruined young man useful to keep around on a subsistence level of pointless existence. They are a part of why our nation is going to Hell instead Mars or The Moon these days. The ninth century feudal dedge Lords were perhaps more morally decent than our Great Society when they rounded up all the people like Tiffany France’s son and sent them off on Crusades. Syria was a popular destination.

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