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  • Hundreds of new migrants still being expelled to Mexico as Joe Biden keeps one of Donald Trump’s controversial policies

    Joe Biden reminds me of every union organizer, drug dealer, or confidence scam man. He plays both sides, and to keep in his good graces, you have to keep the checks flowing. Consequently, Biden will do what his party wants in public, but like Bill Clinton, he holds ideology in check to practicality so that he does not generate actual controversy.

  • Oil firms knew decades ago fossil fuels posed grave health risks, files reveal

    Are we blaming oil firms now for selling us the fossil fuels that we wanted? Everyone wanted a car, central heat, hot water, natural gas ovens, and durable plastic products. The group wanted it by the same mechanism that we make choices in democracy. We knew that there would be a price. And now, like anti-Semites or anti-Whites, we are scapegoating the powerful for the effects of our own mass desire.

  • Australia: Sex consent app proposal sparks backlash

    More scapegoating. In a climate of “believe all women,” evidence is not required to prosecute you for rape, and you can have no defense since you are required to have evidence and will not have any. In a broader look at this, perhaps it is time that casual sex simply dies, since it has not made people happier and we are not breeding at replacement rates, so are getting replaced by third-world imports instead.

  • Joint Venture Reimagines Anti-Slavery Newspaper For The 21st Century

    In a democracy, actual reality does not matter; appearance, feelings, symbolism, tokenism, emotions, superstition, and optics do. This shows us the breakdown of human discipline: severed from a continuity of time, the human mind becomes prey to its lowest devices disguised as its highest. As democracy fails, people argue for diversity as a goal in order to remain in denial.

  • Racist extremists pose most deadly terrorist threat to US, intelligence report warns

    Leftists demand that you follow their ideology or be considered an enemy, so any organization or institution that they enter will quickly become Leftist unless imposed. Like a cancer they spread, mutating ordinary people into robot zombies cordycepted by the presumed goodness of equality, and soon they declare that non-Leftists are the most deadly threat to us all.

  • Calgary police investigating Confederate flag flying in Union Cemetery

    Our society is drowning in real mortal problems but tackling those is difficult, one may fail, and that is bad for a career, so instead we have endless crusading after symbolic problems and ideological talismans for our daily dose of goodfeel. A flag hurts no one; civilization collapse dooms all. Democracy will not touch the latter before the end.

  • ‘Words matter’: Australian security org ditches ‘right-wing’ and ‘Islamic’ extremism labels

    Pairing a politically correct concern for religious discrimination with a Right-wing concern for political discrimination, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) announces that it focuses on threats of violence regardless of the reason why. This splits the vote, but also makes it impregnable to the usual whining.

  • New Brunswick monitoring more than 40 cases of unknown neurological disease

    Your new pandemic is here! This brand new disease resembles other diseases in which prions eat holes in your brain and turn you into a zombie. Perhaps nature is simply emulating how humanity seems to behave and turning things up a notch. Expect them to use this one in time for the next “election.”

  • Local judge and former president of foundation that runs ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for children arrested on 7 counts of child pornography

    The same people sponsoring the breakdown of our society have something to hide. That is why they want standards liberalized: when nothing is bad or good anymore, their perversities, opportunism, egoism, and insanity will go unrecognized in a giant flood of the same. Looks like we have found the high water mark of the transsexual revolution.

  • Chinese nation state hackers linked to Finnish Parliament hack

    China has been hacking and subverting governments across the West, but democracies are slow to notice such things. Can we still credibly believe that the SolarWinds hack and ensuing Microsoft Exchange exploit were the work of Russian hackers? What about the hack of the election itself, and the voting machines managed by SolarWinds software, including their own software updates?

  • ‘Soup Nazi’ joke is no longer funny, a restaurateur learns

    Chinese restaurant guy names his restaurant after a joke by Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld, but the local community panics in an ecstasy of signaling. Based Chinese-American restaurant owner responds that “White supremacy is not on the rise. Nationalism — wrongly conflated with White supremacy — everywhere is on the rise.” In the end, he will be proven right.

  • Vanessa Bryant names 4 LASD deputies who shared photos of helicopter crash scene

    Apparently Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell, and Raul Versales leaked photos from the helicopter crash resulting from pilot Ara Zobayan not following rules that killed admitted anal rapist Kobe Bryant. How is diversity working out for you, America?

  • 75-year-old Chinese woman ‘traumatized’ after fighting off attacker in San Francisco

    We are going to find out that the situation is not that Asians are getting attacked suddenly, but that these attacks are suddenly being reported in the aftermath of the college admissions lawsuit being dismissed. Racial violence is normal in America between all ethnic groups, and it usually never makes it into the papers unless a White person did it, which is relatively rare.

  • Investigators Seek Tips Into Human Smuggling Operation That Led to Deadly Imperial Valley Crash

    Another delay tactic. There are thousands of such operations, many financed by the cartels, making $10,000 per head smuggling “starving” Mexicans into the USA. Who can come up with ten grand just to hop over a border? They must expect at least that in value, which they are getting from the free housing, medical care, education, police protection, affirmative action, welfare, school lunches, and lack of taxes for under-the-table cash income that they get here.

  • Utah campaign against porn marches on with phone filter plan

    Like many things in the conservative revolution, early steps show good intentions, clear analysis, and outright stupid tactics. If they thought like Leftists, the Utahns would declare that porn causes medically-significant damage and allow their citizens to sue. Then get every prisoner to discover he had porn addiction, sue, and bankrupt all and any porn companies. This is what the Left will do to your gun and ammunition makers.

  • NFL star Deshaun Watson sued for alleged sexual assaults

    Lawsuit allegations sometimes resemble fact and are often hyperbole, but this is too rich to pass up. We have seen peak democracy in this phrase: “Watson then got more specific and asked Plaintiff to work on the inner part of his anus.” Not only that, but this lifts the lid off of those Asian massage parlors that keep getting shot up and their habit of “happy endings.”

  • A New York Lawmaker Wants to Ban Police Use of Armed Robots

    Banning things rarely works because people are doing them for a reason. We have lots of diversity and poors committing crimes, and not many cops who will confront them, especially after the George Floyd scamtacle. A robot always records and follows procedure as programmed, so you are going to see not just police but private security rolling these out everywhere.

  • Georgia sheriff’s spokesman appeared to promote racist shirt

    Spokesman says that massage parlor shooter was at the end of his rope and had a bad day, so he snapped and committed the crimes. This enrages SJWs, who then go look up the Facebook page belonging to the spokesman to find that he shared a picture of a Wuhan Flu tshirt. To them, this is “racist” and therefore proof that he should be killed or deplatformed, or something.

  • China puts the pandemic behind it, aims for less commodity-intensive growth

    Responding to the rise in the cost of its labor, China sees a future in which its economy supports itself through consumer spending and fewer exports are required. This shows us that despite the vaunted recovery, China realizes that the good years are over and that unless an alternative business model is found, near-term collapse awaits.

  • Police to record hate crimes motivated by misogyny

    If a victim believes that a crime was motivated by “hostility based on their sex,” hate crimes charges now attach, which means that every crime against a woman will now be a hate crime. Just as we found out with “believe all women” sex assault accusations, this will cause an explosion of fake crimes and be used to attack any politician who deviates from herd thinking.

  • Valley state rep. co-sponsors bill to declare racism public health crisis in Ohio

    Since people have lost faith in diversity as a good thing, Leftists want to force us all to obey the diversity indoctrination and concern by making it into a public health crisis. That way, they can continue the civil rights and humanitarianism scam and keep leeching money away from us to fund their own ethnic groups in their quest to conquer us.

  • More reason to think Beijing’s to blame for the pandemic

    Now that all of the theories are on the table, the idea that the virus discovered in 2012 was kept in a military virus lab and leaked — deliberately or accidentally — from there makes the most sense. No one really believed the wet market, US army airdrop, frozen food, or Italian connection rumors anyway. However, “official” sources claim otherwise.

  • UK considers sending asylum seekers abroad to be processed

    When your phone company wants to avoid paying you a refund, they make you drive across town to some obscure office in a bad area to get your money. Western democracies, having figured out that immigrants are not going to pay the tax bills required to fund entitlements already promised to Baby Boomers, are now raising the cost of being a refugee to slow the flood.

  • Months after Trump complaints, some courts are finding irregularities in 2020 elections

    Deep State stonewalling and a combined media, China, and normie herd panic yeeted Trump from office over an illegitimate election. Evidence keeps piling up, and a state-level revolt is pushing back against the choice of our new vassal-in-chief. Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia courts find that Democratic changes to election procedure violated state laws.

  • The COVID Class War Heats Up

    The three professions with the greatest proportion of Biden donations were professors, librarians, and therapists. Republicans represent small business owners and working class people. Can we abstract this to seeing that the Democrats represent those who depend on the system for entitlements payments, and Republicans are those who want to live outside of it?

  • Profiling Insurrection: CharacterizingCollective Action Using Mobile Device Data

    Study finds that 90 percent of Capitol rioters were not affiliated with political groups, including QAnon and “White Supremacy,” and instead were ordinary people infuriated at the corruption and enforced ignorance of Late Stage Democracy. Another media narrative slowly dies.

  • Feeding cows seaweed could cut their methane emissions by 82%, scientists say

    How to end up running in circles: to fix one problem, adopt a solution that brings on new problems. The pollution emissions required to harvest, dry, clean, and deliver all of that seaweed will dwarf whatever savings were achieved, but someone has just made a good case for new government subsidies and will get rich on the fat of the votards as a result.

  • Two Teens Set Mentally Ill Man On Fire; If Races Were Reversed It Would Be A National Story

    Even (edgy) mainstream conservatives like Ben Shapiro are now being forced to recognize that the media narrative of Angry Moronic White Supremacists versus Innocent Harmless Minorities is neo-Communist propaganda, and that the reality of diversity is constant race war acted out through crime, graft, taxes, and public shaming.

  • YouTube deletes Alex Jones appearance on popular Flagrant 2 podcast

    With the president, Congress, China, the Deep State, and media on their side, social media companies no longer have to hide behind a mask. They can take it off and simply remove any Right-wing content that threatens the Leftist denialist narrative which says that democracy is thriving and not failing at the hands of insane policies like diversity, equality, and socialism.

  • Iowa House passes bill allowing Iowans to carry, buy guns without permits

    Continuing the policy of states abolishing federal policy through legislature, Iowa tenders a bill that would get rid of the permit requirements at a state level, following the “natural rights” ideal from the Bill of Rights that government intrusion upon individuals must be minimized. This presents a direct challenge to Washington.

  • EU Critics on Course to Dominate Dutch Elections

    Geert Wilders placing second in this election makes for a good story, but the bigger story is that he did not place higher simply because the mainstream parties have been adopting populist opinions. The same competition that drove them Left now drives them Rightward.

  • Alone in a crowd: is it time to rethink the city?

    Cities provide a lack of continuity. An anonymous agent with no obligation except to yourself, you can easily sever ties to jobs, communities, homes, girlfriends/boyfriends, and anything except the bare minimum lowest common denominator which democracy espouses: you want money and need to buy certain items. Democracy, not capitalism, made us into economic units.

  • Federal ‘COVID’ Spending Just Hit $41,870 Per Taxpayer. Did You See That Much in Benefit?

    In economics terms, you just took out a loan that you — or at least the 53% of you who pay any significant amount in taxes at all — will discharge over the next thirty years, and government only took a 25% interest rate in pork and corruption for the convenience. Stolen elections have consequences, and the new raised tax rates will bring back the Obama economic and social malaise.

  • ‘Joy every day’: New Yorkers reveal their fabulous apartments

    Cities are death. When you replace the soul with the glory of the self, people like this result: obsessed with the trivial, living in landfills made of “art” and self-aggrandizement, making no permanent connections and existing without family, culture, or any continuous and broader connection to the world around them. We are all islands with equality.


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