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Democracy Will Destroy Any Nation

If we were at a party, drinking warm Miller Lite, and you said, “So this site you write for, Amerika, what is it about? How is it different from the other far-Right sites out there?”

Taking a sip of warm beer-like liquid, I might say, “It explains how mainstream conservatism includes all that the far-Right wants, but goes after the core, which is our moral failing. We have given in to mundane, socially acceptable evil that we now accept as good, and that starts with individualism/equality, which is the backdoor into the human psyche. All of the stuff that the far-Right detests — diversity, decay in behavior, shattering of the family, international finance, Idiocracy, mass/pop culture, ethnic crime — has its origins in equality or being used to justify equality as a workable program. We target the root, where everyone else is swatting at flies and missing the big point.”

Feeling some alcoholic courage, I might even add, “The core of politics for me is realizing that most people mean well, but do not understand how their actions translate to reality. They see a thing, want that thing, and desire that some all-powerful force will make it so, but that is religious thinking, not leadership. Democracy means that whoever sells the most pleasurable lie wins, and as a result society has drifted Leftward. At the close of the twentieth century, however, it had become clear that the liberal West was dying just as the Communist East had done. We need new paths, not retreading the same old battles.”

If our writings here seem abstract, it might be because we are stalking a mental virus or idea that turns people into robots. This means that we must explore psychology, economics, philosophy, and aesthetics more than politics itself. Any site can tell you about black crime, big government, Jewish power, the labor movement, Chinese infiltration of American politics, Christianity versus pagans versus atheists, Democrat corruption, or even the Clinton Foundation. We are here to talk about the cause behind all of these, because only by reversing that do we stop fighting symptoms and start fighting the disease itself.

We get a lot of flak or are outright ignored because we refuse to join in the illusion of the moment. This week it is “Easter Worshipers,” last week it was “Desmond is Amazing,” and the week before, yet another illegal immigrant crime that has already fallen into the memory hole. People want something to unite them, so they can all be on the same side and see the same thing, as a way of getting themselves ready to act, or at least feel better about how alienated they are from the mainstream. We say tear out the heart of the mainstream, which is this consumer-like ovine idea that someone offers us products to fix negative problems, when in fact we have to unite to create a positive state of being that avoids all of the justifications, excuses, and rationalizations that cause us to accept the defective policies, programs, and behaviors that cause those negatives to exist among us.

If you really want to give this society the finger, identify the root cause of its decay: equality/individualism. When everyone is important and right, we spend all our time fighting over who can justify their ideas using universal or “objective” notions, and miss out on the practical reality of our existence.

Pointing the finger at equality/individualism means that you have a new set of enemies. You could kill every Jew and Negro in the world, and the West would still be a fallen ruin. You can play first person shooter with Leftists and you will actually achieve anything. If you managed to shoot or exile everyone who believed in equality, you would have a small society of very high quality people that would shortly after take over the world.

The big point is, if you are still reading, that ideas change people. If you say that equality/individualism is good, you have now built your life around this notion, and you will twist and contort your other ideas, observations, and wants in order to fit within that paradigm. You will stop wanting the one really good person to love forever, and settle for interchangeable “girlfriends” because people are all equal, so any one is about as good as any other if she is convenient for you, fits your career, has the same hobbies, or is compatible with your friend group. You swindled yourself by settling for a mediocre product, but at least you have the “freedom” to choose another, just like a consumer in a store where nothing is as good as its advertisements claim, and your only recourse is to buy another, knowing that the store always makes a good margin…

Ideas warp people. If you put an idea in your head that is not real, you are both going to come in conflict with reality and have to bend yourself into weird shapes so that you do not notice things in reality that you should not. This is what political correctness does: you cannot use certain words or terms, so you edit them out of your mind, and with them goes any ability to notice the truth quotient within them. Ideas change you, but you think that you are in control and will never change except by your will… however, in reality, control does not apply to something as complex as life. You can guide it, to a degree, but you will never control it, or yourself.

For a good example of how ideas break people, consider how democracy makes us stupid and by doing so, transforms civilizations of great promise into third-world wastelands:

The saviour of stupid people, both right and left, is democracy. Being as the stupid people are stupid their stupidity prevents them from figuring out democracy is how we got here. The stupid people will actually spew forth the meme/quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” and then surge forward in a wave of Hope/Change or MAGA attempting to solve the problems of democracy with voting.

Under no circumstances is equality the solution.

Successful civilizations lead to weak populations. Weak populations know they are inferior. They know this instinctively. They have no purpose for existing. They don’t articulate this directly. They act it out indirectly by throwing themselves into acts of symbolic importance because they are not capable of acts of importance.

The only way that we can solve our problems is to build a civilization. Right now we live in a shopping mall with mall cops and constant propaganda blasted at us. Turn off the propaganda, dodge the mall cops, and start thinking about what you and people like you can create, instead of which of the products on offer is the best deal.

If you do this, you get out of the habit of choosing the lesser evil, and start thinking about how none of the options are any good because they are all based in equality/individualism, and that we need options based on nature, social order, God/gods, hierarchy, sanity, logic, and wisdom.

Nothing remains of importance to us in this rotted husk of civilization, but there are some good people left. We have to get together and first break free from our mental conditioning, then act in such a way that we can build a great civilization and drive out the many parasites that ours has accumulated.

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