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  • Who Wants This War With Iran?

    Democracy repeatedly fails to enact or reflect the will of the people. Nobody with a brain wants a war with Iran. It’s not even losing this war that we should worry about. What do we do with these people if we wreck the joint and take over? Do you want professional and moral responsibility for the lives of these guys? I can tell you point-blank that “!NO!” would not sufficiently express my personal sentiment on that. If Iran doesn’t actively attempt to bomb or pop nukes on us, we have no logical reason whatsoever to fight these people. It doesn’t matter that I personally think their government is crazy, evil and sucks at basic competence to put the cherry on top of the sundae. Does this justify invading Iran? Hell no. That explains why nobody with a brain wants a war with Iran. But then again, democracy almost never really reflects the will of any citizen that maintains an effective and functioning brain.

  • Serial Killer in Texas is Illegal Alien from Kenya — Accused of Murdering 12 Elderly Women in Dallas Area (Video)

    Dallas officials on Thursday reported that an illegal alien murdered at least 12 elderly women in a multi-year killing spree in the Dallas area. Bill Chemirmir was charged with 12 capital murder indictments this week. He smothered his victims and then stole their belongings. Chemirmir is an illegal alien from Kenya.

    Who said they aren’t sending their best? This guy had his rap down cold. Not in the market for hyper-effective serial killers? That just means you don’t properly celebrate diversity. Amerika will be a wonderful place once guys like Chemirmir replace the mean, evil Eurocentric culture around here.

  • IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Remove Illegal Aliens From United States

    Does Big Mean Orange Man think of the consequences here? Doesn’t he care? How can he still have these ideas? He doesn’t. He marries logic and streetsmart intuition to make his decisions. This enrages the insiders. He doesn’t have their imprimatur and he doesn’t have their regard for the current Overton Window. Once he decides there are too damn many people here illegally, he only asks how do I get them out of here? He keeps it simple, ignores the blow-dried talking heads, and just figures out the shortest distance between his current Point A and his desired Point B. Realism and pragmatism both predictably lead to what The Deep State views as heresy.

  • SAT exam to give students “adversity score” in bid to level playing field

    The Journal reported that this new score will appear alongside a student’s SAT score and will be featured in a section labeled the “Environmental Context Dashboard.” The adversity score’s formal name on the dashboard is “Overall Disadvantage Level,” but it has been colloquially called the “adversity score” by college admissions officers, per The Journal’s article.

    The SAT had to be whomped. It started with the cheating. The rich cheated by buying their kids specialized instruction. Less wealthy people found more mechanical and higher risk methods of defrauding the intent of the examination. This was because it served the purpose of standardizing everyone applying to Miskatonic University on the basis of their intellectual potential. The monotonic upward correlation between SAT Scores and individual IQ lead it to always be problematic to those who didn’t want to see power and opportunity in society handed out on the basis of intellectual ability. So the SAT served an important purpose and told the world a hate truth. It therefore had to be killed. This hastens the day when all major organizations do what both Google and the NFL do already, and give all their perspective employees IQ tests that they use as a part of their prospect evaluation process.

  • Israel Folau is SACKED: Australia’s top rugby player has his $4million contract torn up over anti-gay post – but his battle is far from over

    Israel Folau was today officially sacked from the Australia rugby union team for a homophobic Instagram post. The decision makes the devout Christian the first Australian athlete dismissed for expressing religious beliefs. Folau, 30, has the right to appeal and have his case heard at a second code of conduct hearing by a new panel. But he will reportedly skip that process and head straight to court to argue that he is being persecuted for his religion.

    I’ll call this The Andy Warhol Corollary To The Dissident Right. I just don’t see Israel Folau sitting around on his PC coming up with the dankest of memes. He is way too busy doing this instead.

    But then Folau stepped in it. He’s one of those people. He studies that viscous grimoire known as The Bible. Having properly comprehended the whole Great Commission Thingy, he took to Instagram to share some of St. Paul’s more pithy theological advice.

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    Now that doesn’t make for a very groovy orgy-party, now does it? Here this dumb jock goes quoting some religious fundie whack-job who changed his name and ran around preaching at people that their bodies were members of Christ. The really smart people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson know that the human body is an amusement park attached to a big sewage system. Or at least that’s the only part of the human body most moderns spend much of their time seriously contemplating.

    So Folau shares his beliefs on Social Media. He can no longer be paid or even seen in public. He must be banished. This is a show trial. This is Achilles dragging the mutilated cadaver of Hector thrice around the walls of Troy behind his chariot. Banning Israel Folau from any portion of what is now euphemistically described as polite society is how modernity expresses its regard for the traditions of the past and those that still hold fast to them. Time to get with the program…or else!

  • Gillibrand Urges ‘Action’ Against Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh If They Don’t Uphold Roe v. Wade

    Gillibrand called the Alabama law an “all-out attack by the Republican party to undermine basic civil rights and to roll back and undermine basic reproductive freedoms in this country. It is something they are determined to turn back the clock on,” she said. She noted that in the 2018 election, “women’s voices were heard”:

    Kristin Jellobrand (D Sen. – NXIVM) Why yes, Senator NXIVM, Kay Ivy’s voice resonated in the 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial Election. She then went on to sign the most restrictive anti-abortion legislation recently passed in Amerika. As did the voice of women all over Amerika. Here’s what’s been passing state legislatures lately since all of these successful and powerful women have spoken up.

    Twenty-one abortion restrictions have been enacted across the U.S. this year, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks data for research and policy analysis on abortion in the U.S. And with another eight months left, lawmakers in 28 state legislatures have introduced bills that seek to add even more restrictions. The efforts are part of ramped-up, grassroots efforts by conservative, anti-abortion activists to make the medical procedure inaccessible, illegal, and in the most extreme cases, a potential capital murder charge.

    Amazing how electing a bunch of people biologically wired to be mothers hasn’t been a Godsend to Planned Parenthood.

  • is no longer available

    I saw this awesome-sounding Heartiste post on one of the aggregator sites I peruse. I was pumped. It sounded cool. I got this instead. It is how the Crowdist mob argues. “Shut up!” They explained.

  • Burger King: Feel Your Way Real Meals by MullenLowe U.S.

    It’s a good thing I’ve got an Internet link to this, or you’d probably think I was about to sell you a Whopper. The company that is attempting to kill itself perhaps should go after the emos. Mood calories. That’ll fix everything that’s wrong with these people.

  • You Know Nothing Chairman Xi

    When confronted by a trading partner that refuses to knuckle under to dishonest and predatory Chinese trading practices, the Chinese Communist Party leadership has chosen to lie, cheat, and steal, rather than to reform. This was predictable, when considering China’s global policies of debt slavery and military expansion. Mr. Xi has already pulled the trigger on China’s global strategy, and cannot afford to surrender on any front — particularly on a front that underwrites China’s real economic clout. At this point China’s leaders feel they can only attack, both overtly and covertly.

    In a way, China could be a more likely war for Amerika than Iran. The Iranian Mullahs may be crazier than a nest of outhouse rats, but they have no expectations to meet from the Iranian people. They aren’t promising their people anything in this life. This gives them the option of not trying to bluster their way through against any Amerikan who isn’t Cyrus Vance or John Kerry. When Donald Trump decides to bring out the gimp and sends John Bolten over to discuss with them, they can play nice for a couple of years and bet on a more favorable set of election results.

    China has no such options. They are already under pressure to remain the world’s low cost source of simple end items. A POTUS that tacks 25% on to every price of a Chinese import price has just improved US relations with Vietnam and The Philippines. Knocking China out of the lower echelon of the US consumer products market is an immediate shock to both their labor market and to the aggregate value of their largest industrial firms. This puts them in a situation similar to that of France in WWI. They already knew in 1914 what would happen to them if they had to fight an aggressive German Army sometime around 1940.

    China already knows what would happen if they engage in economic warfare against the US 10 years from now when nobody has to source large amounts of inexpensive production through Shanghai anymore. If the US can economically decouple from China and still grow 3% a year, Chinese Communism is going the way of Soviet Communism. The waste, fraud and inefficiency will kill them. This is why they attempt to perturb the US financial markets and aggressively expand into poor countries with rare natural resources now. The hand writes on the wall of the banquet room: “mene mene tekel upharsin.” Countries made aware of this are less averse to open warfare than places that have a viable future to lose.

  • US consumer sentiment surges to highest level in 15 years

    Iraq still looked like a halfway salvageable foreign adventure the last time Ameirkans had this much positive belief in their economic well-being. I blame President Trump’s willingness to economically challenge China and Mexico for the turnaround.

    The University of Michigan’s preliminary print on its consumer sentiment index rose to 102.4, up from 97.2 in April and well ahead of economist expectations of 97.5. “Consumers viewed prospects for the overall economy much more favorably, with the economic outlook for the near and longer term reaching their highest levels since 2004,” said Richard Curtin, chief economist for the Surveys of Consumers. “To be sure, negative references to tariffs rose in the past week and are likely to rise further in late May and June.”

    It should be noted that US Stock Indices have recovered 5/6 of the value lost when concerns over President Trump’s aggressive efforts to make China trade fairly with the United States were hyped in order to ramp-job the equities markets. The DJIA lost 615 points or 2.4% in one day. It has since gained back 530 of the 615 points of lost value. This suggests that a lot of people are ready to buy stocks at a slightly lower price. It will take much more proficient crisis engineering to accomplish what the #NeverTrumpers of the world want to see happen between now and the November after next.

  • Women brawl at Memphis elementary school graduation

    We really need to arrange some sort of diversity swap with Guatamala and Hondurus. A large plurality of their people wish they could move here. We just don’t have enough room for them right now. Let’s open up a few extra slots. They send us the people they don’t want, we reciprocate in pursuit of Donald J. Trump’s doctrine of fair trade. It could be like a big international game of Hearts. Everyone passes three cards they’d rather not have in their hand. Or, another way to look at this, do we really need to take in all world’s poor and downtrodden? We can grow the poor and downtrodden such as Erika Moody perfectly well right here in the USSA.

    The school’s principal asked officers to remove Moody and her daughter from the school, but Moody reportedly latched onto another woman by the hair and slapped her several times in the face with an open hand before they could intervene.

  • Do We Need NATO?

    The dilemma remains for Trump. A clear policy should be formulated. At various moments, Trump has doubted the value of NATO and declared that the U.S. would not automatically defend an attacked NATO country, though at the same time, he is still committed to Article 5 of the treaty, which states that if one NATO member is attacked, then all members are attacked. He is certainly opposed to the development of a European Army, which French president Emmanuel Macron appears to have suggested. Is Trump a nationalist or a moderate internationalist, or both? He is skeptical of being involved, as were previous U.S. presidents, in promotion of democracy in the Middle East, as some Europeans have urged as an objective. His focus, clearly articulated, is on specific U.S. interests. The outstanding question is whether, if NATO is ended, Trump can build coalitions of nations with similar values and strategic objectives.

    If the US does not intend to conquer Eastern Europe, then NATO no longer needs to exist. Germany, France, Great Britain at al are fully-grown, mature, well-established nations that are acting like toddlers on the pot because we have taught them learned helplessness. If Vladimir Putin is not amassing a godless, commie hoard that will emerge like The Night King from the frozen north of Westeros, we don’t need to transfer $Bil every year to EU economies. If we think Europeans are weak, pathetic scumbags who need our welfare payments, just wire them a nice, fat balance for the EUEBT Card. It presents a much lower risk of war.

  • Side by side, Venezuela and Chile, compared in video

    You don’t need fluent Spanish to understand the video. Socialism leads to death. You now know more than the typical graduate of Boston University Economics Dept.

  • Theresa May’s Attempts to Stitch-up Brexit ‘Deal’ with Hard-Left Corbyn’s Labour Collapses

    Hard forks kill cuckservatives. Cucks exist to prevent nominally Conservative parties from ever attempting to make the hard decisions required to advance their ideologies. British Conservatives have determined that Tory PM Theresa May is a Cuckservative. The consequent rise of The Brexit Party makes her have to choose. She can have Brexit and continue her charade as a Conservative, or she can go back home to her true beliefs. Oh wait, those who represent her true ideological predilections don’t even want her.

    Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to stitch-up a Brexit deal with hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have ended in failure. “I believe the talks between us about finding a compromise agreement on leaving the European Union have now gone as far as they can,” Corbyn wrote to Mrs May in a letter reported by the BBC.

    The sands run out in Theresa May’s hourglass. Tory, Labour or Brexit; the British People will attempt to elect an actual PM next time out.

Oh, and now that Crimethinker Brett Stevens has been !BANNED! from Zuckerface, here’s the more same and reasonable people you can check out instead.

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