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  • Air pollution could affect ‘every organ’ in the human body, major review warns

    The twentieth century was spent fighting over the changes made in the eighteenth century to formalize the ideas of the sixteenth century. History moves very slowly, as it turns out… minor ideas only change when the previous generation dies, so big ideas — which are formed of a network of roots in minor ideas — only change centuries later. While we were dickering around over how to make ourselves “equal,” or in other words how to distribute the money and power and social status so that no individual complained, our rising technology made lots of people rich and has now made the Earth toxic enough that we are seeing the first effects. This introduces the theme of the twenty-first century, which is getting our heads out of the cloud of ideology and focusing on reality instead, namely what actually works and what are actual threats.

  • Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs

    You know you live in a Leftist worker’s paradise when not just mainstream Leftist politicians but Rightist politicians on the underground and mainstream like are bemoaning the rise of automation. Just a few weeks ago everyone was whining about how terrible these jobs are, and now suddenly these horrible jobs are sacred? Let us give praise to automation for taking away stressful tedium of this nature. Funny how Leftists might talk about how employers should be more generous, but they still always go for the lowest price possible, even if the products are made by slave labor and packaged by people urinating in bottles while racing down aisles throwing orders into boxes under the eyes of cruel taskmasters who downrate their social rank if they are even a second late.

  • Healthcare worker accused of murdering 12 elderly women could be linked to over 1,000 deaths

    Remember when white guys were the notorious serial killers? We have been totally upstaged. Yet another area where the third world shows greater proficiency than we do, although we still have stable civilization, science, learning, transcendental wisdom, and creativity over them.

  • Extinction Rebellion founder cleared of vandalism in landmark case after arguing climate change justification

    The Left pulled off a clever sleight-of-hand here: it is OK to break the law as long as you mean well. The court ruled that because the climate is so important, vandalism law does not apply. Wait until they apply this to murder in order to stop someone from committing the “hate crime” of posting to Facebook.

  • Trump’s Rules for Republicans (Adapted From Alinsky)

    Just like the vandalism law usurpation, Alinsky’s laws were cleve– wait a second, what am I saying? They are moronic. The basic idea is to always push back against your opposition, instead of working toward making society thrive. Destroy the village in order to save it, in other words. Trump has adapted these for the Right with a never surrender, never apologize policy that always forces the crisis back onto the Left. This leads to victory because the Right is finally fighting instead of lamely trying to hold society together while the Left vandalizes it, but they are doing so in Right-wing ways, namely always advancing the idea of strong power and social order over pluralism, big government, the Nanny State, the deep state, wealth transfer, and class warfare.

  • The Rise of Artificial Freedom

    The West is now fully divided into two sides: the denialists, who refuse to see that we are the falling of Rome 2.0, and the realists, who want us to recognize this reality and then counter it by restoring Western Civilization. Naturally there is some overlap; for example, I want to restore Western Civilization but keep Costco, Walmart, and Tobacco Barn. The denialists are censoring the realists because denialists control most of the media and are threatened by realism, where realists see that denialism is the status quo and therefore other than filtering it out of their own spaces, gain nothing by censoring it. This creates a situation where the denialists are trying to hold back history, while claiming to be on the “right side of history” (what they mean is: the winning side in the recent past), by inflicting injustice on the other side, infuriating them. This is going to end in bullets and bodies.

  • Young Europeans increasingly turning to the far-right

    Where else would they turn? The Left is The Establishment™ now and has made itself comical by failing in all that it does. Modern society is not such a good financial deal anymore, you have no free time because you are always working, all of our products are low quality now, the air is bad and the food is inferior, everyone is existentially empty and emotionally disturbed, there is violence and decay all around, mass culture is garbage, our cities are ugly, we are committing ecocide… the list goes on, and the Left caused them all and will do nothing to stop them. No one listened to reason, it’s too late, and they are ready to fight.

  • The Guardian view on a Green New Deal: we need it now

    The Left has united around the Green New Deal, which is basically socialism with some token environmental changes that do not address the actual problem tacked on. It is effective because it is a symbol, and that unites the neurotic human individualists more than an actual plan, especially since this one appeals to the lowest common denominator desires for free stuff and a reason to consider oneself superior to others. We badly need to seize power and drive these people out of our society; they either had mental health problems and succumbed to Leftism, or were driven mad by it later, but either way, they are ruined and parasitic and the only thing we can do is eject them and start over.

  • Singapore Urges U.S. to Accept China’s Rise, Spare Other Nations

    I remember when Singapore was the talk of the town among Neoreactionaries. It turns out that they are just more partisan hacks addicted to their patron.

  • Prime Minister Nigel Farage?

    Let us hope so. Farage is the classic anti-politician: he understood what the UK was doing wrong, how to get it on the right path, and why other people opposed this, long before any of them would do anything but try to silence those who spoke such truths. We are now living in his world, because whether it happens or not, Brexit was the voice of the remaining sane people in the UK.

  • China’s retail sales growth slumps to 16-year low as trade war risks rise

    China needs the West, and not the other way around, despite all of their propaganda (and that of their Leftist lapdogs) to the contrary.

  • Philip Morris suspends social media campaign after Reuters exposes young ‘influencers’

    Why advertisers love the internet: everything is fake, and the more “authentic” it seems, the more contrived and manipulative it is. On television, we knew it was all fake; on the internet, nobody knows when you are an astroturfing marketer disguised as a hipster.

  • Porn a public health crisis in US, Arizona and other states agree

    This one flew under the radar, but is still significant: Barack Obama accidentally reawakened social conservatism, which basically says that the way we have lived throughout the ages is better than whatever recent trends the Left has cooked up. As part of that, people are pushing back on promiscuity, libertinism, gluttony, pretense, drug use, perversity, and other forms of behavior that clash with the moral standard of our history. This means that the showdown approaches as battle lines are drawn.

  • Expert Psychologist Blocked on Twitter for Expressing Clinical Opinion on Transgenderism

    More social media censorship of perfectly normal noticing of how reality works. It makes you wonder what they are hiding. If they had nothing to hide, would they be deleting people right and left for expressing Off-Narrative viewpoints? These people are not crazy neo-Nazis living under a bridge and plotting race war; they are normal people noticing that the narrative is failing and that the Left has only one plan, which is to double down yet again on their failed policies.

  • Australians aren’t really happy with either of their choices for leader, but they have to vote anyway

    Welcome to democracy, where the system selects for a certain type of person to be your leader because that is what the majority will vote for, and this person is not really good but simply a careerist, which means that no matter what party you vote for, you get someone applying the same methods. Are we ready to leave behind the sad sordid time of democracy yet?

  • England needs an extra FOUR MILLION homes over the next 20 years to keep up with soaring immigration

    Europe admits why it loves immigration: they want more workers and need more taxpayers to get fleeced to fund the benefits already paid to previous generations. In reality, they do not need immigrants, but need less lost productivity, which is caused by make-work jobs, affirmative action, high taxes to fund the entitlements state, unions, expensive bureaucrats, and too many free riders who contribute nothing but consume benefits. This is what is killing Europe, a combination of socialism and individualism. The more immigrants they bring in, the worse this problem becomes as social order breaks down. Like the USA, they have entered a death cycle through socialism and diversity, brought on by a need to fulfill that Enlightenment™ ideal of the individual being more important than social order, nature, and the divine.

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