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Addicted to the Narrative

What defines a “normie”? These are people who buy into the mainstream narrative and want nothing else. They fear any deviation from that narrative because any alternative viewpoint calls into question their obedience and makes them feel stupid for following a lie.

We call them “normies” because this desire to fit in with what is “normal,” even if it is artificial and unrealistic, defines them. They think backward: where sane people think in terms of needs and then match them to solutions, for normies the solution is always to accept whatever the “current thing” is.

In order to accept this tendency in themselves, they create a constant mental fuzz around them of theories, justifications, victimhood narratives, and other neurosis. Their goal is to camouflage what they are actually doing so that others cannot criticize them and, in doing so, reduce their social rank.

Normies are addicted to the narrative because it enables them to continue avoiding responsibility for maintaining civilization, which would require reversing the downward momentum of Western Civilization even in its ruined, meaningless status quo.

People innately want a morality of “everyone do their own thing, and someone else will clean up.” This is the nature of independent animals, most of whom are too far left on the Bell Curve to understand how this leads to failure. The West grew strong by suppressing this instinct through the use of hierarchy.

Ever since that time, people have been trying to tear down the West because in the bourgeois reasoning of the individualist, it imposes limits on them. Culture, hierarchy, standards, and a realistic values system all limit the tendency of individuals toward anarchy and selfishness (which truly are the same thing).

They have invented this neurotic mental fuzz of theories such as The Enlightenment,™ egalitarianism, even universalist religion, in order to justify their bad behavior. These theories make no sense because they are designed to make no sense. They are simply camouflage.

The narrative itself consists of simple denial. They want to rationalize the decline of Western Civilization as a good thing, not our collective doom, because this enables them to continue their neurotic individualist pursuit of personal desires and avoidance of fears. They do not care about the consequences; that is beyond their ken.

Others have figured out that they can profit by manipulating this great mass of idiots. We call this “democracy.” The people at the top argue over how to seize money and redistribute it, while the idiots enthusiastically support one version or another of this massive theft and waste.

If people were to wake up and face reality outside of the Narrative, they would see that everything they have worked for will be destroyed and everything it has taken has been wasted. Consequently, they would rather do anything — even have a nuclear war — than wake up.

In this way, the Narrative remains addictive. While in the Narrative, one remains in a warm soup of half-truths that make failure seem to be success and emptiness seem relevant. Stepping outside of that can shatter a person, but afterwards, they can reconstruct themselves and become whole again.

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