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Defense against the dark arts

I succeeded in reading one or two of the earlier Harry Potter books, before losing interest, and was very taken with the character of Professor Lupin, who specialized in teaching Defence against the Dark Arts.
Very useful skills, these. One needs such a defence, in a resurgent age of Dark Arts being wielded against the innocent…

So what are these Dark Arts?
None other than the mind-bending insanity known as Political Correctness, along with the fierce attacks delivered by those rampaging spoilers-of-civilization, known to us traditional humans, as Leftists.

How to defend against such creatures, and their unprovoked attacks? Well, let’s see…

Attacks take various forms:
The commonest are the non-sequitur labels, tossed out, willy nilly, that make no sense at all, but can be damaging to the unprepared. Such as: “Racist”, “Bigot”, Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Homophobic”, “Islamophobic”, “Xenophobic”, “Chauvinistic”, “Extremist”, “Violent”, “Misogynistic”, etc., etc., etc.
If you’ve ever been labeled any of these things, then you’ll know, only too well, how very unpleasant it can be.
And so, in the face of such attacks, what can one do to protect oneself? Well…

When accused of being:

  1. Racist: Enquire why it is that the accuser chooses to be a racist against his/her own race, favouring an alien race as more deserving of support than his/her own. (Unless, of course, you really are a racist).
  2. Bigot: Enquire why the accuser feels it is his/her right to be prejudiced against you, while accusing you of being prejudiced.
  3. Nazi: Enquire what exactly it is, that your accuser is referring to, by his/her use of the term. Explain patiently, and at great length, why the term has no slight connection with either you, or your worldview, and even if it did, then so what?
  4. Fascist: Enquire whether or not your accuser even knows what a Fascist is, and if not, patiently, and at great length, explain it to him/her, and point out the differences, if any, to a Fascist, and yourself.
  5. Homophobic: Explain to your accuser that any word containing “Phobic”, denotes a fear of something. Explain further, that fear is not something you connect with the “Homo” prefix, but rather distaste, if, in fact, there is any distaste on your part.
  6. Islamophobic: See above. Switch out “Homo”, for “Islam”.
  7. Xenophobic: See above. Switch out “Islam” for “Xeno” (whatever Xeno means).
  8. Chauvinistic: Point out to your accuser, that you are – in fact – male, if indeed you are, and enquire why he/she chooses to see behaving as such, to be worthy of insult and prejudice.
  9. Extremist: Enquire, again, as to your accuser’s definition of “Extremist”, and how that definition applies to you. If it does apply to you, then enquire as to why such extremism should be subjected to such negative judgmentalism by your accuser.
  10. Violent: Enquire of your accuser, how, exactly, in the manifest absence of violence, you can possibly have been judged to be violent. Explain patiently, and at great length, that thoughts are not violent, and words are not violent, and that – in fact – only violence is violent. Try not to actually resort to violence, as a means of making your point. And if you fail, then confess with dignity, to being what you were accused of being.
  11. Misogynistic: Enquire, of your accuser, exactly why he/she chooses to accuse you of this. Enquire as to what the word actually means, and how, exactly, it applies to you. Enquire, also, by what right your accuser feels justified in accusing you of anything, anyway, and remind them, again, that he/she is displaying judgmental prejudice.

Easy, isn’t it? It gets ever easier with practice.
Your accuser will always assume you will respond emotionally, as he/she would, to such assault, and be completely neutered by your steadfast refusal to play by his/her rules.
Neuter a Leftist today! Do it again tomorrow. And keep doing it, for as long as Leftists roam the land!

And if you actually are guilty of being any, or all, of the things you are accused of being, then you deserve all you get.

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