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Daily Outrage (March 8, 2019)

  • Students at elite Washington school projected swastikas during assembly

    “I am disappointed, dismayed, and deeply sorry that such an incident could take place at our School,” Bryan Garman, the head of the school, wrote in the letter to Sidwell families. “Racism and anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in this community.”

  • Chuck Norris photo triggers complaint to Quebec police ethics board

    The complaint includes a video of a protest held June 8 in which a photo of Chuck Norris carrying a rifle in each hand can be seen attached to the door of a police van used to transport an arrested demonstrator.

  • Swiss police to investigate KKK carnival costumes

    Swiss police are investigating after a video emerged of people wearing hooded costumes resembling those worn by the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan during carnival celebrations earlier this week.

  • Anti-Semitism part of wave of ‘depraved hatred’, pope says

    “I stress that for a Christian any form of anti-Semitism is a rejection of one’s own origins, a complete contradiction,” Francis said.

  • Vietnam communist party expels academic over Facebook posts

    “Tran Duc Anh Son’s violations are very serious, causing negative public opinions, … and damaging the prestige of the party,” the government said.

  • Utah teacher forces student to wash off Ash Wednesday cross

    “The actions were unacceptable,” Williams said. “No student should ever be asked or required to remove an ash cross from his or her forehead.”

  • US police detain black man picking up rubbish outside home

    “I don’t have a weapon! This is a bucket! This is a clamp!” he says in the video taken by a neighbour.

    Police in Boulder said an officer had called for back up as the man was “unwilling to put down a blunt object”.

  • Accor investigates ‘Aboriginal segregation’ at Australia hotel

    “[We] were made aware of the matter… and are taking prompt and decisive action on this incident at the highest level,” the hotel group said in a statement to the BBC.

    “We are extremely saddened and disappointed as it completely goes against our values,” it added, saying it had a long track record of engaging with Australia’s indigenous community.

  • ‘Learn English’: KU School of Engineering professor sparks walkout

    Minden said a student in the front row of the classroom was using a cellphone at the start of class. Since the course has a no-cellphone policy, Minden said he went to the student to ask what the student was doing, and the student said he was using a translator.

    “And the only quote I said to that student was, ‘Learn English,’” Minden said.

  • Muslim call center gets hundreds of hate calls after hijab billboard put up in Dallas

    But they also heard from callers who would yell profanities and then hang up, as well some people who would say, “You are terrorists. Go home.”

  • British minister apologizes for remarks on Northern Irish killings

    Karen Bradley, Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, told the House of Commons in London on Wednesday that “over 90 percent of the killings during the Troubles were at the hands of terrorists” and that “the under 10 percent that were at the hands of the military and police were not crimes”.

  • Kansas Catholic school rejects kindergartner with same-sex parents

    “We recognize the complexities of morality, politics and theology in modern times,” the petition states. “We hope that you can recognize what may seem to be the shifting of values as actually the welcoming of tolerance, love, understanding and mercy.”

  • Groomsman not guilty of raping maid of honor in what attorney calls racially motivated case

    Langston and the 32-year-old maid of honor, who is the bride’s sister, ended up in bed together in the same room where a bridesmaid also was sleeping, he said.

    “His defense was consent – that this was consensual sex with essentially buyer’s remorse in the morning,” Nolan said.

  • Billboard about race sparks controversy along Route 422

    “I don’t see it as thought-provoking. I don’t see it as instigating thoughtful discussion as much as it is provoking and agitating,” he said.

    The messages dissolve from “whites have rights” to one about Jussie Smollett — the actor involved in the hoax attack in Chicago.

  • Holocaust survivor meets with California teens involved in Nazi salute photos

    “I was 16 when I came out of Auschwitz,” Schloss said she told the students. “I was their age when I realized my life was completely shattered.”

    The photos were taken at a party attended by students from several high schools serving a cluster of predominantly white, largely affluent Orange County communities. The images included teens with arms raised in a Nazi salute and students crowded around the cups arranged in the shape of a swastika.

  • Cern cuts ties with ‘sexist’ scientist Alessandro Strumia

    “Some people hated hearing about higher male variance: this idea comes from Darwin, like other offensive ideas that got observational support,” he told BBC News.

    “Science is not about being offended when facts challenge ideas held as sacred”

    Last September, Professor Strumia stated that “physics was invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation” at a presentation at the Cern the workshop.

    He also showed cartoons deriding women campaigning for equality in science and presented the results of an analysis that he claimed showed that work conducted by female physicists was not as good as their male counterparts.

  • Ex-police Officer Nouman Raja convicted in fatal shooting of black motorist Corey Jones

    They said Jones, who was returning home from a performance with drums valued at $10,000 in the back of his SUV, pulled his legally-owned handgun because he feared he was being robbed.

    Raja shot him repeatedly.

    Raja’s attorneys said that he did identify himself and should be protected by Florida’s “stand your ground” law because he feared for his life.

  • Russia laws ban ‘disrespect’ of government and ‘fake news’

    Journalists, human rights campaigners and even government ministers have voiced their opposition. Nikolai Svanidze, a journalist and member of Russia’s Civic Chamber, said the “barbaric” legislation would “make journalists fearful of speaking and writing”.

  • In sensitive year for China, warnings against ‘erroneous thoughts’

    “Be on high alert to all kinds of erroneous thoughts, vague understandings, and bad phenomena in ideological areas,” it warned. “Keep your eyes open, see things early and move on them fast.”

  • High school fight involving N-word and administrator’s response under review: School board

    The exchange posted online appears to have been edited. In it, the student explains they feel another student’s use of the N-word is “really provoking and really serious.”

    The person identified as an administrator agrees, saying they are taking it seriously, but that person also tells the student, “You’ve got to let it go.”

  • The mayor’s new scheme for top NYC schools is illegal and racist

    But de Blasio holds that meritocracy must have a predetermined, racially balanced outcome. So when East and South Asians get 50 percent of the offers to the specialized high schools while making up 16 percent of the students, he cries “Stuyvesant doesn’t look like New York City” and devises schemes to exclude them, his Asian Exclusion Act of the 21st century.

  • Lesbian couple says SC wedding venue turned them away

    They suspect they’ve been turned away because they’re lesbians.

    “It’s frustrating and like I said, sucks the joy out of it.”

  • Warner Bros. chair being investigated for sexual misconduct

    “You’re very busy I know but when we were in that motel having sex u said u would help me and when u just ignore me like you’re doing now it makes me feel used,” Kirk writes in one of the reported texts. “Are u going to help me like u said u would?”

  • Scottsdale middle school apologizes after students say n-word in class

    The principal at Mountainside Middle School said it was part of a civil rights history lesson and was intended to teach kids about “why and how this word is racist and offensive.”

  • Detroiter files lawsuit in ‘gardening while black’ case

    “I am not a racist. I was all for the garden and even helped with supplies at first, but he threatened me several times, in person to my face, that I needed to leave my neighborhood or I would be put out one way or another,” she told the Times. “I called the police because he was destroying property in the neighborhood and painting graffiti. No one had the right to paint park trees.”

  • Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enhancement procedure, reports say

    According to local media, complications during surgery proved fatal for the Belgian-Israeli dual national and he suffered a heart attack when a substance was injected into his penis.

  • Police rescue woman tied to her steering wheel in Tenerife car park after ‘Fifty Shades’ stunt goes wrong

    A woman rescued by Spanish police after she had bound her arms to the steering wheel of her car and almost asphyxiated herself said she had been trying to recreate a scene from the bestselling erotic novel and film series Fifty Shades of Grey.

  • Government vows to protect women from unwanted penis photos

    In the YouGov survey, 46% of women aged under 36 said they have been sent a photo of a penis, with 41% saying they had not asked for it. Only 22% of the men surveyed admitted to sending such a picture and only 5% admitted sending an unsolicited picture.

  • Arkansas school district investigates ‘N-Word Pass’ created by students

    A post circulating on Facebook shows a certificate with images of Martin Luther King Jr. and former president Barack Obama alongside their signatures and text that says “N-Word Pass” and “Congratulations!”

  • Belgian mayor defends carnival float featuring Jews with money and a rat

    The float in question is titled “Shabbat Year” and was prepared by the Vismooil’n carnival group. It featured two giant puppets with sidelocks and streimels, hats worn by some Orthodox Jews on Shabbat and Jewish festivals, in pink suits. One is grinning while smoking a cigar. That puppet has a white rat on his right shoulder. Both puppets are standing on gold coins and have money bags at their feet.

  • Fury on Brazil’s social media after security guard chokes young black man to death

    The video, which is about two minutes long, shows a security guard named Davi Ricardo Amâncio using his entire body to pin 19-year-old Pedro Henrique Gonzaga to the ground. Amâncio is holding onto Gonzaga’s neck.

    The videos show Gonzaga running towards Amâncio. He then stops and talks with the guard and another store employee. A woman comes towards them and, suddenly, for unclear reasons, Gonzaga falls. The two other men pick him up, then he falls again. The rest of the incident doesn’t appear in the footage.

  • Police: U. of R. student issued citation for white supremacist materials found in Brighton

    “Our investigator was able to work with adhesive material associated with three other flyers to identifying characteristics, specifically fingerprints were recovered,” Henderson said.

    “Brighton’s diversity makes us strong,” said Moehle. “We learn and grow together from actions intended to tear us apart, and as a community we will not accept actions that glorify hate.”

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