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Cultural Appropriation Goes Both Ways

The Left constantly invents new theories to justify what it wants, which means that the reason really is “whatever, I want it,” and all of their theories are pretexts, justifications, excuses and deceptions.

One of their more recent inventions is “cultural appropriation,” which is the idea that anything one learns from another culture is actually “stolen” and can only be used by members of that culture. This is sort of like a union demanding that only its members can work on a certain job site; it is the same parasitic mentality behind Communism, unions, and paying “protection” to organized crime.

This manifests in hilarity like the recent takedown of a Portland restaurant for “cultural appropriation”:

The Mic news website bought (sic) national attention to Kooks Burritos with its coverage, titled, “These white cooks bragged about stealing recipes from Mexico to start a Portland business.” It reads, “The problem, of course, is that it’s unclear whether the Mexican women who handed over their recipes ever got anything in return.”

Today, the Merc released its coverage, beginning with the claim, “Portland has an appropriation problem.” The article continues:

Week after week people of color in Portland bear witness to the hijacking of their cultures. Several of the most successful businesses in this town have been birthed as a result of curious white people going to a foreign country. Now don’t get me wrong: cultural customs are meant to be shared. However, that’s not what happens in this city.

And a spreadsheet featuring “white-owned appropriative restaurants” in Portland has also emerged.

Let us call this what it is: a shakedown, much like all of diversity politics in white nations are, much as Tom Wolfe wrote about in his immortal “Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers.”

These people want you to spend your money at minority-owned restaurants instead of white owned ones.

As others have pointed out, cultural appropriation is a two-way street. These articles were written in a European language, using technology based on European learning and funded by European aristocracy, in legal systems which use philosophies of wholly European origin, in a nation made stable by the sacrifice of millions of European lives.

Let us call these people what they are: parasites.

The people who are really concerned with their ethnic group are at home in their homelands, fighting corruption, disease, disorganization, apathy, narcissism and the other problems that these nations have struggled with for a long time. That is the hard work: do not emigrate to the place where living is easier, but stay home and clean your house. The good ones do that.

These people are just grifters.

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