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COVID-19 Relief Bill Shows Us Why Democracy Is Ending

Your leaders have just presented you with a bill that gives you $600 in compensation for a year of COVID-19 related lockdowns, shutdowns, mask-wearing, and economic failure. During this time, big business kept trucking along because it could afford the risk and lawyers, and everyone else went bankrupt.

This is not wholly a bad thing; we did not need fifty restaurants and hair salons per mile. However, we see the end result of prole-rule: by tearing down natural hierarchy through equality, destroying culture through liberalization of standards, and obliterating expertise in favor of what is socially popular, herd-rule creates a dystopia where only the cynical and manipulative win.

The proles will not understand how this works, but reality mirrors what they do. If you build an empire based on theft and incompetence, that is what you will get, and this leads to tyranny. To a New Thought thinker, this is not surprising, but to proles, it is beyond what their little four-bit brains can handle.

You will notice that most of this bill consists of gifts to other nations and various government programs. Hint: these are kickbacks. The money goes out to companies who then hire bureaucrats as consultants, politicians as speakers, and employ relatives of those politicians at high salaries.

Government follows the typical pattern of theft, which is to destroy a thousand dollars of value for fifty dollars of profit. That money flows out, employs lots of idiots, and five percent of it goes back to the politicians and bureaucrats. They do not care about the waste; they got paid, and there is always more at the trough of the clueless votards and their tax money.

For this reason, they support programs that hire more bureaucrats and contractors, since the money comes back to them. How else do Bernie, Joe, and others live luxury lifestyles on public servant salaries? Hugo Chavez died a billionaire by using the same technique to amass wealth.

If we look at the American budget, something immediately leaps out at us: most of it is mandatory spending:

That means that $2.8tn goes toward mandatory targets like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Child Tax Credits, TANF, EITC, Housing Assistance, Student Loans, and Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. Obamacare).

They like to show you a budget breakdown with the military featured prominently, which is why most Leftists literally think that most of our budget goes to the military:

When in fact, the one you need to see is the full budget where you can see that three-quarters of our budget goes to entitlements:

The media carefully only reports the first chart on the front page, burying the second one deeper in their search results.

There are currently 330m Americans. Slightly more than half pay any taxes.

If we look at that budget, we see that about $2.8tn or more is available from our entitlements budget. Add to that the affirmative action cost of $225bn and $1-2tn in regulatory costs, and we have conservatively speaking about $4 trillion a year that is either spent on citizens directly or passed on to them through higher prices.

This means that if we abolished the laws requiring these things, we could deliver about twelve thousand dollars to American households right now. If we cut the pork from this spending bill, of course, we could deliver a few thousand, but how much will that fill the void?

Alternately, we could cut all of these entitlements programs, end affirmative action and regulatory over-reach, open up the economy and let people keep their money.

The $600 we have been offered is an insult, and Trump knew it would be perceived that way, so he let the Democrats trot out this “compromise” bill and load it up with lies. He knows that democracy is ending, or at least decreasing, in the twenty-first century, and that the pork kickback scheme is just one reason why.

In the big picture, democracies always figure out at some point that votes can be bought and, even better, these votes allow the many proles to steal wealth from those who have more than they do. People love to steal, and they love to hate those above them, since it is easier to scapegoat the successful than to chance one’s own scatty behavior in order to become successful.

Right now, democracy hangs in the balance. It has spent all of its money and then some, created a dystopia out of a formerly thriving society, bored everyone thoroughly, consistently advanced big corporate interests over sanity, and now, stolen an election with dubious means and constant censorship.

We may see outrage now over how paltry the $600 stimulus payments are, but the real rage is coming at the system itself. People are tired of living in Soviet Corporatism, and we want out. The way to do this is to demand that government do less, not more, however.

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