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Contemplating The Unintended Costs of Yelling “Emergency”

When the economy works, economics can be hard to comprehend. Those untrained in engineering just see magic when they watch an awesome sports car blow down the highway. It is a beautiful magic. So much so that the glamour obscures the mechanical function. When the rent comes due towards the end of the month, it is easy to feel the same affectionate awe for direct deposit. Shazamm! That rent ammo just landed in my checking account. No underpass camping for Little, Old Moi.
The mechanics around us become more apparent when the sports car throws a rod and we need to call a mechanic. The need to get dirty and physical will always teach the uninitiated a lesson in practical Newtonian Mechanics. Life doesn’t have to suck, but gravity? You can put money on that one. The Work-Energy Relation? The work will not be done if your caloric intake is one biscuit short.

Joules are never as sexy as jewels, but you will never acquire the latter without the former. TANSTAFL is a sad but accurate description of the terrestrial vale of tears. The uninitiated and the incompetent will roll to disbelieve in the unpleasant externalities attendant to the laws of nature.

Canadian Dominus et Deus Justin Leonid Brezhnev Trudeau has declared a state of emergency. This state of emergency allows him to rule in an extralegal manner. This, he hopes, will permit him to repeal TANSTAFL. The Unabomber would have admonished him that he could not eat his cake first and then have it later. Pity the fool who files estoppel against that which can never be stopped.

Amerikan Patriot George Mason described what he believed should be an ideal state for those under the parlance of democracy. He described the ideal democratic state as a nation of laws, not men. He did not plant this axiom out of repressed, homosexual misandry. He strove athwart the entropy present under the petty and corrupt dictator.

Laws, pace Mr. Mason, exist to instill a certain order. Order begets predictability and stability. These twin states then beget easier decision making which then begets a better, more sustainable commonweal. This might even work, if certain preconditions attain.

A nation of laws requires a prudent and predictable jurisprudence. They apply a set of guardrails to social interaction that wise men accept as condign limitation. Making certain actions legally impossible provides a state of cognizable certainty akin to the state of wisdom resulting from a good, diligent study of how the physical world works.

This predictable legal pattern then provides a consonant order that guides the footsteps of the average person out of the swamps. It is easier to plan when the society has a comprehensible set of systems. Once the society attains a certain predictable order this reliable forecast of potential outcomes then frequently extends without loss of generality to matters of economy and personal finance. Then, in response to the famous question posed by Rodney King, we can all just get along.

Then some cowardly, incompetent jerk face of a leader has to declare a state of emergency. You no longer can rely on old chestnuts like Judge Learned Hand’s Prudent Man Theory to settle the thorny cases. Buckle up, Dorothy. Mr. Mason’s nation of laws just went good-bye.

Justice is now dispensed by Writ of Whatever The Fvck I Say It Is. This ignorant dictator is typically only aware of first Order impacts from his over reliance on governance by phone and pen. Justin Trudeau is now aware that he can shut down online funding apps and seize bank accounts of suspected “terrorists.”

What then happens when a whole bunch of Canadians are not sure who fits the definition of terrorists. They rush over to the banks and try to pull their swag out in case they receive denunciation as “terrorists.” Garvey’s Ghost offers us an insight to how well that could work out.

Let’s say that only 1 million Canadians support the truckers and ONLY those persons are withdrawing money. Say they all take out 10 dollars. Banks would have to cough up $10 milllion. Many branches simply do not have that amount of money on hand. Particularly when you consider that money is spread out around branches.

Consider then if each person wants $100. Well that’s $100 million the banks have to part with. You do realize that just because your account says you have say 10,000 in the bank, it does not mean they HAVE 10,000 at the particular branch (ask me how I know).

So $1,000 per customer and again only assuming 1 million customers, you have $1 billlion being removed from banks.

The more zeros the bigger the problem.

Now you know, Garvey knows, and I know good, fine, and well that no real emergency has befallen Canada. If the current unrest were a BLM demo, Justin Trudeau would not bat an eye. If this were an Antifa Op, Trudeau would be asking what his government could do for them. He would be volunteering to tell them who the real racists were. He thinks declaring an !EMERGENCY! will provide him the power to crush his ideological foes.

He did not see a potential bank run in the offing. PM Trudeau does not see very much. His knowledge of human nature and motivations makes me look like a psychology PhD in comparison. The man is an ideologue, the man is a leftist, the man is a purblind, myopic, moron. I apologize for the triple repetition.

Things are rapidly going from “Oh, Canada” to “Aww, Sh!t.” This happens when a kid dictator in a grown man’s body decides that yelling fire in a crowded theatre is a good political strategy. He called an emergency, and now the son of a b!tch may well be getting one. Such are the unintended costs of yelling “Emergency.”

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