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You have the right to say anything you like. If you stand to the right of the average tenured university professor, the wiser individual would express this set of political beliefs quietly.

After all, Free Speech is supposed to be free of legal restraint. That does not also indemnify the controversial speaker from paying other types of costs. Like any bunch of tyrants ever born, our managerial elite has a simple dictum. You can speak their mind all day long. Just don’t speak your own.

This sort of thing sounds tough, swaggy, and somewhat gangsta. It also requires a certain level of enforcement. Nothing looks more pathetic than does a gangster without the gang. Only fools hand out the threat without a locked and loaded “or else” on hand to educate the inveterate wise-ass.

This poses a dilemma to most modern power brokers. They often do not take up the sword because they would have to go hit the gym until they could consistently heft a Scottish Claymore. Think of it as the opportunity cost incurred by those who farm out the state’s coercive monopoly on force to professional police forces and a military. A somewhat infamous feudal Mayor of Paris could take a morning star to the face and still live to win the battle. Justin Trudeau, not so much.

Therefore, the suits are more prone to wimpiness and I get Free Speech. Thus, I can strip down to an ugly state of nudity, paint myself blue like a Celtic Warrior of yore, and then run about the thoroughfares yelling “Ixnay on The Hombre!” Then my local version of Justin Trudeau dials 9-1-1.

Then the Chief of Police thinks the blue person yelling in the streets is a form of comic relief. Justin Trudeau is a gay, Socialist twink in a pink leotard. Hypothermia should take care of the blue, yelling idiot. Freedom, opines the chief, should be its own form of punishment. He decides to resign in solidarity with the Blue Celtic Warrior of Yore.

However, the blue, yelling idiot still faces a certain peril outside of just the weather in a typical February. Here is how Amerika will get her Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria.

‘Donor transparency” is a fixation of Democrats such as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and others on the left who bemoan the influence of “dark money”—not their own money but others’. Canada is now offering a preview of what that transparency would mean for political speech.

How would giving the government perfect information lead to tyranny? It would expand their coercive monopoly in a sinister, Orwellian fashion. Big Tech, Big banking, and Big Brother could all work together in tyrannical harmony. In Renaissance Netherlands, this eventually occurred. This gives us the concept of Broodroven.

Incidentally, Dutch has the priceless verb “broodroven” — “bread-robbing” — for depriving people of income by destroying their business or getting them fired. This type of “bread-robbing by doxxing” is the main reason why I have been using a pen name on the net for everything not directly related to my day job, and have been at pains to firewall between those two net identities.

This heinous synchronicity between Big Tech, Big Banking, and Big Brother gathers information on the dissidents. They then publish it to the crowdist, demotic mob. Then the state stands aside and lets Antifa go bash The Fash.

Giuliani (a Canadian entrepreneur) confirmed that she donated to the Freedom Convoy through GiveSendGo, a Christian-owned crowdfunding site that became the go-to place to aid the anti-mandate protesters after the larger GoFundMe shut down their fundraiser and said it would give the money to causes that it deemed palatable (GoFundMe has since relented under widespread condemnation). Giuliani also confirmed that she brought food to the protestors – but now claims she regrets helping them.

“In retrospect, it was bad judgment, but does that mean that people have a right to threaten our staff? Does it mean people have the right to threaten to throw bricks through our window and to threaten my family? We made a mistake. Who could have anticipated it?” she said.

Others, like Vicki Dutton and her husband, are also concerned about possible reprisals after their names appeared in the list of nearly 93,000 people, which allegedly included personal information such as emails and postal codes.

This is where state championed coercion gets sinister and sadistic. The Mounties are not out there getting their man. They have outsourced the hit. They are simply titling the field against certain opinions and speakers thereof through selective application of the law and the regulations derived therefrom. This concept is whatGonzalo Lira once described as structural pliancy.

How can it be that a few people, a few businesses, a few institutions are getting away with murder—in some cases literally—while most of us are under a crippling yoke of excessive, dishonest, petty and trivial rules and regulations that either serve no purpose, or actively pervert the welfare of our society? Simple answer: Structural Pliancy.

Free Speech is never without a price. That price never has to be identical for all speakers and all opinions. The tyrant playing a rigged game does the same thing a movie theater or the barbershop near a military base does. The tyrant engages in price discrimination to favor speakers of the statist dogma over the dissidents.

Antifa will gladly make your Free Speech cost you an arm and a leg. However, to do that efficiently, they need some help in picking out who exactly personifies the “fa.” To make that sort of ability optimally useful to the state, the government has to have a governing mechanism to control just who and how much Antifa then charges speakers for the ability to exercise this “Free” Speech. Get all of that sorted out and a tyrant can exercise an information monopoly worthy of Ingsoc. This modern instantiation of Broodroven gives the modern tyrant the ability to keep modern serfs down on the manor. Through Broodroven, that tyrant can select a schedule of prices to anyone’s Free Speech.

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