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Consequences Of Trace Admixture In “Reality Leigh Winner”

At this site, we warn frequently of trace admixture, or mixing between white groups. While Western Europeans have low admixture, most people in Eastern and Southern/Irish Europe have some Asian and Mediterranean admixture.

Although these foreign influences are in “traces,” or amounts of one quarter or less, they are still there, and these groups have since that admixture evolved for different climates and social structures. Mixing them produces people who lose the original European traits and end up as round-faced people of no particular talents.

As mentioned around here before, genetics takes the form of clusters of genes producing traits and clusters of traits producing abilities more than single genes we can swap out and produce supermen. People are refined as profiles comprised of related genes, and mixing groups — whether races, ethnicities or ethnicities within a race — erases these delicate profiles.

Wherever white people mix across Western, Southern and Eastern European lines, we see the same result: round faces, low moral character, slightly above average intelligence without wisdom, and no particular cultural leaning, therefore, natural Leftists who are fanatical about it in lieu of having healthy normal lives.

Reality Leigh Winner, the most recent NSA contractor to leak information, was caught because a newspaper refused to protect its source. While one wonders who the heck is doing the vetting at the NSA these days, the bigger point is that this toxic employee was perfectly fine with her job under Obama, but freaked out when Trump was elected.

This means she is a committed Leftist, which makes sense when you look at her. There is the round face, the chunk nose and absence of any particular form or beauty. A century ago, she would have looked odd to the inhabitants of any Western European nation, and they would have identified her as foreign. She is foreign, but only through trace admixture.

When the white race is exterminated, it will not be through blatant race-mixing but through a replacement of the original groups with “whitish” people who have none of the traits of the original group, the Western Europeans, who founded Europe and then expanded into South and East where they mixed with local populations after the failure of their empires there.

Most people can accept that mixing races is destructive, but awareness is now rising that mixing within the white group will also exterminate the white genetic strain, and at that point, further outbreeding is inevitable.

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