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Conservatives assume that we all share the same mission toward health and forget that symbolists do not care about where we end up; they want to feel good right now and they opt for whatever combination of bourgeois libertarianism and Communism that will get them there.

The Left resembles the homeless person who has to choose between saving for a house and getting a bottle of liquor right now. Saving for a home makes sense for his long-term survival, but having a pleasant buzz or obliterative blind drug makes the problem disappear, symbolically speaking.

This is why Conservatives assume goodwill toward function, but Leftists recognize boundaries. To the Leftist, crossing a symbolic boundary threatens their sense of positive mental state and therefore, is a bigger problem than doing insane things which make bigger and more plentiful future problems.

Leftism is comprised of defensive goals. They want to hold others at bay, namely those who notice or know better, so that the pleasant illusion can continue. They want government to handle all problems so that they personally do not have to get involved.

For this reason, conservatives assume that common sense will guide us, but the Leftist rejects common sense and reality in favor of the consensus symbolic consensual hallucination that enables a sense of positive mental state.

We can see this clash play out with Bible-banning drama where the Leftists read the letter of the law but conservatives assumed common sense would be in play:

“Adults can tell the difference between a religious text, like the Bible, Quran or Torah, even though they depict various acts, relative to pornography,” he said. “Just apply common sense.”

The ban has since been overturned, but the bigger point remains: if you make a rule giving committees or bureaucracies power over something, they will interpret it in whatever way gives them the most power, including banning your religious texts but not those of others.

It takes one Leftist on a committee to invert a good rule — “do not expose children to horrors unnecessarily” — into a bad rule, namely “ban all knowledge about horrors so we can indoctrinate your children in lies.”

They will do it by playing the victim, which is what they do every time, arguing from individualism: “but I would not feel comfortable with my children reading this, thus since we are all equal, others will suffer according to my perceived suffering.”

This is the root of Leftism: solipsism. They assume that the rest of the world is an extension of themselves. This requires they assume that the rest of the world operates by symbolic principles as well and is more concerned with maintaining positive mental state than positive results.

We cannot assume common sense. Doubly so, after the death of culture thanks to diversity, we cannot assume that there is any shared belief in what common sense actually is. The letter of the law is going to dominate and expand as Leftists invert it.

This shows us how conservatives need to plan for the future: you cannot have public libraries and public schools. These will be taken over by the Left. You need to abolish all public services and go private in order to have the option to choose the unwoke over the Communist propaganda.

Contrast this to the Bud Light boycott. We should have boycotted it years ago because it is terrible beer sold at nearly the price for real beer. It is simply a bad product that sells because the vast majority do not notice the difference between good beer and bad unless asked.

That boycott worked because it targeted the brand not the behavior:

And a study by Brayden King, at the Kellogg School of Management, of 133 boycotts from 1990 to 2005 found that a quarter of the boycotted companies actually changed their behavior in response to the protests.

King found, too, that effective boycotts typically succeeded not by driving down sales, but by focusing media attention on offending companies, damaging their public image, and driving down their stock price: In his study, every day of national media coverage of a corporate boycott drove the company’s share price down almost a percentage point.

With the Bud Light boycott, right-wing influencers spread the message and reinforced it day after day, and the video clips of people shooting at cans or throwing out cases of Bud Light gave people a sense that this was a collective movement.

This means that if we want to win over the Left here, we have to target the company behind the bad activity and not the bad activity, and do so as a mob which wants to tear down something rather than people appealing to “common sense.”

The company behind your public libraries and public schools is the government. It responds to voters, who are mostly asleep and therefore let Leftists and other creepoids sneak into positions of power. It is time to boycott public schooling and public libraries.

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