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Liberals Care About Black Appearances, Not Black Reality

Leftists represent the individual, and therefore symbolism of what makes the individual feel comfortable and as if they are on the right path; conservatives represent order, and therefore will always threaten the individual, because natural/logical order is larger than us and often does not follow our wishes.

We can see this rarely made clearer than recent research on how “hate speech” disturbs people more than “hate” actions:

Contrary to their original expectation, the experiments showed that study participants judged verbal hate incidents as more worthy of punishment and condemnation and more harmful to the victim than nonverbal attacks. “The literature would predict that actions would be judged more harshly than words,” philosopher and cognitive scientist Deroy says. “But the opposite seems to be the case.”

In other words, your average liberal or liberal-leaning conservative would be entirely content to live in a society where all the Black people were impoverished and experiencing discrimination, but these same liberals would suddenly become militant when symbolic discrimination occurred.

You can find few clearer instances of how liberal mentalities prioritize optics, symbols, and tokens over what will come to pass when the rules of reality kick in and the benevolent intentions of Leftists stand revealed as the coping mechanism that they are.

The bourgeois mentality has always been solipsistic. The goal is to stop thinking about anything you do not want to think about, like the dark sides of life, and instead to suppress them with happy thoughts about how everything will turn out fine because we have “solutions.”

As a result, they would rather sacrifice every part of their future for victory today that achieves the appearance of everything being under control. They view government as janitors and maids who support their individualistic pursuits of career and socializing, and therefore adore government.

Conservatives on the other hand see government as a force of entropy because its rigid rules impose categories that miss many specialized cases, causing chaos and injustice within the system. A conservative believes that the government janitor requires micromanagement.

A conservative approach to race is to recognize that nature has separated ethnic groups for a reason, and that for their own self-respect, these groups need to remain isolated so that each has a domain of influence where it can shape its own future.

In this light, we can see that “racism” and “hate crimes” are in fact direct results of diversity, since diversity combines unlike groups and makes them compete for dominance. This applies as much to Irish and Italians as Africans and Jews in America, a country founded by ethnic Western European pioneers.

Diversity always fails the same way, through constant covert race war that goes hot as soon as one group gets the upper hand, as we saw in both Holodomor and Holocaust, where everyday people embraced genocide as soon as the rules were suspended by war or famine:

“The responsibility for the extermination of Jews in Europe is borne by Nazi Germany,” she writes. “Polish peasants were volunteers in the sphere of murdering Jews.”

For decades, Polish society avoided discussing such killings or denied that Polish anti-Semitism motivated them, blaming all atrocities on the Germans. A turning point was the publication of a book, “Neighbors,” in 2000 by Polish-American sociologist Jan Tomasz Gross, which explored the murder of Jedwabne’s Jews by their Polish neighbors and resulted in widespread soul-searching and official state apologies.

The noted Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said the significance of Engelking’s findings was the enormity of the cruelty toward Jews that she details. “It is something that we assumed but she proves,” he said.

He said there were parallels to the way Jews were treated by the local population in other European countries like Lithuania, Bulgaria and Greece. But the sheer scope of the genocide in Poland — half of the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust were Polish — made Engelking’s findings most pertinent.

Jews under German care generally died the same way concentration camp inmates in Russian, British, Japanese, and American camps did: from starvation and diarrhea. When the Germans liberated parts of Eastern Europe however, the local population did the dirty work.

The same is true in America now where minority crime and agitation against Whites parallels the overthrow of Western Europeans in America by trace-admixed European descent people during the 1960s, when Irish, Jewish, Italian, Arab, Puerto Rican, and Slavic Americans dethroned the WASPs.

Diversity does not work. The only solution is one ethnic group per nation. For Africans, this means repatriation with reparations for their suffering under chattel slavery. If liberals cared about Black people, they would talk about this instead of endorsing censorship of “hate speech.”

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