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Climate Change Controversy Shows The Leftist Petitio Principii In Action

The Left as a whole represents a begging-the-question (petitio principii) fallacy, in that they tell us that equality or progress “should” exist and “should” be better than our current way of life, and then expect us to implement those in order figure out if what they say is true is true.

As part of that strategy, they accuse anyone who notices that their ideas are unproven and unrealistic of in fact attacking them. We can see this in action with the ongoing bloviation about “climate change”:

Once science gets dragged into the territory of politics, its opponents can accuse it of being a distortion of science. Scientists are meant to be politically neutral, at least as far as their science is concerned. Yet it is almost impossible to remain neutral when you are under political assault.

But who dragged science into the territory of politics? Climate change has been a Leftist issue from the start, and that was what caused all of this research to be done in the first place. Science, like any other human institution, responds to what people want to hear and buy, because that is how researchers and labs gain fame and thus succeed in the market.

Now the Left has turned this around so that anyone who resists the “truths” they tell us will be proven true if we just implement them, even though this person is reacting to the Leftist action, is accused of having taken action against the Leftists, who presume they are right and therefore, act like victims instead of someone who has been disagreed with.

It is no wonder the modern post-collapse West resembles a juvenile indoctrination camp with such childish logic passing for the norm among Leftists. If they were not lobotomized before they joined the cult, they certainly will be after a few months of choking down illogical Leftist ideas.

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