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Scarcity makes value. Gold, for example, is not dirt. If it were, it wouldn’t be valuable, even though it is shiny and has some nifty electrical properties. Diamonds, if they were common rocks, would not be valuable.

But enough of objects. We have scarcer things: moments of “meaning” that make us feel life is all worth living, come what may; and moments of clarity, when whatever has seized our focus becomes clear to us.

A moment of clarity is not just a flash in the pan. It is a moment when your brain, aware of each and every option, finds the only solution that matches all of your needs.

It is not ignoring other options — it is having figured out where they were wrong. “Open-mindedness” only works for the first part of a task. At some point, you must choose, and stand by your decision.

If you don’t do that, time will force you into a default decision.

Enough of that — I had a dream last night, in which the words AMERIKA.ORG were emblazoned across buses, on giant freeway signs, even the Goodyear blimp. People were talking about this site in cafes and bars.

On the surface, did it matter? Money poured in, fame, and everyone was reading the blog. No blog could be more influential. Clearly, in a socio-economic sense, I had “succeeded.”

Even in a social sense, I had triumphed. People bought me drinks; ladies said hello and slipped me their numbers; I was feted in all of the hot-spots and trend-setter places across town.

But the dream turned cold. I saw myself at the head of a large audience, and I was preaching. But I was preaching what they wanted to hear, and in the darkest corners of my mind, I knew I was misleading them.

They trusted me, and however indirectly, I lied to them. This was a dream of very slow murder, very subtle evil, very pervasive failings. I awoke glad to be free of this vision of hell.

On the surface, all was well. But when your inner knowledge does not align with what you are doing, you have given up your “soul,” which as ill-defined as it is, we seem to all believe in it.

If this blog decided to endorse mainstream conservatism, mainstream liberalism, or even “underground” quasi-nationalism and racial strife, we might be that famous. We would be manipulating people.

Because when I die I’ll have nothing but my sense of a fair trade, my life for death, I will instead make crystal clear what this blog is about:

  • Conservatism. There is one option to liberalism, and that’s conservatism. Liberalism destroyed my generation and many more things. Liberalism encourages a consumerism-anarchy hybrid that will cause humanity to expand to the point of ecocide. In addition, it will destroy all things more specific than the lowest common denominator. Culture, real art, real music, even just living by your heart and not what makes other people happy, socially. Liberalism is the idea of the subjective thoughts, feelings and desires of the individual being more important than reality; in other words, the parts trump the whole and the means trump the ends. There is an opposite principle, which is conservatism: we conserve good things by putting the goal before the method, the whole before the parts, and the values before the self. Conservatism is not popular because it’s the ideology that says the individual sacrifices some things for values which may not directly benefit that individual at all. Conservatism is the founding contract of civilization and even of friendship, if you think about it. Liberalism is a mental delusion induced by self-pity and social pressure. All sane people should fight it. While we will not endorse mainstream conservatism “as a solution,” we recognize that all conservatives share the same notion: whole trumps parts, ends trump means, and we need values in common. For this reason, all sane people should veer toward conservatism, even though mainstream Republicans may have their issues.
  • Nationalism. For any civilization to thrive, it needs a central set of values, behaviors, customs and ideals. The only form these can take is culture, which is embedded in the genes, which requires a homogenous society. This is the ONLY reason for nationalism.
  • Anti-Racism. Although I want to separate ethnic groups and make North America a European-style and European-descended homogenous nation, I do not support enmity, cruelty or racism. Our goal is not to harm people of other ethnic groups; it’s to get our shit together. We cannot blame our problems on Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics or any other group. It is not their fault that weak people among our people decided to destroy us with liberalism. The remedy is also not found in cruelty or disdain for other groups. I do not deny genetic differences or differences in ability; however, I don’t think they’re relevant. In fact, I don’t think other racial or ethnic groups are relevant at all. I don’t want to talk about them; I want to talk about white people. I will mention these groups indirectly to point out the obvious, which is (a) that diversity doesn’t work and (b) that diversity doesn’t work for anyone, even minority groups.
  • Reverence. Our society has run itself off the chain of sanity and into the realm of narcissism. The solution is to find things outside of ourselves that we love. I suggest nature, some form of spirituality and culture/heritage. All of these converge on the same idea, which is reverence for and conservation of the good eternal things in life. Love is eternal; sex is not. Culture is eternal; pop culture is not. Friendship, art and loyalty to the good things in life are eternal; shopping, politics, manipulation, social status and trends are transient. Like the mythological Satan, they betray you. They are a false sense of security. Reverence instead provides for you to find something that will never let you down, which is a transcendental appreciation of why life is beautiful and treasured.

In the process of seeking these things, I think we need to be honest about all things.

That includes the knowledge that the forces of destruction — it’s a psychology of narcissism turned into a mob mentality, not a specific group — want you at each others’ throats.

Unity through nationalism is the answer. Conservatism and reverence both lead in that direction, just as nationalism leads to those things. Social conservatism and economic conservatism are also convergent.

Anger will eat you and turn you isolated, then narcissistic, and then you will lose sight of all that you love. Racism is a form of anger that turns you against the world.

Racism requires that you embark on a quest with no clear purpose and no end. If you want to harm other ethnic groups, you have missed the point that diversity is what ails both your group and theirs.

In addition, spending your time on this anger will destroy your ability to marvel at, enjoy and participate in the world. You will become isolated and, not trusting yourself, will become fanatical.

This blog will never be emblazoned on the sides of buses, written in the sky, or as popular as reality TV shows. But it will always strive to deliver clarity and drive away manipulation.

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