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Civilian Society Hates Masculine Men


Raging realist insight:

I must agree that civilian society certainly has no love for a self sufficient male. A example from my experience to here in the civilian world. At work there is that guy, you all have met him, likes to be funny. Maybe snags something off your desk, or wants to give you a smack on the shoulder or whatever maybe the case. Now in civilian society I am supposed to go whine to my manager and let them handle it. I was taught being a pussy assed tattletale was not something to admire instead a tattletale is to be despised. I can handle the problem easily, first be nice and talk with them, then if they do not listen, well now it is time to not be nice and simply solve the problem. Of course in civilian society everyone will freak out and condemn me for fixing the problem, in the Military that will not happen instead you are looked at as someone who can handle issues successfully.

Or another example from my life to show how men are expected to be pussies in civilian society. Right after I was medically discharged from the service and was attending university. I lived in some apartments by the university. One night the civilian and his girlfriend downstairs below me had been screaming and fighting for about 3 hours. I go downstairs and ring the doorbell. High speed answers the door and I kindly ask that they stop fighting. Mr. Civilian then says something about my sexual status with my mother. I tell civilian boy something rude in return. He does something stupid, I fix the problem. Some civilian, of course, calls the police. They show up and by this time I am back in my apartment. They actually come up and read me the riot act for handling the situation. No, they say I acted incorrectly I am supposed to just call them and that is all. The fact hero boy was going to jail for domestic abuse that night is probably the only reason I did not get in trouble. Bah!!

So now days everyone is scared, ohhhh don’t confront someone for being screwed up they might get offended. Don’t actually stand up for anything or the other civilians will not like you and the laughable authorities will come read you the riot act and maybe take you to jail. Do not be a man about things these days or you will find the civilians will make life hard on you…civilian society wants nice pacified little boys and not men. Which is one of the reasons things are rather messed up today. A nark or tattletale is rewarded. No idea how that came about, a snitch is to be despised period.

The contrast between “civilian” and “military” reveals a more important underlying different: civilian society is based in social results, where the military is based in results in reality.

To succeed in civilian society, you make other people like you or think you are unique, interesting, different, compassionate, visionary, benevolent, etc.

To succeed in the military, or in the state of nature before civilization, or even in any sensible civilization, you achieve results. You set a goal, and that must be realistic, and then you make it happen. Or not.

Civilian society fears the Darwinism of real-life struggle and replaces it with symbolic contests like sports, politics, commerce and celebrity.

But really, actual life is found in the struggle to enact one’s Will on reality, and to have that Will be congruent with that of the universe. Some call this religion; others, common sense.

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