Furthest Right

‘Stop immigration. Start repatriation.’

This is colossal:

A Muslim businesswoman born in Wales was told to ‘pack your bags’ after saying online that the Brexit result left her feeling alienated.

Meanwhile, social media users nationwide reported incidents on the street and public transport in which Eastern Europeans and Muslims were told to leave the country.

This — that both Muslims and Eastern Europeans were targeted — is more evidence that the issue is the right of England to be England, or Britain to be Britain, by excluding all others, not that these others are being attacked for who they are, i.e. “racism.”

The Brexit vote has established an idea that Benjamin Netanyahu would find familiar: each ethnic group must act in self-interest. It is no longer the responsibility or burden of the UK to be the world’s immigration destination; instead, English and British people can act toward their own self-interest, which means excluding everyone else.

Just because someone is born in the UK, they are not British. They are occupants, not natives. And now, the natives want their country back. The backlash has begun, against not just the EU, but democracy and its inherent Leftist tendencies and the idea of multiculturalism itself.

The elites have no one to blame but themselves. They could have avoided illusory and controlling policies, but it was more important to them that everyone be forced to obey (control) than that the goals were sensible. And now, they are being overthrown.

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