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Celebrate Freedom from Diversity this July Fourth

As we settle down to another family meal of hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and watery beer, the Supreme Court has just begun the lengthy process of abolition of a system that is as abusive as chattel slavery: affirmative action.

This lets us look more closely at the problem of ethno-pluralism, the opposite of ethno-nationalism, which means one ethnic group per society. Ethno-pluralism says that we can have multiple groups in the same nation, a dubious prospect which takes one of four forms:

  • Hard Segregation: Every different group gets a different place.
  • Soft Segregation: Every different group gets a different social and economic niche.
  • Proportionalism: Every group gets an enforced equal percentage of the swag.
  • Free Association: People decide with whom they interact to the maximum extent possible.

Hard Segregation works when one group has a massive advantage. They can put everyone else in their place. South Africa, India/Pakistan, and early twentieth century Boston neighborhoods are all examples of Hard Segregation regimes. When we’re not all better together, practice Apartheid.

When at least one minority grows in numbers or prestige to the point where there is no overpowered hegemon, incompatible diversity can be kept at arm’s length via Soft Segregation. Everyone may be forced into democracy’s blender, but everyone knows how far they can push it. It keeps a tenuous peace when Hard Segregation is logistically or politically impossible. The Mexican racial caste system and Jim Crow in the post-bellum American South were attempts to fight inevitability with Soft Segregation regimes.

Proportionalism occurs when the Managerial State uses race strife to establish tyranny. If ten percent of your population has bright purple skin, then a bureaucrat will count the next Freshman Class at Miskotonic University and make sure ten percent of them appear properly like cans of Grape Fanta. This greatly empowers the enforcers of the orange quotas.

Otherwise pointless wastes of RNA and DNA get hired to count heads. Enforcement agencies are founded to hire the token-counters. When some college’s class only has eight percent Purple Fantas, somebody gets to pay that institution a neighborly visit. It’s fun, ego-stroking, and empowering to pay people those neighborly visits. This becomes a modus operandi for the profoundly worthless and incompetent to control the lives and property of anyone they decide runs afoul of their purple counts.

But what really solves the problem in a practical, functional, and moral fashion? Option number four: Freedom of Association. Let people live where they will live, work around the co-workers they can co-exist with, and either mix or refrain from mixing at their own best discretion.

People will build their own versions of what they care about. Neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, colleges, and everything else will become more diverse. They will become more authentically diverse than anything we currently have in Amerika. Is there such a thing as a diverse Target or Walmart? No, they are all identical dog-feces swirls.

Enforced, proportionalist diversity is remarkably homogeneous, boring and soulless. Nothing is different about any Mickey-Ds. An old-school Italian restaurant in Baltimore is a culinary tradition. The gas stations in West, Texas, that sell homemade Czech pastries are the best place to fill up on I-45. The latter two are examples of the power of free association — and “racism.”

A first or second generation Dutch American can go a long way if that individual applies himself and remembers genetic heritage. They quietly and powerfully help one another out via The Dutch International Society. Hibernian Societies and Scottish Rite Temples have their positive role in a nation that can still function despite the curse of diversity.

The most powerful form of Affirmative Action comes from people constructively self-selecting and boosting the best of their own. This ultimately leads to the fragmentation of the nation, of course. Each group will stake out its own areas and isolate itself, and the mixed will find life rather hostile. Do not want this future? Never accept diversity in any form, or repatriate the diversity.

How does this happen when we are tyrannized under the 14A? Very quietly. You don’t buy your way into a White or wealthy Asian neighborhood. You pay a $50K premium for “really good schools.” When school admission standards get purposively flattened by Proportionalist tyrants, look who gets which internships over the summer. Asians get accused of gaming the heck out legal standards, but Whites are picking up game. Unfair laws get treated unfairly.

Let it be a Fourth of July prayer that the entire power base of The Proportionalist gets undermined through subterfuge, hard work, and litigation via the subterfuge I have described. The sweat equity involves setting up or repowering the mutually supporting groups within white and Asian ethnicities. The litigation is winning one battle at a time. The day of Freedom of Association is growing closer. That thought will make me enjoy the fireworks a little bit more this summer.

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