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Can The Alt Right Be Saved At All?

The Alt Right faces a problem that it has not yet addressed: Typical of movements in later stages of development, the Alt Right has succumbed to a dumbing down of its core message from strict realism and cause/effect reasoning (i.e. recognition of causes instead of effects to prognosticate a problem/problems) to focusing more heavily on effects themselves, and calling for extreme solutions that will probably turn off many who might otherwise be agreeable with the Alt Right’s more softly toned, and strictly necessary solutions. This has already caused some people to disassociate with the Alt Right, and it will probably eventually lead to even more prominent figures dissociating with it in the near future.

So instead of people advocating violence, let’s try to advocate something that won’t turn off large numbers of reasonable people from even considering what we have to say. If we seem like a bunch of loons, most people of sound mind — the kinds of people we want to be attracted to these ideas — will just dismiss us as ridiculous, and out of touch with reality, as we would probably deem them. If we want them to be reasonable, it necessitates that we not only be reasonable ourselves, but appear reasonable in all things. Presentation of the way we dress is recognized as important, so should the presentation of our words.

I certainly hope the Alt Right can be saved, because I’ve at least been familiar with this movement in its various forms for the past seven years, and have grown with it. As it has gotten more obsessed with The Jews, the Africans, and other non-white groups they can blame for the West’s predicament, I’ve grown wearier of its prospects to attract more quality people. Instead it will probably just continue, as it seems to have done, to attract people that want to blame some unstoppable force for their problem, instead of figuring out the root of that problem.

Sure non-white groups are obviously incompatible with our nations and communities, and obviously we want real nations that consist of only a single group, rather than many, but our problems are not caused by these groups; they are caused by the collapse of the West. As nations decline, those in power bring in foreign groups to put bandages on their failures. Since our societies have fallen into decline the people in power become progressively of lower quality, and make poorer long term choices, but these are still just the symptoms, the causes are whatever is causing our decline, these effects are just that.

So let’s try to rid ourselves of these symptoms, but do so by attacking the causes. What is causing our decline is us. It is the decline in quality of our people (i.e. whites) and it is that we’ve replaced leadership, hierarchy, authority, and order with democracy, equality, and freedom. In doing so, we’ve replaced our natural leaders with good salesmen. We’ve replaced tradition with modernity. Once we fix the problems with us, the symptoms that the majority of the Alt Right seem obsessed with will be easy to deal with, and we won’t need those extreme solutions either.

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