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75% Of White Americans Discuss Important Matters With 100% White Friend Group

According to a new survey, when it comes to serious matters, three-quarters of white Americans discuss those matters with a friend group that is 100% white. As the survey relates:

Among white Americans, 91% of people comprising their social networks are also white, while five percent are identified as some other race. Among black Americans, 83% of people in their social networks are composed of people who are also black, while eight percent are white and six percent are some other race. Among Hispanic Americans, approximately two-thirds (64%) of the people who comprise their core social networks are also Hispanic, while nearly 1-in-5 (19%) are white and nine percent are some other race.

…Fully three-quarters (75%) of white Americans report that the network of people with whom they discuss important matters is entirely white, with no minority presence, while 15% report having a more racially mixed social network. Approximately two-thirds (65%) of black Americans report having a core social network that is composed entirely of people who are also black, while nearly one-quarter (23%) say their network includes a mix of people from other racial and ethnic backgrounds. Less than half (46%) of Hispanics report that their social network includes only other people who also identify as Hispanic, while more than one-third (34%) report having a mixed social network. Notably, nearly one-in-ten (9%) Hispanics report having an all-white core social network.

This is what Balkanization looks like: each group retreats into its own, because any other group might be offended or working against them. As this continues, expect less important social groups to follow this pattern as well, leading to all ethnic groups segregating from one another.

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