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Brexit And The Trump Election Were Not Triumphs of Populism or Democracy


Good enough is the enemy of good, goes an old saying, and for the Alt Right, the risk of this has never been higher.

There is no doubt that having Donald Trump elected as President of the United States is a good thing. This victory spanks down the globalists and their Leftist masters, rejects political correctness and unlimited immigration, and will have ripple effects across Europe as other countries fire their big government, pro-Leftist regimes.

Even more than in practical terms, the Trump Revolution™ is a symbolic victory: Americans, like Britons before them, pushed back against the idea that we cannot have self-interest. For years, we indulged political correctness because we thought it was right, but now we see it is one-sided, and take our side instead.

As such, it is an excellent first step, like Brexit: a political event used to jump-start a cultural revolution.

This cultural revolution takes the form of the founding groups of European nations asserting their right to self-interest. Where previously it was seen as “politically correct” to demonize these groups so that other groups could participate, the new wisdom is that diversity does not work; balkanization is the future, and each group must be expected to act in self-interest.

This lets us see the world through the lens of tribes. Each tribe acts in its own self-interest, and these never completely overlap although they experience temporary and partial overlap on certain issues. Instead of having an obligation to every other tribe, we have obligation only to our own tribe.

In other words, the great Leftist dream of equality, diversity and unity has died. There are borders for a reason. Social class exists for a reason. People separate and spend time with people like themselves. They are not interested in being part of other groups, or feeling guilty for the misfortunes or failures of those groups.

If we could designate a second Declaration of Independence, the election of Donald Trump would be it. “I owe nothing to anyone but my own tribe,” it said. Gone is the guilt for whatever condition other groups find themselves in. Gone is the moral guilt sensation that urges us to support them. Instead, we act independently, for ourselves.

The Trump victory is a revolution against Control, which is the habit of making people into atomized (“equal”) units so universal ideological rules can be applied to them all, essentially “herding” them so they support the agenda of those that control them.

Control resembles a broken family unit. If the other members have needs that are inconvenient to those of the parents, they are ignored and explained away as non-important. Those in power remain there, independent of the realistic demands on the family.

If Control has a motto, it is “Don’t Inconvenience My Ego,” which is the motto of tyrants everywhere. They want what they want, and any exceptions are to be struck down so that the intent of those in control can continue to express itself. Control is basically reality-denial, where humans feel that power in human affairs is more important than reality.

You can see this in the small in everyday life. People fear insignificance, death, error, risk and isolation so they create some position of importance for themselves and go into a little mental world where they are a supreme being. They do this with business, social status, ideology and religion. It is life-denial through death-denial.

The West has fallen into the hands of Control because we are not unified by culture, values and religion. That occurred when we first encountered diversity and stopped believing that we could have social standards in common. Alienation spread; problems remain. Class warfare and Leftism arose from this event.

Until we fix this problem, the West will not rise again. We need unity and it can only occur through sharing the same purpose, which we work toward in unequal roles, but all benefit from what it provides, which is mental stability, a joy in life itself, and a belief in life being worth living — even with death in the wings.

This is why, despite our jubilation at the results of this election, we must keep a focus on the core issue, which is ending modernity, which starts with egalitarianism and extends to democracy, sexual liberation, diversity and moral relativism. As one analysis of the Trump win tells us:

This election has at best delayed the agenda of the far-left, if that. Some day they will come back and use the institution of democracy to further that agenda.

Hence we find our real enemy. The institution of democracy is what will be used to continue the dispossession of productive whites and traditional families. If not today, then in four years, or eight, or twelve. It doesn’t really matter exactly when, because the clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time. When, not if. There is going to come a point where European stock all over the world will have to accept that the number of warm bodies at the ballot box is an insufficient justification for rule. Otherwise, we will be destroyed by vindictive incompetents. We will have to stand up and yell: “I don’t care how many billions you number your horde, I will not be ruled by you and yours under any circumstance. I will not allow you to have any say over myself, my family, my people or my nation. Get out.”

Leftism is insanity or evil. There is no compromise or “bipartisanship” with it because it destroys individuals and civilizations in its deranged quest for total ideological control. Ordinary people go along with it because the ideas of equality and pacifism make them feel warm fuzzies and get weak.

The point is that we either end Leftism, or it ends us: our civilization, and our exceptional individuals.

The Right usually fail to understand Leftism. They look at it as a logical argument, when in fact it is an emotional impulse that is then justified with theory. Leftists do not think, in an analytical sense; they act out impulses and then later invent reasons for them.

There is no way to coexist with the Left. They exist in an entirely different reality; where the Right aims to adapt to Reality, the Left aims to deny it. The result is that the two groups talk past one another without realizing it, but the advantage goes to the Left, as they get taken seriously instead of being (rightly) written off as neurotics.

The Left supports Control. They want to set up one rule and make everyone obey it. The Right is a revolution against this control because our preference is to use results in reality instead of human judgments as a measure of what is correct. Trump was Rightist in that he was a revolution against the narrative advanced by the social group that is the Left, which asserts this narrative is more important than reality.

Crowds favor the Left however. Its message of individualism, where every individual is accepted despite failings, and of pacifism, resonates with the fear in all human beings. Like good salesmen, the Left manipulate feelings and channel them toward purchase of Leftism as the singular solution to human problems.

For this reason, democracy always swings Leftward. Both democracy and Leftism are based in the idea of individualism and, with it, equality. Democracy has led us astray for many years, accelerating after WWII and the fall of the Soviet Union because it had eliminated its ideological competition.

If anything, the phenomena of Brexit and Trump are a revolution against democracy as usual. They upend what is popular, and replace it with what is real, not because it is a democratic event but because this is a revolt against democracy following the standard pattern into ideological insanity.

Democracy favors ideas that sound good and offer simplistic pleasant illusions instead of nuanced truth. When left unchecked, this process veers toward the type of doctrinaire ideological fanaticism that we see in both Hillary Clinton supporters and the Soviet Union.

Trump and Brexit were a backlash against this dysfunction. They were not democracy as usual, but a frantic attempt to correct the delusions into which democracy had drifted. In the future, salvation will be found by skipping the middleman and abolishing democracy in favor of sensible, realistic leaders who deny the Crowd consensus.

One of the — many — problems with democracy is that it produces a consensus based on what is socially popular, and this denies reality. As even Leftist rag The New Republic notes, this consensus is both inaccurate and designed to belittle those who reject the narrative in favor of a more detailed view of reality:

Americans outside the big cities may not identify with conservatives, but they identified with their neighbors, both physically and culturally. And they heard the popular culture laughing at them.

Popular culture is like the popular kids in high school. It flatters those who are in a group of cool kids because they support the illusions that each member needs, and derives its power from excluding others.

Groups like this form because it gives their members power. Like a street gang or union, they attack in groups and withhold approval from any who do not agree to help them in achieving their agenda. The anonymity of the group makes them bold, and the fear that someone might see through the illusions of the group drives them to cruelty.

They created a shield to defend their doctrinaire opinions called political correctness. At first it was assumed to be a moral improvement through language, but over time it became clear that political correctness served only to silence those who disagreed with the narrative. At that point, people turned against it.

In fact, some allege that Trump was elected because of abusive Leftist behavior which caused people to realize that political correctness was not neutral, but one-sided and manipulative:

Trump won because of a cultural issue that flies under the radar and remains stubbornly difficult to define, but is nevertheless hugely important to a great number of Americans: political correctness.

More specifically, Trump won because he convinced a great number of Americans that he would destroy political correctness.

Trump has destroyed political correctness. He marched forth, said all the things that the “smart” people in the elites of our media, academia and government said were wrong, and then triumphed. Political correctness thrived by forcing people to apologize for noticing non-narrative facts, and then destroying their lives.

With Trump, this ended. They could not destroy him. When their attempts failed, the Left were revealed for their true form: fanatics who are essentially cowards. They attack in groups to force others to agree with them especially when reality conflicts with their ideas, and for them, dissent equals enmity.

No society can live under this, and so as with Brexit, the rise of Trump signaled a desire for even the mentally sedentary electorate to break free from the moribund path that liberalism promises. Ideology in conflict with reality can only accelerate because to do otherwise is to lose its perceived legitimacy.

This problem is inherent to democracy. By proclaiming all people equal, we in fact declare that bad is equal to good and therefore, that good is a disadvantage and bad is more efficient. This creates a proliferation of bad. Democracies all follow this path, leaving behind ruined societies ruled by tyrants.

If we seek a solution, it is found by extending the symbolic success of Trump into reality, and recognizing that there is no such thing as equality, and that people need to be placed into hierarchies where the sane once again rule over the rest, who tend toward insanity.

This requires us to realize the contrary truth to the democratic lie, which is that Darwin was right and nature is right. We must, instead of trying to preserve all people as equals, choose the ones that are useful and give them power, while deporting those who are destructive. Nature provides a powerful metaphor:

Shaken by the knowledge that some plants produce and others merely target productive plants, Danny realized he had to judge plants by their actions rather than treating them all as identical. This was at odds with what his Marxists professors had told him, and contrary to the instruction from the news readers on the screen who filled time between commercials for unhealthy products.

Eventually, he gave in to traditional gardening techniques, ruthlessly killing weeds, ripping thorns away, and having no mercy for poison and stranglers. He wanted the good plants to have a chance to grow unhindered and no longer tolerated senseless doctrine and phony morality from fools trying to teach false nature.

People are not all good; in fact, most are varying degrees of bad, and if given power, will behave as the Left do. In fact, the Left is composed of such people. They are not good people, but those who will destroy anything given them and make the rest of us pay for their insanity.

As the Trump administration progresses, the Alt Right will serve an important role: it will carry on this symbolic power by denying the comfortable and convenient illusions of democracy. This shows the power of the Brexit/Trump backlash: we have finally split with years of illusion, and are ready to assert realism again.

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