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Let President Trump Know What We Want


Dear ladies and gentlemen of the Alt Right,

President Trump has put online a suggestion box for his forthcoming administration. You can access it here:

I suggest calm, reasoned letters arguing for the following:

  • End affirmative action, equal rights, civil rights and equal housing laws.

  • End government subsidies of college education.

  • Revoke the interpretation of law called “disparate impact” which holds that if outcomes differ between ethnic groups, “racism” has occurred.

  • End immigration because it contributes to climate change and other environmental problems.

  • Create law that prohibits discrimination against employees for their political opinions.

These are baby steps toward the bigger goal. At the same time, they are pragmatic and achievable for President Trump and his team. For best results, be polite and clear, and avoid harsh language of any kind. Together we can push this administration toward greater realism and slowly push Leftist insanity from our lands.

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