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Brett Stevens Is More Extreme Than You Are


Now I, William Seward, will unlock my word hoard…

Brett Stevens does not resemble the hero you want. He is not a seven-foot-tall Viking with fire in his eyes, a sword in his hand and a lust for blood. Instead he is only a man writing about history and the future, basing his knowledge only on reading and decades of thought.

Most people now “feel” that something is wrong; they are aware that things are out of place, but do not know how, and more importantly, have no idea what they want instead. They identify certain problems that they want to go away, but this is not satisfying, because these problems did not arise by themselves. They are consequences of the direction of our civilization.

The FBI informant and Hollywood Nazi alike want you to think that race war is the answer. The Christians tell you that we need a mass revival, not that those have ever happened without become New Age style nonsense. The mainstream Republicans want to salvage the economy and military and duck the rest behind gated communities.

Very few people are focused on the real task: reversing the decline of our civilization.

Civilizations are living things. They are not abstractions. They are composed of people who share an ideal. Together, they take different roles — not equal ones — and put their effort toward maintaining a state of life. This gives people comfort and safety, but more importantly, pride. They are part of something they can believe in.

This is the most important aspect of life: pride. It has two parts. We must believe in what we are doing, and be driven to make it go further and be better than ever before. This is what keeps people going, when food is low and sleep is nonexistent. It is what nurtures life, even more than food, sleep, water and sex.

The West suffers from a lack of pride, except in the transient, because it has a lack of purpose. Our goal has become — well, nothing — and so we have made ourselves into servants of others, forgetting our own potential and the greatness that can come of it.

There remains no task except to restore this. It does not come to us through a single point of focus — race, religion, culture, values, God — but through a desire to have those things, and a will to use each one to balance the other.

Some among us advocate for these single points of focus. They mean well; however, they are not extreme enough. This is a fight for survival, and even more than living or dying, a struggle for our souls. We must dream not furtively but boldly of what we want to be, and then make ourselves into it.

This task will take all of those things. It must happen by any means necessary, with relentless extremity. That is not as simple as killing or genociding, but it requires a stronger version of the same impulse. There is no deviation. There cannot be any compromise.

We have grown up and lived in the shadow of our decline. We have sabotaged our expectations and eviscerated our hopes just to remain in this world. What Brett Stevens calls for is not to remain in this world, but to burn from within it the deceptions and conveniences, and to instead give ourselves in sacrifice to its future greatness.

This does not sound extreme in comparison to what the Hollywood neo-Nazis and raging radicals among us suggest. It seems mild-mannered, mundane, and almost bourgeois in its call for vigilant common sense. And yet, it calls us to something greater than mere radicalism.

Our task is not to remove a few bad things from amongst us, but to remake our civilization by recrafting ourselves, so that we can be not just functional, but thriving, and aspire to the excellence which defined classical civilization.

Open your eyes to the situation: the corruption, the incompetence, the broken spirits of those around you. Scan those graveyards which stretch toward the sun over the horizon, look to the ruins of our cities. Touch with your heart the emptiness in our books and art. There are only two paths, and one leads to the same, another away.

We cannot salvage any part of the current system, starting with the idea that we can choose what is right based on what exists, physically, in the present time. We must look toward the future and understand what will fulfill our dreams, restore our pride, and make us want to be more than what we are.

Some call for total war, or race war, and others want us to end the immediate travesties. These are temporary goals; our goal must be eternity. We seek what will make us greet the rising sun with joy and a lust for existence, a desire to exceed ourselves in every way, and to become something new.

The last few thousand years have been misery in slow doses. Each year is worse than the one before, but because this is invisible to most, the good people among us shrug it off and do their best to slow it down. It can no longer be slowed. It must be defeated, banished, and replaced with something so much better that it drives the darkness away.

On paper, what Brett Stevens and those like him advocate seems mild. If you let it into your imagination however, you see that it is a scream of rage for the establishment of the wonderful instead of the adequate, the powerful instead of the convenient.

Neo-Nazism will not do this for you, nor will Anarcho-Capitalism. No “System” can help us. Systems are an artifact of the idea of equality, where each person gets treated like an interchangeable part of uniform value, and by mass motion we “solve” problems while ignoring the big problem, the elephant in the room.

Brett Stevens may not be the writer or the candidate that you desire. That is fine; there are others. What matters is the ideas, the framing of our situation so that we can see clearly, instead of muddling our way through definitions and assumptions created by those who control. What matters is the goal.

Western Civilization is worth defending. It is our future; without it, all that we do vanishes in dissipation and erosion like all the good of the last seventy years. The only extreme position is to tackle the whole of the task, and to set aside emotion and personal concerns, so that we can join hands and rise out of this fallen time.

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