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Birthright Citizenship

The cowbird has a unique survival strategy of both passive and active parasitism. The female cowbird finds nests from other species such as robins and lays her eggs in them, then returns later to make small punctures in the robin eggs, ensuring that the legitimate offspring die and that the interlopers are raised by the victim bird.

Sometimes, robins catch on, and deal with the situation appropriately:

This bird has realized that diversity entails having foreign populations use you as a host. In the case of humans, we are paralyzed by our insistence on the doctrine of equality, which we insist upon for ourselves so we can have a “me first above all else” mentality. That is accelerated by having a failing society that we all secretly hate and want to contribute as little as possible to.

That creates a cycle of death where each person demands from society while sabotaging it, and leaves a small minority of addled people who make themselves slaves to the collective need of the group. They exhaust themselves and fail to reproduce, leaving behind a large void as the newcomers fail to achieve what the founding group could.

Birthright citizenship is the human equivalent of a cowbird. The foreign group, noticing that we are made oblivious, comes in and deposits its offspring for us to raise. We do so at the expense of our own. No one wins in the end, as a once-thriving society declines to third world rates of subsistence living and social disorder.

Diversity creates and accelerates decay. Without a standard in common, there is no behavioral level required of all people. More social breakdown follows from that, and people retreat into apathy because without a common standard, there is no guarantee that their behavior will be rewarded, and it will more likely be attacked. In this apathy, social breakdown can act freely.

To take your mind from this unpleasant imagery, experience the robin nest cam:

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