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What really is the difference between a Socialist, a Communist, a Democrat and an Anarchist?

All agree on one vital principle: we should stop thinking about complex solutions to real-world problems, and instead focus on an emotional/social solution, which is making everyone equal so that we have “peace” and happiness.

Never mind that happiness is a nonsense goal, since the meaning in life comes from uncovering reality, discovering creative objectives and overcoming adversity to make them real. Never mind that “peace” is a stupid goal because the conflict in life is what forces better solutions to win out over the average default, which returns us to the level of our monkey forebears.

And never mind the biggest problem of all, which is that life requires practical and realistic answers that nonetheless aim for higher goals, so that we keep rising and do not regress or stagnate. We do not need ideology about what “should” be, or what we think might produce a better world; we need hard and fast answers based on historical successes.

Would you trust anything else with your own family? If some guy says that, in theory, rattlesnakes do not bite kids, will you then let your children wander among them? If someone says the bridge should hold, do you just chuck caution to the wind and trust it? No: you depend on verified or at least strongly indicated facts, not the social and emotional sentiments of other people (or even your own undisciplined impulses).

When seen in this light, all liberal philosophies belong to the same camp, which is the “discard reality, pursue feelings” agenda. These people are different from qualified and competent leadership in that they pursue these apocryphal goals instead of paying attention to reality. A bad smell accompanies them too, that of self-interest that is afraid to be identified, which as opposed to normal self-interest suggests theirs is parasitic, corrupt, perverse, fetishistic, faddish or otherwise irrelevant to healthy living.

In that light, what is the difference between Bernie Sanders, Socialist, and Bernie Sanders, Communist? Only that when socialism fails, as it inevitably does because it is based in feelings and not reality, it must be enforced, and the socialist candidate turns inside-out his cap so we can see the red star on it, shortly before anyone with an IQ above average is executed so the People’s Revolution can succeed.

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