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Consequences of Leftist Rule

EAR/ONS (East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker) was sentenced today. From Michelle McNamara’s book about the murders, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, a disturbing revelation about America:

US crime rates show a steady rise in violent crime throughout the 1960s and 70s, peaking in 1980. Taxi Driver came out in February 1976; the bleak and violent film was hailed as an encapsulation of its time, to no one’s surprise. Many retired cops I talk to, from Sacramento but other places too, uniformly recall 1968 to 1980 as aparticularly grim period. (53)

What might have triggered this? The changes of the 1960s, themselves a result of the war and working women and the integration of non-WASP mixed whites? The sexual liberation, the social breakdown?

We can see how things have been bad for a long time and how in the 1960s, too, people elected Leftists because they thought that appeasement might work. Instead they got a nightmare that was only lessened when a moderate conservative (Ronald Reagan) began to break down the Leftist system.

These people are crazy civilization-wreckers who create such disorder that crime, horror, and insanity follow.

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